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MekBorg and Steel Psalm: Kickstarter endet

Auf Kickstarter ist aktuell noch ein Mech Regelwerk auf Basis von MÖRKBORG unterwegs.

MekBorg and Steel Psalm

MekBorg And Steel Psalm 1

A MÖRK BORG-Compatible Tabletop Roleplaying Game Featuring MEK-KNIGHTS

MekBorg And Steel Psalm 2 1 MekBorg And Steel Psalm 2 2 MekBorg And Steel Psalm 2 3

MekBorg And Steel Psalm 3

MEKBORG and STEEL PSALM are two books that take the raw, old-school, d20-friendly rules of MÖRKBORG and dip them headfirst into post-apocalyptic, mechanical, MEK-KNIGHT mayhem, drawing inspiration from robot-on-robot combatdoom metal aesthetics, and more. Fight over the scraps of what little remains in an easy-to-learn campaign setting that puts aesthetics and mood before rules and crunch.

MekBorg And Steel Psalm 4

MEKBORG lets you play the role of an individual MEK-KNIGHT trying to make their way through the collapsing galaxy. You will battle rogue meks, meks of other philosophies, horrible creatures, and your own desire to claw out your eyes as you watch the universe devour itself.

STEEL PSALM gives you command of a FULL UNIT of MEK-KNIGHTS in a minis-agnostic skirmish game. Your unit will join (or fight) other Mek-knights, fend off invasion by unspeakable horrors from the undercooked realms of the universe’s expanding edge, or simply loot and plunder those who’ve failed to succumb to extortion to one of the four great hegemonies.

Both stand on their own but enact true CHAOS when merged as one.

MekBorg And Steel Psalm 5

MekBorg And Steel Psalm 6

The Black Order crusades at the furthest reaches of space, fighting for the favor of their merciless god.

MekBorg And Steel Psalm 7

The Mages of N’ta draw their magiks from the atrophy and sizzle of the dying universe.

MekBorg And Steel Psalm 8

Cyanide Industries mask their warmongering intentions through utopian propaganda.

MekBorg And Steel Psalm 9

House Xanth builts their soldiers from wrecked meks.

Or design your own faction.

It matters not, for:

MekBorg And Steel Psalm 10

MekBorg And Steel Psalm 11

Two books of doom and machines.

MekBorg And Steel Psalm 12

Both covers combine to make one gruesome image.

MekBorg And Steel Psalm 13

The universe could end tomorrow. Or it could end 25,000,000 years from today. There is no way to tell. There is also no way to stop it.

Carve out your territory amid the drowning stars and live as great kings and queens until it all folds in on itself.

MekBorg And Steel Psalm 14


Both books are compatible with MÖRK BORG. If you know how to play MÖRK BORG you’ll know how to play both of these.

MEKBORG is an independent production by JOHN K WEBB and DMDAVE PUBLISHING and is not affiliated with Ockult Örtmästare Games or Stockholm Kartell. It is published under the MÖRK BORG Third Party License.

STEEL PSALM is compatible with FORBIDDEN PSALM. If you know how to play MÖRK BORG and FORBIDDEN PSALM, you’ll know how to play STEEL PSALM.

STEEL PSALM is an independent production by DAVE HAMRICK and DMDAVE PUBLISHING and is not affiliated with Kevin Rahman and K.R.D. Designs, Ockult Örtmästare Games, or Stockholm Kartell. It is published under the MÖRK BORG Third Party License. MÖRK BORG is copyright Ockult Örtmästare Games and Stockholm Kartell.

Regardless, both books contain complete rulesets that stand on their own or work together.

MekBorg And Steel Psalm 15

How to Play MekBorg

Doing things in Mek-Borg and Steel Psalm is easy.

First, you have five abilities:

  • Agility Shoot, dodge, pilot
  • Toughness Survive, take punishment, stay conscious
  • Knowledge Repair, identify the enemy, maneuver
  • Charisma Fast talk, negotiate Contracts, inspire
  • Luck Beat the devil

Use these abilities to make tests. When any test is called for, roll a d20 and add or subtract the relevant ability score. The GM decides which. To succeed on the test, you must get a result equal to or greater than the Difficulty Rating (DR) for the Test (also decided by the GM, but usually 12).

Your Luck Ability Score allows you or the GM to reroll a Test result a certain number of times per session. For example, if your Luck Ability Score is +1, you may reroll a Test result once per session—however, if it’s -1, the GM can make you reroll a Test result once per session. You can’t use your Luck to reroll an ally’s test; likewise, the GM can’t make an ally reroll by using your Luck.

