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Last Sword Miniatures: The Age of the Half-Breeds

Last Sword Miniatures kehren diesen Monat zu dem Blood Moon Tribe zurück.

LSM The Age Of The Half Breeds 1

April: The Age of the Half-Breeds

This month, as you know, we returned to the Blood Moon tribe and its beastman warriors.

The goal was to complete the core of the army so that in the future, we could focus on the more heterogeneous and perhaps more interesting part.

LSM The Age Of The Half Breeds 2

First, we have the mongrel. Initially, we considered creating all the equipment options for this unit, but we realized it would be somewhat lackluster for a unit that will likely require several copies on the table.

LSM The Age Of The Half Breeds 3

Therefore, we decided to focus on the archers, seeking poses that allow them to be formed into a large unit or used in small groups of skirmish. Moreover, the extra time not spent on creating so many pieces allowed us to add the beastman dragging his food.

LSM The Age Of The Half Breeds 4 LSM The Age Of The Half Breeds 5

On the other hand, we have the Longhorns. This unit is elite infantry, so we thought it was important to represent them in their stature. They are taller than the generic beastmen from the first installment, and much larger than the small hybrids. However, they are still compatible in heads and arms with the first beastmen, so that the units can appear more heterogeneous.

LSM The Age Of The Half Breeds 6

Furthermore, we have created a mutant conversion kit. It consists of about fifteen pieces, which took a lot of work, so I would like to know your opinion on them. Is it worth it? It took up the slot of work for a character.

LSM The Age Of The Half Breeds 7

These pieces are designed to the size of the larger beastmen but can be scaled down for use with the mongrels or even many humans and elves.

We also have two characters.

On one hand, the battle standard bearer, with his enormous collection of trophies, and on the other, a mutant warlord, with his sinister twin inspired by one of our favorite science fiction movies 🙂

LSM The Age Of The Half Breeds 8

And finally, to conclude the month, a cyclops to head the army’s monsters chapter. With two heads for you to choose from.

LSM The Age Of The Half Breeds 9

I hope you liked it, and I look forward to your feedback.

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  • Die erinnern mich irgendwie an die Chaos-Kreaturen Zeichnungen aus den Einsamer Wolf Spielbüchern von Joe Dever … falls das noch jemandem etwas sagt. 🙂

    • Mich erinnern die eher an die Trollocs aus Rad der Zeit.

      Einsamer Wolf hab ich noch alle im Regal stehen. Von Goldmann & Manticore. Ist aber schon eine Weile her, das ich da mal einen Band in der Hand hatte.

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