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Infinity: Studio Update – Juli 2024 Vorschau – Tohaa Blog

Corvus Belli präsentieren ein neues Studio Update mit einer Vorschau auf neue Modelle für Infinity im Juli. Auch sind zwei Blogeinträge erschienen zu den Tohaa Repack Happy Days.


Die Previews aus dem Video:

Infinity Juli01 Infinity Juli02 Infinity Juli03 Infinity Juli04 Infinity Juli05 Infinity Juli06 Infinity Juli07 Infinity Juli08 Infinity Juli09 Infinity Juli10 Infinity Juli11 Infinity Juli12 Infinity Juli13



Infinity Tohaa A 01 Infinity Tohaa A 02

From today until the 31st of this current month of May, the Happy Days are back in their 3rd edition. What are the Happy Days? Well, it’s a special sale event where we rescue discontinued products from a long time ago, very demanded by the community, and we make them available again for a limited time for their production on demand. And what better protagonist for this 3rd edition than the Infinity faction where everything revolves around the number 3: Tohaa.

Infinity veterans already know this alien faction very well, but for all those new players we are going to do deep a little bit in their faction background and their troops.

The Tohaa are an advanced alien civilization currently waging an open war against the EI and its Combined Army. Guardians of one of the great treasures of the universe, the Tohaa have withstood the EI’s onslaught longer than any other race in this galaxy. The Tohaa are masters of biotechnology, which enables them to build terrible viral weapons and impervious symbiont armors, but also to alter other species, granting them more intelligence so they can fight by their side. The Tohaa need allies, and Humanity seems fitting for the first line of fight against the
Combined Army.
The forces of the Tohaa Trident, the name of the army of this implacable race, have a peculiar operating structure based on the number three, as illustrated by their combat Triads, units of three members that act as one. Also of note are the naming conventions of their regiments, inspired by an ancient numerological system. Tohaa troops are highly professional, seasoned in a thousand battles against the EI and have a long history of fighting on their own, without support and hopelessly outnumbered.

For a long time, the Tohaa species has been waging a war of attrition against the EI and its Combined Army, the current epitome of the Seeker races. The Tohaa have been more successful in their clash against the Combined Army than most of the species, now extinct or assimilated, that have tried to resist the hegemonic flood of the Evolved Intelligence in the past. But their success has taken a painful toll in the form of lost lives and planets. This is the greatest ordeal of their race, and the Tohaa are aware that, unless they manage to turn the tables with an unlikely breakthrough, it is just a matter of time that they too will succumb to the EI onslaught.


Infinity Tohaa A 03 Infinity Tohaa A 04

Vaarso Battlespeak Notation: Since first days of the Colonial Force, the Tohaa army created after Unification and forerunner of the modern Tohaa Trident, the hundreds have been used to identify the basic military corps. Nowadays, the hundreds are the numeric denominator for the vertebral corps, those making up the core of each of the three spikes or branches of the Tohaa Trident. For Tohaa numerologists, the number 110 symbolizes glory through very painful conditions and great personal sacrifice.

After the initial military disasters in the Wars against the Fenrig Imperative, there was only time to apply the reforms of the New Model Army to one integral military body, the Kamael Light Infantry, or the 110. The New Model Army’s success was evident: Facing the Fenrig, Kamael Infantry obtained victories while the rest of the basic infantry corps were reduced to ashes. At the end of the Wars against the Fenrig Imperative, the Kamael Light Infantry had become the main infantry corps for the Tohaa Trident, absorbing the remnants of the other infantry types.

The Kamael Light infantry comprises the main combat corps of the Tohaa Trident and is the fundamental support for any combat action, from massive clashes to limited operations. Currently, Light Infantry regiments are the biggest and most numerous units in the Tohaa military forces. Spread across the entire Tohaa Trinomial territory, they are present on every frontline against the EI’s Combined Army. Constant conflict against such a powerful adversary has sharpened the skills of these regiments, hardening them in the heat of battle. However, it is selflessness which distinguishes the glorious Kamael Light Infantry, always carrying the weight of action without respite. There is no more steady or determined stride than that ofthe troops that advance, day after day, to liberate their people from tyranny and to open the gates of the future for their entire race.