MekBorg And Steel Psalm 16

How to Play Steel Psalm

To explore the dark regions of the universe, you will need a warband of zealous MEK-KNIGHTS, consisting of five models. The models can be any that you like so long as they are approximately 35 mm to 45 mm (the same size as other popular „mech“-based games).

One, two, or more warbands compete over a battlefield.

  • Pick a Scenario.
  • Set up a table
  • Determine conditions.
  • Deploy per the scenario.

Each game round:

  • Determine initiative for the round
  • Take turns activating a single model until all models have gone
  • Activate monsters (if any are in play)
  • End the game round

Tests work in STEEL PSALM the same way they do in MEKBORG. Unless specified otherwise, all tests are DR12. This means you roll a D20, add or subtract the relevant ability, and check the result. If the result is equal to or greater than 12, you succeed. Otherwise, you live with the shame of failure.

Less Crunch, More Punch

Both MEKBORG and STEEL PSALM are designed with simplicity in mind. Here are a few quick things you should know about the rules:

  • Players make most of the rolls, allowing the keeper to focus on the narrative.
  • It’s a d20 system. To make a check, roll a d20 and all all your modifiers. Compare the result to a difficulty rating (DR), usually 12. If you match or exceed the number, you succeed.
  • Character creation is fast and simple. This is useful, as you will likely be destroyed.
  • Of course, if you survive, you will find upgrades, improve your statistics, and have amusing stories to share with your comrades.

MekBorg And Steel Psalm 17

The Black Order does not conquer; it eradicates.

Build your meks from the ground up. 

Choose your mek’s chassisupgrades, and even your pilot’s class and statistics to ensure that your MEK-KNIGHT is 100% bespoke and ready to deliver pain to those who oppose you and your faction.

MEK-KNIGHTS get abilities based on their pilot, their upgrades, and their faction. If they survive enough encounters, they improve, too.

MekBorg And Steel Psalm 18

A MEK-KNIGHT of House Xanth stands by their loyal MEK.

The Four Great Factions

What little remains of the universe has been torn asunder by the Four Great Hegemonies.

House Xanth: Junky Boys, the Heap, Bumblees, Kings in Yellow, Greasers, Rust Buckets

The Black Order: The Zealots, Crusaders, Purifiers, Witchburners Seraphim, Clerics, The Hated, God’s Spear, Smoke Lords

Mages of N’ta: Void Sorcerers, Chaos Weavers, Squiddies, Tulus, Starwitches, Warpmystics, The Eldritch

Cyanide Industries: The Blood Brokers, The Profiteers, Ghouls of Greed, Kill-Quotes, Coffin-Bankers, The Burkes

MekBorg And Steel Psalm 19

Whose side are you on?

MekBorg And Steel Psalm 20

MEKBORG includes the starter scenario, Dead Man’s Hand, which asks you and your companions to track down a malicious group of mercenary MEK-KNIGHTS.

STEEL PSALM offers 10 different scenarios as part of the A Penny for the Old Guy campaign for you and other MEK-UNITS to partake in co-op, solo mode, or competitive.

MekBorg And Steel Psalm 21

MekBorg And Steel Psalm 22

The Ammo Box is the ultimate swag box for MEKBORG and STEEL PSALM. It serves as a catch-all for all the stickers, patches, enamel pins, dice sets, zines, and whatever the hell else we decide to throw into this thing. It will automatically get all physical stretch goals. The starting pack comes with everything you see there. We will add more to it as stretch goals are unlocked and won’t increase the price as we do.

  • The Ammo Box itself… very fancy cardboard.
  • Sticker Pack: Cyanide Industries logo, Mages of N’Ta, MEKBORG Black Skull, The Black Order Logo, House Xanth logo
  • 7-Set of Yellow and Black Dice
  • 7-Set of Blue and White Dice
  • 7-Set of Purple and White Dice
  • Cyanide Industries Enamel Pin
  • Mages of N’Ta Enamel Pin
  • House Xanth Enamel Pin
  • Black Order Enamel Pin
  • MEKBORG Yellow Skull Iron-on Patch

MekBorg And Steel Psalm 43

Still unconvinced? 


Below, you can get a free sample of the rules. Then, once you decide to back, you’ll have a convenient rules reference sheet.

MekBorg And Steel Psalm 44

Das Regel Referenz Blatt findet man Hier.


MekBorg And Steel Psalm 23 MekBorg And Steel Psalm 24 MekBorg And Steel Psalm 25 MekBorg And Steel Psalm 26 MekBorg And Steel Psalm 27 MekBorg And Steel Psalm 28 MekBorg And Steel Psalm 29

Design, art, and product names are subject to change. Prices for physical items do not include shipping.

