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Modern-Miniatures.eu: Juni Patreon

Modern Miniatures.eu präsentieren ein Passagierflugzeug mit Innenbereich und Polizeioffiziere als Release für Juni im Patreon.

Modernmini Passenger Plane Detail Cut Modernmini Passenger Plane Details Modernmini Passenger Plane Rear Modernmini Passenger Plane

Plane with playable interior renderings, june release.

Here are the finished renderings of this months release for the „Scatter, Buildings & Vehicles“ tier.

This plane will work perfectly with the police officers that will also be released today for the „Miniature release“ tier.

The plane can be Printed on your regular FDM printer with normal build volumes.
Everything is perfectly orientated for printing. The luggage carts are meant to be printed on resin printers with a presupported version already included.

Go and download the files now!

Happy printing 🙂


Modernmini June Police Officers Modernmini June Police Officers Rear Modernmini June Officer 1 Modernmini June Officer 2 Modernmini June Officer 3 Modernmini June Officer 4

Modern police officers renders june release.

This months miniature release gives you some modern police officers.

The head options are modular and you can choose if you want to create normal police officers or use the alternative head options to build a highway police force.

1. The first officer is armed with a pistol and a patrol rifle with red dot optic.

2. The second officer calls for reinforcements whil drawing his pistol.

3. The third miniature is a police officer who points his pistol at a target.

4. the fourth officers gives you a bit more firepower with his shotgun.

Depending on the paintjob an head option you could also use these miniatures as armored truck drivers to protect the money transport. or generic bank guards.

This set is available now for the „miniature release“ & „ALL-IN“ tiers.

As usual everything is supported, testprinted and ready to print.

Happy printing 🙂


Quelle: Modern-Miniatures.eu auf Patreon, Modern-Miniatures.eu


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