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OnePageRules: Juli Preview + Roadmap

OnePageRules zeigen News, eine Vorschau und Roadmap für Juli und darüber hinaus.

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July Preview + Roadmap

In July the Shadow Stalkers will be getting some elite support with the release of Spectres, Butchers and the Terror Beast. The High Elf Fleets‘ fifth release has both quick small agile specialized units, like the Shifters as well as some really heavy firepower with the Vanquishers and Walker.

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July New Release

In July even more Shadow Stalkers find themselves lost in Tyria. The Specters and Specter Champion have a more ethereal form in this plane. They use shadow wands to attack their foes at range with magic, and can disappear into the shadows only to reappear in a different location. The Butchers are much larger citizens of the Labyrinth with an extra set of limbs, giving them the ability to hold larger and more deadly weapons. The Terror Beast is a massive creature of muscle and bony growths. Able to be ridden by the shadow stalkers, its missive frame can cut holes through the enemy lines like a scythe through a field.

For the High Elf Fleets in July, the Shifters and Shifter Noble teleport into the battle. The extra mobility they get from their Shifter Suits allow them to blink closer to the enemy to deliver their devastating payload. Their Web Rifles shoot out nets that easily cut through armor and split apart those trapped inside. The Vanquishers and Vanquisher Noble are long range heavy gunners, firing off rocket salvos that pour down like rain. While they’re still highly mobile when they need to be, they’re at their best when standing still to focus on delivering their explosive storm. Lastly the Combat Walker is a scalpel in the war fleet. Able to be equipped with a large selection of heavy weapons, it can fill any role a general needs it to while also being tough to take down.

Also in July is the Epic Soul Daemon for the Daemons of Lust. With so many gems and fine fabrics this serpentine daemon is a beautiful but dangerous vision to behold, unfortunately for the enemy there’s not time to stare as it attacks with its large cleaving spear and massive cannon.

For Age of Fantasy: Quest a new hero arrives from the parched deserts. The Undead Paladin comes well armed with ancient weapons and helps his fellow heroes with many of his defensive and regenerative skills.

In July there will also be two sets of Terrain. The Forest Scatter Terrain is a way to add details to all the other terrain pieces, or use them on models bases to have them in the same familiar forest setting. The Small Urban Terrain is the first release for the Urban setting, featuring lots of gunned down and ruined buildings, broken pipes and crates, and plenty of rubble. The small urban terrain starts us off with lots of small obstacles great for ducking behind.

For our 2D releases, you’ll see Human Empire – Set #5 and the Saurian Starhost – Set #1 and a Paper Terrain set for them. The 2D models are a great way to prepare armies for games quickly!

You’ll also get 8 Short Stories with Missions, 4 Game Missions, and early access to the Out of the Shadows campaign for Age of Fantasy: Quest!

3D Print Rewards (1 legend + 68 models + 88 bases + 18 game aids + 35 Terrain):

  • Shadow Stalkers – Spectre Champion x2
  • Shadow Stalkers – Spectres x13
  • Shadow Stalkers – Butchers x11
  • Shadow Stalkers – Terror Beast x1
  • Shadow Stalkers – Themed Bases x44
  • Shadow Stalkers – Gaming Aids x9
  • High Elf Fleets – Shifter Noble x3
  • High Elf Fleets – Vanquisher Noble x3
  • High Elf Fleets – Shifters x16
  • High Elf Fleets – Vanquishers x10
  • High Elf Fleets – Walker x8
  • High Elf Fleets – Themed Bases x44
  • High Elf Fleets – Game Aids x9
  • Forest Scatter Terrain x24
  • Urban Small Terrain x11
  • AoF: Quest – Undead Paladin x1
  • GF: Warfleets – Xenos Fleet x4

2D Print Rewards:

  • Human Empire – Set #5
  • Saurian Starhost – Set #1
  • Human Empire Terrain
  • Saurian Starhost Terrain

Games Rewards:

  • 4 Game Missions

Lore Rewards:

  • 8 Short Stories + Missions!

Early Access Rewards:

  • AoF: Quest – Out of the Shadows Chapter 2

The above is only the new stuff that’s being added next month, so you’re also getting a ton of other welcome pack minis, a 50% discount code for our MyMiniFactory store, games, and much more!

Project Roadmap

In August the Shadow Stalkers specialty units step out from the darkness. The Butcher Champion is a towering and terrifying presence on the battlefield. His size makes him tough, skilled and deadly on his own, but can also imbue his unit with supernatural abilities. The Reaper Champion on Great Flayer takes the reaper mastery to the next level by riding a large shadow beast, going face to face against the biggest of foes. The Tormentors like to operate ahead of the rest of the force, getting up close to the enemy early where they can apply their poisons. The Reaper Flayers ride atop heavy shadow mounts while hunting their enemies. Skilled against larger prey, their great weapons and fast steeds allow them to make quick work of more difficult targets. The Great Horror is a dragon like creature of the labyrinth. One of the only creatures in the Shadow Stalkers menagerie that can fly, it can get to places most other Stalkers can’t, and uses its breath and claws to attack those under the shadow of its spread wings.

Also in August the High Elf Fleets get their Anti-Grav motors running with a pack of Jetbikes. The Elite Protector on Jetbike is the unifying leader that drives its pack to war. As a Psychic Oracle or Skilled Commander, its experience will bolster those it rides with. The Jetbike Protectors are blazing fast with lots of options for heavier fire power. The Jetbike Strikers are where a High Elf Fleets general will find all the close combat upgrades as they use their Jetbikes to close the gap between them and their enemies. The Acolytes on Jetbikes take their psychic magic on the move, always in the right place to boon their allies and bane their foes. The Heavy Jetbike is an extremely mobile heavy weapons platform. With its fast jets and long range heavy weapons, there’s no out running it.

The August Legendary brings the jungle to life for both the Saurians and the Saurian Starhost. The Deinonychus Diorama is a centerpiece of terrain that showcases the new mounted unit and leader. The Deinonychus Riders and Chief are the more Agile cousins of the Raptor Riders, able to navigate terrain more easily and leap at their prey, the riders attacking with poisoned lances. The Saurian Starhost version is more technologically advanced, with shock spears that pierce through even the heaviest of armors, or shock pistols for the same benefit but with extra range.

Oh and we’re releasing the Human Defense Force in October.

Opr HDF Teaser Web

Here is the roadmap for the next few months:

  • August – Shadow Stalkers & High Elf Fleets + New Loyalty Rewards
  • September – Shadow Stalkers & High Elf Fleets
  • October – Shadow Stalkers & Human Defense Force + New Welcome Pack

That’s it for now, happy wargaming!

– OPR Team

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