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Forest Dragon: Mai Patreon

Diesen Monat gibt es von Forest Dragon Grünhäute und Untote.

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May 2024 Releases

In May the greenskin horde gets properly underway with goblins and trolls joining the fun! Glade denizens ($5 tier) will get access to goblin infantry and trolls, lead by a goblin hero riding a spider.

The goblin infantry are a suitably unruly rabble, armed with a variety of crude hand weapons, spears and bows. Due to their diminutive stature, they are provided with 7 miniatures per strip, rather than the usual 6. I’ve gone to a great deal of effort to reduce duplicates as far as possible, and the majority of the goblins are support free. Some of the goblins carry shields, and these will be provided blank as well as with sculpted detail (the same goes for the standard and banner). There is a choice of command strips and fully supported individuals are included in addition to the strips.

At the other end of the size spectrum, the trolls are a rework of the previously released despoilers trolls, with spikes removed and new textures sculpted on the skin, plus many other small tweaks and improvements.

The goblin hero rides into battle brandishing a sword, atop a large spider. This miniature prints entirely support free!

For glade nobles ($10 tier and up), May sees us revisit the vampire army with raised skeletons and a pair of banshees.

The 3 strips of freshly raised skeletons are intended to be mixed in with the previously released light skeleton infantry to add some more variety to your shambling hordes. As before, these print entirely support free, and individually based skeletons are also included.

Finally the 2 banshees are provided as based and supported individuals, and also unbased and unsupported.

All the new releases will be available to download on May 2.


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