Infinity Tohaa A 05 Infinity Tohaa A 06

Vaarso Battlespeak Notation: After the application of the New Model Army reforms, essential to fighting the Wars against the Fenrig Imperative, few units survived the conversion from the obsolete Colonial Force to the modern and effective Tohaa Trident. Those which, because of their special characteristics, could weather the conversion to new tactics and structures were allowed to keep the special nomenclature for attack units of the old Tohaa Colonial Force. That nomenclature, usually encompassing tens of thousands, consists of more baroque and archaic code-names than those used by the majority of current Trident units. In the old and adventurous days of Tohaa colonization, Makaul Troops were also known as Light Assault Units. However, the name that stuck with them is their old numeric code-designator: Makaul, the 10100. A special number whose symbolism refers to titanic strength and courage as well as the concept of salvation from a physical danger.


Makaul Troops are both the most decorated and also the most troublesome unit in the Tohaa Trident. Heir to a glorious past, they characterized the age of Tohaa colonization and exploration. Specialists in light assault and close combat techniques, their mission was to be deployed in far flung positions with minimal equipment, to face a overwhelmingly superior enemy and win without expecting any support. How many times was a Tohaa outpost saved in extremis of an attack by wild beasts, savage tribes or insurrectionist rebels by a small group of these daredevil warriors? They soon became part of Tohaa popular culture and the main characters of the greatest deeds and adventures, both real and fictitious.

However, these bold and boastful warriors, forged in the fires of warfare, true combat dynamos, don’t deal well with peaceful times. Makaul Troops constantly need the energy of action. The nightmare and torment of local authorities and Tohaa military police, they are as troublesome in peace as they are good in battle. When not in combat the Makaul are well-known for their dependence on Socar, drinking, playing and fighting constantly, both between each other and against anyone crazy enough to cross their path. There is no chance for rest, as these mad soldiers are addicted to strong emotions. To them there is always an objective to take, an enemy to annihilate and a victory to celebrate. Because that is the unit’s spirit and if you don’t like it, any of them will be more than willing to discuss the matter with you. And you can be sure there will be more than words involved in the process!


Infinity Tohaa A 07 Infinity Tohaa A 08

Tohaa High Command, true to its doctrine of „Letting others be the ones to fight your wars“, quickly recognized the military potential of the Exaltation project for the Chaksa race. As soon as the first tests were successful, the Trident involved itself in the project to ensure a measure of control over its results. Therefore, during the formation process of exalted Chaksa, they are inculcated with the precepts and ideals of the Trident. Through this indoctrination the High Command ensures a constant number of Chaksa recruits that, following their formation period, increase the numbers of Tohaa military forces. Chaksa make excellent light operatives.

Their resistance and exceptional physical qualities make them all-terrain troops, able to march without pause, carrying localization biodevices and all the supplies and equipment of a combat force under the worst environmental conditions without complaint. However, it is in the midst of combat where Chaksa Auxiliaries stand out for their bravery and their unbreakable loyalty to the Tohaa cause, fighting to their last breath for those who exalted them to sentience and allowed them win their place on the galactic map.


Infinity Tohaa A 09 Infinity Tohaa A 10

The Diplomatic Delegates are highly respected in Tohaa society. They are a social elite far above any politician. Easily recognized by their distinguished bearing, the Diplomatic Delegates are characterized by their extraordinary ability to maneuver in the most tempestuous situations intergalactic diplomacy can generate. The members of Tohaa Diplomacy are known for their flexibility and adaptability to any scenario. Such is their ability that the rumor is they have been biomodified to have extreme control over their pheromonic capabilities, so they can exactly control the information they emit. In this way, a Diplomatic Delegate may even lie without betraying itself if need be or even completely block its emissions to avoid revealing secrets or disturbing other races sensitive to pheromonic information. Those biomodifications would also include alterations to phonation organs so they can replicate sounds of other alien languages, making direct communication easier, without need for simultaneous translation devices.

