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Modern-Miniatures.eu: Juli Patreon

Modern Miniatures.eu präsentieren den MAT-V, sowie Sniper & Spotter als Release für Juli im Patreon.

Modernmini Juli01 Modernmini Juli04 Modernmini Juli03 Modernmini Juli02 Modernmini Juli09 Modernmini Juli08 Modernmini Juli07 Modernmini Juli06 Modernmini Juli05

Beauty shots MAT-V and Sniper & Spotter

Here are some beauty shots of this months releases 🔥

had so much fun printing and painting everything and wanted to share these pictures with you guys!

Hope you like this release and I’m thankful for every single one of you who decides to support me with being a patron!

The files are ready to be downloaded and printed!

Happy printing💚


Modernmini Juli10 Modernmini Juli11 Modernmini Juli12 Modernmini Juli13 Modernmini Juli14 Modernmini Juli15 Modernmini Juli16

MAT-V with 30mm RWS and CPWS Turret preview

Just a few days left until te july release drops here on Patreon.

Here is the finished MAT-V with two turret options included!

The first one is the 30mm remote weapon station with an laser guided anti tank missle launcher and a 7.62mm M240 machine gun.

The RWS fits also great on Humvees or other combat vehicles.

The second weapon option is the 30mm or 25mm protected weapon station with ATGM´s, smoke launchers and thermal optics.

The turrets are separate and have multiple pieces so you can build them however you want.

As always everything got testprinted by me and comes presupported for you.

The MAT-V has some modular pieces like the wheels, rear pare tire and holder, side steps and the front bumper.
In the future they could be some nice other add-ons!

I have also included some pictures of my painted model that displays some bits and pieces from other releases.

Propper beauty pictures will be released on the first of July.

Happy Printing Faris


Modernmini Juli17 Modernmini Juli18 Modernmini Juli19 Modernmini Juli20 Modernmini Juli21

WIP Pictures Sniper / Spotter miniatures & 30mm RWS renderings

Time for an update!

here are some renderings of the current progress on the 30mm RWS & the sniper / spotter team.

The miniatures printed perfectly and i need to snap some pictures of the painted models.

Also included is a rendering that shows the modular parts of the 30mm RWS for the MAT-V

Progress on the MAT-V is good. Currently working on the wheels and the rear section. Next step are some more details and the enclosed 30mm turret.

Will provide pictures when its done 🙂



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