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World of Pratheron: Battle of Eldrino’s Deep 2 Terrain STL-Kickstarter

YOUNGHO SON präsentiert seinen 13ten Kickstarter mit druckbarem STL-Gelände, welches Nostalgie in dem ein oder anderen wecken dürfte.

Pratheron KS 01

World of Pratheron :  Battle of Eldrino’s Deep 2

Welcome to our new campaign, Battle of Eldrino’s Deep 2!

This campaign tells the story of Kamag’Khan, who fought a bloody war against the hero Nagrund!

With the support of his fallen dragon, Raptork, and a menacing arsenal of siege weapons, Kamag’Khan is determined to crush Nagrand’s homeland.

Charming orc buildings and a variety of siege weapons await you!

This model is highly detailed and can be printed support free. All pieces of this model were test printed and are ready for you to print, paint and play.

Pratheron KS 02

You can get more objects as you achieve your stretch goal!

All files designed and split for 100% Support Free Printing
All terrain is pre-split for printing on Standard FDM Printers (Ender 3, Prusa, etc)
Hand Sculpted Interiors and Exteriors
Adjustable scale to support all game play needs, standard terrain files set in 28mm
Extremely high detail and easy to print
Commercial Licenses with all renders and media included
It can be scaled down by up to 50% and outputted!

Connect with a magnet. Sliced objects can be connected with 5 x 2 magnets!

Prints and Paints!

Pratheron KS 03 Pratheron KS 04

Orc Barracks (42.5cm x 42cm x 28cm)

Pratheron KS 05 Pratheron KS 08 Pratheron KS 07 Pratheron KS 06

Orc Roundhouse (26cm x 26.5cm x 26cm)

Pratheron KS 09 Pratheron KS 12 Pratheron KS 11 Pratheron KS 10

Raptork Altar (18.5cm x 20cm x 21cm)

Pratheron KS 13 Pratheron KS 15 Pratheron KS 14

Orc Bunker (18cm x 18cm x 15cm)

Pratheron KS 16 Pratheron KS 20 Pratheron KS 19 Pratheron KS 18 Pratheron KS 17

Orc Watchtower (9.5cm x 13cm x 17cm)

Pratheron KS 21 Pratheron KS 24 Pratheron KS 23 Pratheron KS 22

Siege Tower
The modularity of the intermediate layer allows you to change the height at will.

Pratheron KS 25 Pratheron KS 28 Pratheron KS 27 Pratheron KS 26

Orc Caterpult

Pratheron Catapult Pratheron KS 29

Battering Ram

Pratheron KS 30 Pratheron KS 32 Pratheron KS 31

Scaling Ladder

Pratheron KS 33 Pratheron KS 35 Pratheron KS 34

Orc Forge (15.5cm x 16cm x 9cm)

Pratheron KS 36

Orc Wooden Walls

Pratheron KS 37 Pratheron KS 38

Stretch goal – The second page opens when every stretch goal is unlocked!

Pratheron KS 39


Die Kampagne ist bereits finanziert und läuft noch 11 Tage.

Quelle: Youngho Son Kickstarter


Seit 2002 im Hobby mit Mage Knight, gefolgt von Confrontation, um dann bei Warmachine/Hordes hängen zu bleiben. Aktuelle Projekte: SW Shatterpoint, SW Legion, SW Imperial Assault, Warhammer Underworlds, Aristeia, OPR und Bloodfields.

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