As a civilization of eminent explorers, the Tohaa have a long record of first contacts with other species, not all of them friendly, and quite often dangerous. The Diplomatic Delegates are the first ones to make initial contact and to enter unknown terrain. That is why they are required to always have a high level of preparation, cold blood, and an absolute level of professionalism, because their tasks also include high-level espionage, always implicit, never explicit, as well asconspiracy and intrigue. For this reason, the Diplomatic Delegates are depicted as the main characters in many works of fiction in the Tohaa entertainment industry, personifying the perfect ideal of the elegant, refined and glamorous spy.



Infinity Tohaa B 01 Infinity Tohaa B 02

There are only a few days left until the end of the 3rd edition of Happy Days, in which Tohaa is the main protagonist. In the previous blog post we reviewed the troops included in the Tohaa Combat Force Repack Alpha box, so today we are going to find out who are the troops included in the Tohaa Combat Force Repack Beta box.


Infinity Tohaa B 03 Infinity Tohaa B 05 Infinity Tohaa B 04

Vaarso Battlespeak Notation: To identify support units that employ specific technologies outside the purview of regular operational tactics, the Tohaa Trident provides designations with two separate numerals. In Neebab Numerology, the number 2 represents dominance, audacity tempered by self-control and the capacity to influence others. By contrast, number 10 is tied to hard choices, ruination and personal loss. Consequently, the Kaeltar arrangement of these two symbols (10-2) stands for the management, control and authority over chaotic circumstances, particularly in situations that seem straightforward but take a sudden turn for the perilous.

The Kaeltar Specialists are the Tohaa Trident’s Dificult Circumstances Unit. They have received training in the challenging discipline of Corahtar, which allows them to command SymbioMates with which to provide tactical and defensive support to Symbiont-clad allies expected to run into substantial resistance. With their skills and pheromone-based gear, Kaeltar Specialists are tasked with containing and mitigating the effects of hostile fire. Simultaneously, they bring their versatile SymbioBombs to bear in enhancing and broadening the offensive capabilities of troopers with active Symbiont armors.

However, that is not the full extent of a Kaeltar’s tactical role. Due to their wealth of specialized technical training and their operational profile—which places them consistently in harm’s way—, every Kaeltar is a non-commissioned officer with plenty of field experience. These troopers can keep their head about themselves amidst the chaos and can even assume command when their team leader falls and everything seems lost. In the sorts of missions Kaeltar Specialists are assigned, the question is not whether things will turn sour, but when they will turn sour, and how badly it will hurt. And that is when these specialists truly shine. Outfitted with imposing uniforms and loads of esoteric gear, the Kaeltar nevertheless exude calm; but theirs is a vibrant calm, a peacefulness that conceals an inner fire. And when they are doused in the fuel of impending doom, their fire bursts forth and takes the reins.


Infinity Tohaa B 06 Infinity Tohaa B 07

Vaarso Battlespeak Notation: To Neebab numerologists, the double-zero symbol followed by a seven stands for a double-edged sword, sharp and powerful and capable of striking true in the name of justice and truth, but also a prospective tool for evil. In keeping with the duality of its nature, this number is associated with the gray areas of Intelligence operations and those who inhabit such a fine line. However, by integrating it into the tail end of the number twenty thousand—itself linked to the return from far-off places bearing arcane knowledge that sheds light on the spirit world—a new numerological motif can be ascertained. Number Sukeul (20,007) foretells this well-honed blade will be wielded by discerning experts who will unleash its destructive powers but never espouse either end of the balance.

