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OnePageRules: Neue Quickstart Sets

OnePageRules haben neue Quickstart Sets veröffentlicht, die Alles beinhalten um Grimdark Future + Firefight, sowie Age of Fantasy + Skirmish auszuprobieren.

Opr Grimdarkfuture

Hi everyone,

With the new year, we’re relesing two all new Quickstart Sets for you toget into Grimdark Future + Firefight, as well as Age of Fantasy + Skirmish.

The Quickstart Sets can be found in our GetStarted section, and they are completely free!

These sets are designed to get you started with the games, and come withlots of miniatures, terrain and game aids, both for 2D and 3D printing. Eachstarter set features a tutorial mini-campaign, that teaches you how to play thegames step-by-step, over the course of 5 short missions.

Here’s everything you get in the latest Quickstart Sets.


Opr GF Starter Set



Grimdark Future + Firefight:

  • Jackals Nomads
  • Jackals Elites
  • Jackals Vultures
  • War Daemons Warriors
  • War Daemons Hounds
  • War Daemons Furies
  • Jackals + War Daemons Terrain
  • Play Tokens + Ruler
  • Tutorial Mini-Campain
  • Pre-Made Army Lists
  • Core Rules + Basic Rulebook
  • Grimdark Lore Introduction
  • Next Steps Guide

Opr AgeoffantasyOpr AoF Starter Set


Age of Fantasy + Skirmish

  • Duchies of Vinci Militia
  • Duchies of Vinci City Guards
  • Duchies of Vinci Automa Guards
  • Beastmen Warriors
  • Beastmen Elites
  • Beastmen Hunters
  • Beastmen Terrain
  • Play Tokens + Ruler
  • Tutorial Mini-Campain
  • Pre-Made Army Lists
  • Core Rules + Basic Rulebook
  • Fantasy Lore Introduction
  • Next Steps Guide

If you’re looking to demo the games, feel free to bring the quickstart sets to your local game store/club, or print our a few copies to give away (don’t forget to sign up to our newsletter as well, to get more free minis that you can gift).

Happy Wargaming!

– OPR Team


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