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Mortian: Neuheiten – Opposum Tank und Walker

Mortian zeigt Neuheiten in ihrem Sortiment.


Finally finished: the Opposum medium tank transport for the Cyberrats.
Note to myself: no more open topped vehicles for rats. Getting all the feet and tails sorted out without collisions was a bit of a nightmare. 😒
Next will be the Skink tank. Make a guess about it’s weapon configuration. 😷

Mortian Rattank 09 Mortian Rattank 08 Mortian Rattank 07 Mortian Rattank 06 Mortian Rattank 05 Mortian Rattank 04 Mortian Rattank 03 Mortian Rattank 02 Mortian Rattank 01

Opossum Troop Transport – €35,00

This kit includes one Opossum troop transport with a front gunner and top gunner model.
The kit has two weapon layouts to choose from

1 Chimera Layout:

Front Weapons options:

Heavy Flamer
Heat Gun

Top Gun options:

Twin Heavy Flamer
Laser Gatling

Side sponsons:

Tripple Laserguns


2 Truck Layout:

Front Weapon options:

Machine Gun

Top Gun options:

Twin Autocannon
Twin Heavy Flamer
Heavy Pulse Cannon

Side sponsons:

Exit hatches

Front Rockgrinder Attachement


Dimensions (without long barrel)

length:12cm // 4,7″
width: 9cm // 3,5″
height: 6,0cm // 2,4″

The crew members in the back are an optional upgrade kit. – €12,00


Und eine Vorschau auf den kommenden Walker:


Mortian Walker2 7 Mortian Walker2 6 Mortian Walker2 5 Mortian Walker2 4 Mortian Walker2 3 Mortian Walker2 2 Mortian Walker2 1

🦖 Raawr 🦖
What have I created? 🤣 *me, questioning my life*
Any name suggestions for this little T-Rex?


Mortian Walker1 01 Mortian Walker1 02 Mortian Walker1 03 Mortian Walker1 04 Mortian Walker1 05 Mortian Walker1 06 Mortian Walker1 07 Mortian Walker1 08 Mortian Walker1 09

More weapons and a roof for the killer chicken.
The cable and ammo belt will get more details in the end. But I have to do that step in Blender and not in SolidWorks.
Am I missing a weapon?
Should I make the tip of the Flamer a bit smaller? It looks a bit big compared to the Flamer body… 🤔

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Seit 2002 im Hobby mit Mage Knight, gefolgt von Confrontation, um dann bei Warmachine/Hordes hängen zu bleiben. Aktuelle Projekte: SW Shatterpoint, SW Legion, SW Imperial Assault, Warhammer Underworlds, Aristeia, OPR und Bloodfields.

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