Stretch Goals:

MekBorg And Steel Psalm 30 MekBorg And Steel Psalm 31 MekBorg And Steel Psalm 32 MekBorg And Steel Psalm 33 MekBorg And Steel Psalm 34 MekBorg And Steel Psalm 35 MekBorg And Steel Psalm 36 MekBorg And Steel Psalm 37 MekBorg And Steel Psalm 38 MekBorg And Steel Psalm 39 MekBorg And Steel Psalm 40 MekBorg And Steel Psalm 41

MekBorg And Steel Psalm 42

$200,000 – The Nohr, Eldritch Horror collectible card.

The AMMO BOX comes with all applicable physical stretch goals. However, we plan on sending all applicable digital stretch goals to everyone. This is a way to thank you all for your continued support.


As shipping costs are in quite a bit of flux, we’re collecting shipping outside of Kickstarter via Backerkit and will charge them when the production run is en route to the fulfillment center.

The following rates are estimates:

United States (USPS Media Mail)

  • One Book – $8
  • Two Books – $10
  • Two Books + Ammo Box – $15

Canada, the United Kingdom, and the European Union (DHL from the US)

  • One Book – $25
  • Two Books – $30
  • Two Books + Ammo Box – $35

Everywhere Else (DHL from the US)

  • One Book – $40
  • Two Books – $45
  • Two Books + Ammo Box – $50

We ship directly from the United States. The reason for this is simple: we want to see the products before they ship to you. If we sent them directly from our overseas printer to a fulfillment partner in another country, we would have zero input in quality control. We don’t like that.

However, if this campaign explodes and we sell thousands of units, then we’ll consider using shipping partners that we’ve worked with in the past. We’ll know better once the campaign comes close to being done.

Finally, by giving more „conservative“ estimates on shipping rates, we can potentially add additional goodies like stickers, pins, patches, and what have you to make sure you get the best product possible.

Die Kampagne ist bereits finanziert und läuft noch 2 Tage.

Quelle: MekBorg and Steel Psalm


Seit 2010 im Hobby. Aktuelle Projekte: Herr der Ringe (Harad, Khand und Ostlinge), Saga Ära der Magie (Die Untoten Legionen), WarmaHordes (Crucible Guard, Söldner und Circle), Summoners (Erde), Konflikt 47 (Briten)

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  • Diese Art von „Regelwerken“ gibt es ja in letzter Zeit immer mal wieder bei KS.

    Das sind eher Artbooks als lesbare Regelwerke und auch wenn ich sie schick finde und die kreativtät zu schätzen weiß finde ich sie als Material zum Spielen eher ungeeignet.

    Da wünscht man sich eher einen Lesemodus im Buch

    • „Man“ ist so unzufrieden mit dem Look, dass diese KS regelmäßig floppen…

      Man könnte sich aber bei echtem Interesse auch damit befassen und dann feststellen, dass a) die Regeln so eingängig sind, dass man sie fast schon nach einmaligem Lesen intus hat und b) es am Ende des Buches / pdfs eine klar lesbare Regelzusammenfassung gibt, die fürs Spiel völlig ausreicht. Zumindest bei den anderen Mörk Borg / Forbidden Psalm – Reihen. Hier wird es nicht anders sein. Also muss man sich nur einmal „durchquälen“ für die Regeln, Ausrüstung & Co. muss man natürlich gelegentlich nachschlagen. Aber da hat mir bis jetzt das Design eher geholfen, weil man schon an der Optik erkennt, wenn man auf der richtigen Seite ist.

      • Hab ich dich getreten? Oder gesagt die wären schlecht?
        Und Käufern vorgeworfen sie sind dumm wenn sie da mitmachen.

        Nein hab ich nicht.
        Ich habe meine Meinung um Layout geäussert. Das ich (Achtung eigene Meinung die sich nicht mit deiner Decken muss) zum Spielen nicht so toll finde. Das haben andere schon besser gelöst.

        Die Mörk Borg Sachen hab ich ja auch in der Sammelung, denn künstlerisch wertvoll sind sie.

      • War hauptsächlich auf Dein „Da wünscht man sich eher einen Lesemodus“ anspielen, weil das so klingt, als wäre Deine Meinung stellvertretend für die Mehrheit. Und der Erfolg des Konzepts zeigt ja, dass sehr viele Menschen damit glücklich oder zumindest zufrieden sind, dass der Hauptteil in besagtem Design ist und es für die Spielbarkeit ja eine gut leserliche, klar verfasste Zusammenfassung gibt. Die Du aber scheinbar nicht kennst, was ja nicht schlimm ist.

  • Muss ich mir dann mal näher anschauen, bevor es endet.
    Aber schon mal wieder Abzüge in der B-Note für unleserliche Würfel (ja, sind optional, aber vielleicht will man ja was anderes aus dem Addon 🤷‍♂️

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