They say old soldiers never die. Well, the Sukeul Commandos are formed by nothing but dead soldiers. Every one of its members is a veteran operative, a fatality of a past conflict whose skills were too precious for the Trident’s High Command to lose. They have all been recovered for their combat experience, and the only way to wring out every ounce of it is to keep deploying them. Each of their number has their own tactical specializations, so they get their pick of the crop when it comes to combat gear and armament. As highly trusted agents, they are responsible for the most dangerous Direct Action operations of all, those that fall under the designation Contact and Death, usually too classified to mention. Judging by their past performance, these veterans rarely fail to deliver violence and destruction where it is needed most.

Their record sheets are brimming with extraordinary actions and massive body counts, but the details are known only to a select few with the appropriate clearance. On the battlefield, Sukeul commandos never relax their trigger fingers, firing at will but maintaining startling levels of precision. They laugh in the face of heavily armored assault troops and TAGs alike. They will make an example out of any proud soldier stupid enough to stand in their way. They know every trick in the book and every shortcut to mission cleared. Sukeul never fail. They are the best of the best and anyone on their sights is about to learn that lesson for good. They leverage the experience gained in past operations and former lives to push a little further every time. They are the dead that always come back, and they always come back with a win. This is a superb unit whose members are self-sacrificing, but sordid. They have acquired a taste for blood that guarantees conclusive results mission after mission, gunfight after gunfight.


Infinity Tohaa B 08 Infinity Tohaa B 09

Vaarso Battlespeak Notation: Given the relevance of number 3 in the Tohaa culture, all numbers that are multiples of 3 are reserved for designating prestigious multipurpose units, those notable for their mobile and adaptative qualities. The number 36, or Sakiel, refers to endeavor and stubbornness in the face of an enemy or a particular type of opposition.

There are two main requisites to be part of the Sakiel regiment. The first is to possess combat experience with a good record of frontline actions. The second is to have suffered a personal tragedy. All Sakiel are native to the Colonial Systems, all coming from Tohaa worlds that have fallen under the Evolved Intelligence’s domain. They have all seen their cities and their loved ones burn. They are all uprooted soldiers without a home to return to, without families with which to reunite. However, they all share a personal objective: Vengeance. Their sole purpose is to make EI pay for the atrocities it and its associated races have committed. A cold hate is nestled within the hearts of the Sakiel which erases any other emotion they might feel. None of them will fail in their commitment and not one will renounce their mission; the Sakiel are willing to make the ultimate sacrifices to strike back at their greatest enemy without hesitation, doubt, or mercy.


Infinity Tohaa B 10 Infinity Tohaa B 11

Vaarso Battlespeak Notation: According to classical Neebab numerology, the number 40 700, called Nikoul, stands for the Digger, a symbolic figure connected to the underworld, the land of the dead. Often hidden, the Digger represents forbidden knowledge, capable of killing whoever should uncover it.

In Tohaa history, the name “Nikoul” is shrouded in legend. Two centuries before the Unification, a valiant team embarked in a guerrilla war against invaders from the expansive Vaaronian Empire. What started as a self-defense group disrupting convoys and assassinating officers soon became the core of a popular resistance movement that, inspired by the heroism of the Nikoul, eventually drove out the invaders, bringing about the very downfall of the Vaaronian Empire. With this, the Nikoul joined the Tohaa pantheon of heroes as an example of opposition to tyranny and were assimilated by the Tohaa cultural tradition as the subject of numerous works of fiction, particularly tales and derring-do.

Centuries later, when hope dwindled in the face of the IE onslaught, the Tohaa Colonial Command of the Romaanti system resolved to create a new unit that would use guerrilla tactics to harass the Combined Army forces, buying time for the civilian enclaves to be evacuated. In order to raise the morale of the troop and create a symbol of hope for non-combatants, this new team was named after the legendary Nikoul, which seemed fitting given their predilection for ambush tactics. The new Nikoul, like their ancient namesakes, acted alone or in small groups, stalking their prey and dealing with them with silent precision fire from concealed positions. More remarkably they, as their predecessors before them, surveyed the area of operations before combat, located the key strategic points, and dug foxholes that would be their fire positions during combat…or their graves. Despite their deadly efficiency, not even these executioners could halt the numberless forces of the EI, and many Nikoul fell to the overwhelming firepower of the Combined Army. The unit shed its blood and obtained many victories, but the Combined Army is an unstoppable flood and in the end the Romaanti system fell in its clutches.

