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Last Sword Miniatures: Ecclesia of the Sun

Im März haben Last Sword Miniatures ein neues STL-Paket für Patreons zusammengestellt.

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Greetings, lords and ladies of the High Kingdom.

Here is the compilation for the month of March, dedicated to the religion of the High Kingdom and Avernia.

To start, one of the largest pieces we’ve designed to date, the war altar. Alongside it, the Archlector with various combinations of heads and arms.

It’s inspired by the pulpits of German Gothic cathedrals, featuring a griffin-shaped organ at the back. We aimed to make it especially sturdy, like a rolling fortress.

The war altar is drawn by flagellants. As I mentioned during the month, we decided not to attach them to the cart since, although the render might look good, the actual assembly would be very complicated and we believe not entirely satisfactory.

You can attach them with modeling chains or cords through the rings we’ve left for this purpose, in a simpler and more effective way.

Additionally, we have a unit of flagellants, based on the same miniatures that pull the war altar. They are the perfect foundation for an army of fanatics.

A separate chapter for the religious orders.

First, we have the Knights of the Sun. With their Grand Master leading, he is designed in a relaxed pose that allows him to be seamlessly integrated into our knight order unit.
Then, the unit of foot knights, with one-handed weapons and shields, and two-handed weapons. The unit can be assembled in the traditional way, but what really makes it spectacular is the scene where one of the knights is being blessed by a Priestess of the Sun in the moments before battle.

To conclude the month, one of the characters we had pending. The Master of the Knights of the Wolf. In the render, he still has the small hammer, but at your request, we’ve increased the hammerhead by 15%.

And that’s all for this month. I hope everyone enjoys it.

Quelle: Last Sword Miniatures auf Patreon


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