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Judgement Eternal Champions: Neuerscheinungen

Creature Caster zeigen neue Helden für Judgement Eternal Champions und weitere Kreaturen.


Judgement Zaffen 1 Judgement Zaffen 3 Judgement Zaffen 2

Zaffen – Dwarf Hunter – €39,26

Land or Sea, I live to hunt.

Meet Zaffen, the indomitable Dwarf Hunter of Judgement: Eternal Champions. Having spent most of his life braving the treacherous seas, Zaffen has honed his skills and instincts to become one of the most formidable hunters in Mideon. His weapon of choice is a giant crossbow, a device so powerful it is typically bolted to the deck of a ship. Yet, Zaffen’s immense strength allows him to carry and wield this formidable weapon with ease.

The crossbow, while slow to aim and shoot, unleashes devastating power. Each bolt is heavy enough to knock opponents off their feet, and Zaffen often coats their tips with deadly poisons to ensure his prey is truly vanquished. His hunting prowess is unmatched, granting him unique advantages against the beasts that roam Mideon. Zaffen’s aim is legendary, allowing him to land precision shots even in the most challenging conditions, whether his target is engaged in combat or hiding behind cover.

This intricately detailed miniature captures Zaffen in his element. Barefoot and rugged, with his giant crossbow slung over his shoulder, Zaffen’s stance exudes confidence and readiness for the hunt. His muscular frame, adorned with practical sea-worn attire, and his focused expression peering through his eye-mounted crosshair, embody the spirit of a seasoned hunter. The crossbow, with its ornate design and sturdy rope, reflects both the artistry and brutality of his weapon of choice.

Bring the expertise and power of Zaffen to your Judgement: Eternal Champions battles, and let his legendary skills turn the tide in your favor.


Judgement Nephenee 1 Judgement Nephenee 5 Judgement Nephenee 4 Judgement Nephenee 3 Judgement Nephenee 2 Judgement Nephenee 6

Nephenee – €39,26

Serving as part of the Elven PTG (Police Tactical Group) Nephenee is trained to provide rapid response and neutralize any threat to law and order.

The goddess Torin exists as the living embodiment of time itself. She alone is able to reach into the branching timelines of the future and bring forth a hero onto the battleground of Mideon whose existence is yet to be determined on the physical plane of Athien.

Nephenee is one such hero – pulled from a future in which the Elves rule all of Athien with advanced technology and an iron fist. In the metaphysical plane weapons are merely an extension of willpower, and the past and present heroes are evenly matched in such a struggle.

Why would Torin choose to bring such a hero back is unknown. Nephenee has little love for the goddess who ripped her from her home and her duty. But Torin plays a long game, and her motives are always difficult to fathom.

Nephenee’s playstyle on the battleground is one of hit and run. She is extremely agile having both the fly, dash, and nimble abilities which allows her to charge nearly any model at will. Once in combat she unleashes a flurry of attacks with her dual wield laser blades. She can also curse enemies and then obliterate her weakened foe in a storm of lasers. A deadly assassin type hero, she hits fast and hard!


Judgement Haksa 1 Judgement Haksa 2 Judgement Haksa 3 Judgement Haksa 7 Judgement Haksa 6 Judgement Haksa 5 Judgement Haksa 4

Haksa (Resin)- €39,26

A leader must be a fortification for their people.

Haksa’s Mastery on the Battlefield. Enter the fray with Haksa, a versatile hero whose strategic prowess knows no bounds. With his totems strewn across the battlefield, Haksa creates a defensive fortress, bolstering allies and hindering foes. His Voodoo Idols act as potent traps damaging enemies who approach, while his Healing and Resistance Idols restore health and remove conditions from nearby allies.

In combat, Haksa wields both magic and melee with finesse. His staff’s extended reach allows him to engage foes from a distance, while his agile defenses ensure his resilience on the front lines. Whether setting traps or leading the charge, Haksa is a force to be reckoned with on any battlefield.

An Orcish Empire Rises. As the old gods withdrew to the plane of Mideon, the orcs steadily rose to power on the physical realm of Athien becoming the most mighty of all nations. A vast orcish civilization developed while the elvish caravans and minotaur herds still roamed nomadically. Humans at this time had few nations of their own, and most lived on the outskirts of the Orcish cities, a second class of citizen used for the most menial of tasks. Dwarves were perhaps the greatest rivals to the Orcs, but they were insular, protecting their mountain homes rather than conquering other nations.

This great orc empire was ruled over by a council of Chiefs, with only the strongest rising to power through a system of tribal meritocracy. Orcs were not born to rank, but instead earned it through their actions. In this council there were two who had garnered more respect than any others. Haksa and Kruul whose rivalry had led them to accomplish great feats… each striving to outdo each other both on and off the battlefield. These two leaders, both very different in personality and yet similar in skill, had brought incredible prosperity to the regions they governed.

As the gods fall, civil war rages. As the Old Gods fell, and the New Gods rose everything changed. The orcs had always had an element of darkness to them – cruel magics, brutal tactics, and even ritual sacrifices were common amongst them – however their savagery had always been moderated with a sense of honor and discipline. But, as the old gods died, the restraint practiced in the old ways became subject of debate.

Haksa believes in the enduring traditions of the orcs. Fierce and at times savage and cruel are his ways, but always with a greater good in mind. He is not wasteful or mindlessly bloodthirsty. Kruul however, desires ultimate dominion for his people, and plans to exterminate the other races from the face of the world until only the orcs remain.

Kruul vs Haksa: A Battle for Tradition and Dominance. Kruul and Haksa find themselves the center of a great civil war on the physical plane of Athien. As Kruul plotted genocide to reshape the world in his image, Haksa stood firm in defense of the old ways. The orcish empire has split with Kruul seeming to hold the upper hand. The human serfs and even contingents of elves, dwarves, and minotaurs have joined with Haksa’s alliance – standing in opposition to Kruul’s tyrannical vision.

Upon the metaphysical plane of Mideon, Kruul and Haksa continue the battle that they began on Athien. Each hero fights for their chosen gods – seeking to destroy each other’s immortal soul in the process. These rivals have become the most bitter of enemies, and neither will rest until the other is wiped from existence.


Und weitere Kreaturen die bald erscheinen:

Creaturecaster01 Creaturecaster04 Creaturecaster03 Creaturecaster02 Creaturecaster05

Quelle: Creature Caster auf FB, Judgement Heroes bei CC


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