The Nikoul survivors were evacuated last. The unit had fulfilled its duty: they inflicted very heavy casualties, slowing the enemy advance and ensuring a successful civilian extraction. But the war was not over, certainly not for them. Nowadays, the Nikoul are present in every open front against the IE, fighting in the frontlines and honoring the noble name they bear. To other soldiers, such exalted legacy would be a challenge or a heavy burden, but not to them. To the Nikoul, legacy is immaterial; whatever the original Nikoul achieved, what matters now is what they do next. The Tohaa Trinomial is in danger, so it must be protected. That is their mission and that is their only concern.


Infinity Tohaa B 12 Infinity Tohaa B 13

Aelis Keesan was a young archeologist with a fascination for the past, whose life was leveled by the shockwave of the brutal realities of her present. As an assistant professor in the Xenoarchaeology department of the University of Opbaaen, she was studying the burial mounds of the extinct Doylya race when the planet Doymas came under attack from Combined Army forces. While the other personnel were being evacuated, Aelis volunteered to finish cataloguing the remains so that the memory of the Doylya could be preserved. But Shasvastii troops care little about the past, and concern themselves only with the future of their species: despite being clearly marked as a civilian settlement, the encampment was razed. Aelis managed to survive the destruction, only to fall into the hands of a notoriously vicious Shasvastii Intelligence officer named Hasht. By the time the Tohaa rescue units were able to drive the Shasvastii away, Aelis Keesan was on the verge of death from hours of torture at the hands of the Corax. It took weeks of surgery, reconstructive treatments and military-grade regeneration technology to bring her back to health.

Under Tohaa law, the use of military resources for direct benefit of a civilian automatically entails the affiliation of said civilian to the military establishment. This is explained by the need of Tohaa society, involved in a perpetual conflict, to funnel talent into the war effort. Aelis was offered a position as an Intelligence analyst, but she declined it. Only one thing had kept her alive throughout endless torture and painful regeneration treatment: the thirst for vengeance.

She despised the Shasvastii for being capable of destroying the knowledge and memory of a bygone race, and thinking of the Corax who had tortured her filled her with icy rage. Aelis knew she would never find peace until she had exacted her vengeance, so she took the advanced tactical training programs and joined the Hatail unit, where she excelled as an infotracker and in the-field system breacher. However, she kept her goal in sight at every moment, and continued to peruse each intel report for a clue that would lead to her detested enemy. She located him once, and had a chance to end him, but she chose to let him see her face and know her name. The Corax Hasht will be even more cautious, more slippery now, but that will only make her revenge all the sweeter. Next time, it will not be an honorable death in combat he will find, but an act of justice, a well-deserved summary execution.

Quelle: Infinity auf Facebook, Corvus Belli


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  • Ich habe Tohaa gespielt und viele schlechte Witze von CorvusBelli selbst mitbekommen (Stichwort Year of the Tohaa). Die paar Repacks wecken in mir jetzt auch kein neues Vertrauen, dass sie mit der Fraktion noch irgendetwas vorhaben. Immerhin haben sie die Tohaa wohl noch nicht offiziell totgeschrieben, aber viel mehr als die Chaoszwerge der Infinitywelt sind sie auch nicht.

    • Die Art und Weise wie CB die Fraktion handhabt ist echt ein schlechter Scherz.
      Ich war seit dem Release der Starterbox bei den Tohaa dabei und hatte nach dem „Jahr der Tohaa“ auch nochmal die Tohaa-Anteile des Spiral Corps gesammelt.

