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Modern-Miniatures.eu: Tankstelle und Bankräuber #2 – Mai Patreon

Modern Miniatures.eu präsentieren den zweiten Schwung Bankräuberminiaturen und eine Tankstelle als Release für Mai im Patreon.

Modernminiatures Mai 01 Modernminiatures Mai 09 Modernminiatures Mai 08 Modernminiatures Mai 07 Modernminiatures Mai 06 Modernminiatures Mai 05 Modernminiatures Mai 04 Modernminiatures Mai 03 Modernminiatures Mai 02


Nova Gas Station may release

Here are the beauty shots of the painted NOVA gas station gaming table.

If you want to check out the renderings of the STL files click here

Cant wait to release this set at the beginning of may.

Greetings Faris


Nova Gas Sation Front NovaGasStationPump Nova Gas Sation Rear Nova Gas Sation Interior Nova Gas Sation Interior 2

Nova Gas Station Renders

The pump has a modular design. you can remove the roof and the gas pumps are also stand alone pieces so you can use them how you want.

Everything is optimized for supportless FDM printing and the floor is separate in case you want to use foamboard or plasticard to save filament.

The intrior pieces include a counter with modular cash registers. Different separate shelves where you can store items like the glass bottle that is also included or other thematic items.

The big refrigerators really elevate the interior and the standing desk in combination with the first aid kit on the wall can be used to fill in some smaller spaces.

The NOVA GAS sign is also a standalone piece and can be used in different orientations.

The detailed Brick texture gives a nice base for a quick and easy paintjob that looks great without spending hours on it.

This set will be available on the 1st or 2nd of may, depending on how fast patreon is.


Modernminiatures May2024 DSC05442 01 Modernminiatures May2024 DSC05448 02 Modernminiatures May2024 DSC05450 03 Modernminiatures May2024 DSC05458 04 Modernminiatures May2024 DSC05465 05

Modernminiatures May2024 Robber May AK 06 Modernminiatures May2024 Robber May Group Rear 07 Modernminiatures May2024 Robber May Group 08 Modernminiatures May2024 Robber May Heavy AA 12 09 Modernminiatures May2024 Robber May Heavy CAR 15 10 Modernminiatures May2024 Robber May Leader 11

Bank Robbers #2

The second set of 4 more bankrobbers will be available in May on patreon!

This time you will get some heavy reinforcements for your criminal crew:

1. Bankrobber with heavy armor and a CAR-15 carbine equipped with a 100rnd drummag.

2. Bankrobber with a money bag and a AK-47 with drummag.

3. Robber wearing heavy body armor and rocking a AA-12 Combat shotgun.

4. Squad leader wearing body armor and using a Suppressed MAC-10 SMG.

Two modular heads:

Ballistic face mask head and balaclava head.

This release also includes a standalone moneybag that can be used as a objective or token.


Quelle: Modern-Miniatures.eu auf Patreon, Modern-Miniatures.eu


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