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Mierce Miniatures: Brythoniaid Battle Host

Auch im Mai gibt es wie gewohnt ein Battle Host von Mierce Miniatures.

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Brythoniaid (Gwynedd) Infantry Battle Host

We’ve got another incredible battle host from the Lands of Darkness for you in May, and it’s an absolute beauty…

This month’s battle host for the MIERCENARY and SELL-SWORD tiers comes from the lands of the Brythoniaid, specifically the kingdom of Gwynedd and the armies of the Red Dragon himself, Cadwaladr the Blessed.

There’s three superb nobles to command your moustachioed marvels, including a totally new, never-before-seen version of Nerys, the abades of Penmôn, as well as the warlord Urien and his lieutenant Carys. The latter two come in three different flavours, and they lead three units of infantry – the teulu (pronounced ‘tay-lee’) hearthguard unit, the saethwr (‘sy-ther’) unit of bowmen and the helwr (‘hel-er’) unit of scouts, who come complete with be-leafed cloaks.

Heavy support comes from the Ceredigion realm in the south-west of Cymru, in the ornery shape of the marchomawr cogwyfern – wyvern riders – along with alternate weapons for the banner bearer and herald to form a unit of five.

Truly a magnificent host of warriors!

The Brythoniaid (Gwynedd) Infantry Battle Host contains:

  • Shieldwall Urien, Teyrn of Môn (30mm base) – with spear and sword, helm and bare head options
  • Saethwr Urien, Teyrn of Môn (30mm base)
  • Greatsword Urien, Teyrn of Môn (30mm base)
  • Shieldwall Carys, Uchelwr of Arfon (30mm base)
  • Saethwr Carys, Uchelwr of Arfon (30mm base)
  • Helwr Carys, Uchelwr of Arfon (30mm base)
  •  **NEW** Nerys, Abades of Penmôn (30mm base)
  • Urien’s Guard, Teulu Unit (30mm bases) – 7x warriors
  • Archers of Dyngonwy, Saethwr Unit (30mm bases) – 5x warriors
  • Scouts of Dyngonwy, Helwr Unit (30mm bases) – 5x warriors
  • **NEW** Morcant’s Brood, Marchomawr Cogwyfern Unit (80mm bases) – 3x warriors

The latter is not yet ready, but they will be soon – have a look at the work in progress images above to see what you can expect.

If you’ve been a member of the MIERCENARY or  SELL-SWORD tiers for the previous two months (i.e., you’ve been charged  three times consecutively, including the current month), you’ll get an extra miniature with your battle host!

May’s loyalty reward for patrons that have been with us in March, April and May is four amazing miniatures from the Gwaelod realm of the Brythoniaid!

You’ll get:

  • Dragonshield Angedern, Prifdyndraig of Gwaelod (60mm base)
  • Great Cleaver Angedern, Prifdyndraig of Gwaelod (60mm base)
  • Two Cleaver Angedern, Prifdyndraig of Gwaelod (60mm base)
  • Galon Garreg, Dewindraig of Gwaelod (60mm base)

If you are a new member, if you stay with us for the next two months you’ll get the previous two loyalty rewards too, in that third month. That way, new Miercenaries are not penalised!

Who are the Brythoniaid?

Of the original inhabitants of what was once called the Island of the Mighty by their ancestors the Brythoniaid are all that is left, discounting the treacherous Cernyweg, for the Érainn and the Albainn and especially the Anglecynn and the Seaxans have taken great swathes of their lands for themselves. Clinging to their kingdoms that remain with rock-like intensity – Gododdin and Rheged in the old north and Powys and Ceredigion and powerful Gwynedd in the west, amongst others – the Brythoniaid resist all that is thrown at them and even strike back to reclaim the kingdoms that have been lost. Ancient alliances and pacts with many of the mightiest beasts that endure still, the dragons and the wyverns and the wocors, ensure that whilst the Brythoniaid are limited in number when they are brought to battle they must still be afforded the respect they deserve.

You can learn more about the Brythoniaid on the Mierce Miniatures webstore and in the Lands of Darkness kindred guide!

Next Month…

We’ve got some utterly fantastic Byzantii for you all next time around, including new legionaries and a smattering of Infernii…

Keep it Mierce, Miercenaries!


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