      Das Spiel selbst Spiel ich seit ein paar Jahren schon nur noch 1-2x im Jahr mit einem Kumpel.
      Daher hatte ich ein ziemliches Dejavu als ich letztens mal dachte „Guck mal ob sich was Spannendes getan hat“ und feststellen musste,dass ja mittlerweile selbst die Spiral Corps auf dem Henkersblock gelandet sind.

      Zum Glück hab ich eigentlich alles an Tohaa, das ich haben wollte. Nur Aelis Keesan nicht gekauft zu haben bereue ich ein wenig.

      • Modelle die sich nicht verkaufen nicht weiter anbieten ist kein „schlechter Scherz“ sondern das, was mit solchen Produkten halt passiert.

        Mein Erfahrung in der Infinity Community ist leider, dass die 5-10 Tohaa-Spieler die es noch gibt einer kollektiven Illusion unterliegen, dass ihre Fraktion super beliebt ist und ihnen andere Spieler dankbar sind, wenn sie in jedem Kontext weiter erwähnen, was für ein Schindluder mit ihnen getrieben wird und das alle, die halt so rein gar nichts für ihre geliebten Tohaa übrig haben einfach nur weiter zugeschwallt werden müssen, wie toll die doch sind.

      • Völlig fein – soll CB betriebswirtschaftlich handeln und wenig gekaufte Produkte aussortieren.

        Aber ich möchte gerne als (ehemaliger) Kunde nicht verulkt werden, nur weil ich eben ein solches Produkt gekauft habe. Mir geht es da mehr um den Ton, als das was getan wird.

  • Fand die Minis immer schick, den Hintergrund aber doof 😀

    Aber vermutlich haben die sich damals nicht verkauft, deshalb kamen die aufs Abstellgleis. Jetzt haben alle Fomo und kaufen die wie verrückt. Dann legt CB die wieder neu auf und keinen interessierts. Dann kommen die wieder aufs Abstellgleis. Dann kommt wieder so ein Sonderverkauf und alle haben Foo und kaufen die wie verrückt. Dann legt CB die wieder neu auf und keinen interessierts. Dann kommen die wieder aufs Abstellgleis. Dann kommt wieder so ein Sonderverkauf und alle haben Foo und kaufen die wie verrückt. Dann legt CB die wieder neu auf und keinen interessierts. Dann kommen die wieder aufs Abstellgleis. Dann kommt wieder so ein Sonderverkauf und alle haben Foo und kaufen die wie verrückt.Dann legt CB die wieder neu auf und keinen interessierts. Dann kommen die wieder aufs Abstellgleis. Dann kommt wieder so ein Sonderverkauf und alle haben Foo und kaufen die wie verrückt.Dann legt CB die wieder neu auf und keinen interessierts. Dann kommen die wieder aufs Abstellgleis. Dann kommt wieder so ein Sonderverkauf und alle haben Foo und kaufen die wie verrückt.

  • Irgendwie holt mich Corvus Belli nicht mehr ab mit den Modellen. Die TAGs erinnern mich immer mehr an GW-Modelle, einfach weil die mir viel zu übertrieben und überladen vorkommen.
    Vor n paar Jahren war da irgendwie weniger mehr. Auch die Proportionen gehen mir bei den größeren Modellen zu sehr in die Milli Vanilli-Richtung.

  • TB Spieler so cool AP HRL auf nem TAG – CB so: Hier ist er mit HMG

    Cocept Art Yaoxie vs Render: Waffen vertauscht … naja sofern das in der Bix nachher richtig ist.

    Ajax – gut das ich den alten habe 🙂 aber andere finden den hier cool. Pose ist wie von Wolfgang in der regulären Version.

    Haq sind schicke resculpts, aber man den Fiday jetzt nochmal braucht…

    Tohaa – na immerhin kann man sie nochmal kaufen und spielen – Regeln sind da und gut sind sie auch.

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