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Last Sword Miniatures: Men at Arms of Neverra

Last Sword Miniatures haben im Januar wieder ein STL-Paket für Patreons zusammengestellt.

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Good morning and happy new year, everyone.

We’re kicking off with some exciting updates.

Firstly, we’re introducing our take on Sir Agravaine of Orkney. As I’ve previously mentioned, our focus has been on robustness. Those dramatic, flowing cloaks can be a real hazard for a gaming miniature, so we’ve engineered them to be as sturdy as possible.

I would greatly appreciate your feedback on this aspect, to understand how it holds up and consider it for future miniatures. Your input is invaluable to us.
Additionally, we are proud to introduce the inaugural knight, the Battle Standard Bearer of Neverra. This versatile figure is available in multiple variants, including mounted and on foot, with options for both undecorated and embellished banners. We also have a special version, armed with a Claymore, which, in a slight oversight, has not yet been rendered by my team.Additionally, we are excited to present the Paladin on Pegasus miniature. We dedicated a significant amount of time to crafting a unique pose for this piece, aiming to move away from the conventional Pegasus with outstretched wings. We believe the creative stance we’ve developed will truly stand out and hope you will enjoy our innovative approach.For the knights on Pegasus, our goal was to ensure that they fit onto their respective bases and could form a cohesive unit when assembled together.

And now it’s time for the infantry. Both knights and men-at-arms are compatible with each other, as well as with many pieces from previous kits, such as the mounted knights.

This should allow for a vast number of combinations and equipment setups.

The knights include two-handed weapons and hand-and-shield options, while the men-at-arms feature halberds, spears, more rudimentary hand weapons, and shields.

Together, they enable you to assemble most of the Neverra infantry units, as we look forward to addressing archers in our next release.

Together, they enable you to assemble most of the Neverra infantry units, as we look forward to addressing archers in our next release.

And that concludes this month’s miniatures.

I hope the launch meets your expectations .

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  • Na, was GW mit TOW geschafft hat, ist dass wir jetzt mit kompletten Ranges an STL Proxys zugeschmissen werden:)
    Ich beschwere mich nicht, ganz im Gegenteil. Mir nen billigen Resin Drucker zuzulegen war die beste Hobby Entscheidung der letzten 10 Jahre. Da könnte ne Menge saugutes Zeug kommen im Laufe des Jahres.

    • Ja, gabs aber schon lange vorher. zB Highlands Miniatures macht schon immer klassische WH Minis. Dragons Lake auch sehr nahe am Original. Es gibt aber noch viele mehr und sie werden bestimmt nicht weniger.

  • Was bin ich froh, dass ich noch für Jahre gut mit meinem Stapel der Möglichkeiten ausgestattet bin, denn sonst wären solche genialen Dateien eine ständige Versuchung und ich hätte sicherlich tausende unbemalter Resinfiguren rumliegen.Insbesondere die Ritter zu Fuß mit Zweihandwaffen find ich richtig stark

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