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Mierce Miniatures: Fomoraic Warrior Battle Host

Der Battle Host diesen Monat bei Mierce Miniatures ist für eisigere Gefilde.

MM Fomoraic (Baalor) Warrior Battle Host 1 MM Fomoraic (Baalor) Warrior Battle Host 2 MM Fomoraic (Baalor) Warrior Battle Host 3 MM Fomoraic (Baalor) Warrior Battle Host 4 MM Fomoraic (Baalor) Warrior Battle Host 5 MM Fomoraic (Baalor) Warrior Battle Host 6 MM Fomoraic (Baalor) Warrior Battle Host 7 MM Fomoraic (Baalor) Warrior Battle Host 8 MM Fomoraic (Baalor) Warrior Battle Host 9 MM Fomoraic (Baalor) Warrior Battle Host 10 MM Fomoraic (Baalor) Warrior Battle Host 11 MM Fomoraic (Baalor) Warrior Battle Host 12

Fomoraic (Baalor) Warrior Battle Host

There’s been quite a few changes this month to say the least (not the least of which being a refreshing new graphics style), but one thing doesn’t change – the sheer brilliance of our miniatures, even if we do say so ourselves!

February’s superb battle host for the MIERCENARY and SELL-SWORD tiers brings the human followers of the Fíorfomor Baalor to the battlefield in the heavily armoured form of the Warriors of Baalor. These guys are heavy infantry in all senses of that phrase, highly skilled and as deadly as they come. Supported by the ice elementals known as shard beasts and the sorcerer Thurnaaq, and led by their cruel warlord Mananaan, this battle host will dominate all battlefields!

The Fomoraic (Baalor) Warrior Battle Host contains:

  • Shieldwall Mananaan, Untain of Baalor on Foot (30mm base)
  • Shieldwall Mananaan, Untain of Baalor on Horse (60x35mm base)
  • Great Axe Mananaan, Untain of Baalor on Foot (30mm base)
  • Two Axe Mananaan, Untain of Baalor on Foot (30mm base)
  • Thurnaaq, Aangakoq on Foot (30mm base)
  • The Eye Ascendant, Shieldwall Warrior of Baalor Unit (30mm bases)
  • The Eye Arisen, Great Axe Warrior of Baalor Unit (30mm bases)
  • The Eye Angered, Two Axe Warrior of Baalor Unit (30mm bases)
  • The Ice Immortal, Shard Beast Unit (80mm bases)

All the files are ready now and downloadable at your desire!

Who are the Fomoraic?

The Fomoraic ascend to the lands from the black depths of the seas in scaled and slimed hordes of horrifying destruction, their declining, decaying world under the cold waves driving them upwards, ever upwards, to terrorise and subjugate those who thought the world was theirs alone. Conand and Baalor, Cichol and Tethra led them in the first, with others; they lead them still, for they are immortal, true Fomoraic, Fíorfomor as they are called by the Érainn, who lie with beasts and men alike the better to fill their ranks with willing kin-warriors who claim to have the seas in their veins and great slaughter in their minds. With such warriors and the intent that lies behind their war-hosts the truth of Danu’s sons and daughter’s assertions are evident to those that see clearly, and those realms that squabble for power and land and plunder with their neighbours would do well to understand the unbound threat the Fomoraic pose to the lands they bicker over, for the sea-devils will not stop until all above the water is theirs.

The Lands of Darkness

The mighty Fíorfomor Baalor, called the Eye in the Ice by his followers and the Destroyer of the North by his foes, leads his Fomoraic war-hosts from the bleak fortress of Toraigh against the weakling above-creatures to fulfil his ancient duty to the Fomor below the waves. He brings them meat and slaves as they desire and harvests the sun-skins as they themselves harvest wheat, and yet he delights most in the subjugation of those who would resist the inexorable rise of the sea-demons, the turning of man and beast and the strife they bring in turn to their kindreds. Heralded by the freezing mists and the snow and ice of unnatural winter that descends upon the lands, these hosts of Baalor are nigh-unstoppable, for the cold calculations of their human warriors and the unbridled ferocity of their bestial warbands ensure those armies that stand against them – even if they should win the field – know that the Fomoraic’s assaults on their lands will never stop, even if it should take a thousand years to their triumph.

You can learn more about the Fomoraic on the Mierce Miniatures webstore and in the Lands of Darkness kindred guide!

Next month sees the turn of another new kindred to our digital library, the mole-rat-men of the Vras!

Keep it Mierce, Miercenaries!

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