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Infinity: Februar Neuheiten

Nachschub für Infinity im Februar.

Reinforcements Haqqislam Pack Alpha 1 Reinforcements Haqqislam Pack Alpha 2 Reinforcements Haqqislam Pack Alpha 3 Reinforcements Haqqislam Pack Alpha 4 Reinforcements Haqqislam Pack Alpha 5 Reinforcements Haqqislam Pack Alpha 6 Reinforcements Haqqislam Pack Alpha 7 Reinforcements Haqqislam Pack Alpha 8

Reinforcements: Haqqislam Pack Alpha – 69,95€

The Melek Reaction Group is true to its code name (“Angels”), for they are the guardian angels who watch over Haqqislamite citizens and interests in the most remote corners of the Sphere, and this evidences that to a nation that follows the Search for Knowledge, all the people who walk this path are of the utmost importance.

This box includes six miniatures: 1 Sekban with Red Fury, 1 Sekban with AP Rifle, 1 Hafza with Rifle and Light Shotgun, 1 Burkut with Submachine Gun, 1 Korsan with Light Shotgun, and 1 Al Hawwa Hacker. The perfect box to provide Reinforcements to your Haqqislamite forces when things go wrong.

Reinforcements Aleph Pack Alpha 1 Reinforcements Aleph Pack Alpha 2 Reinforcements Aleph Pack Alpha 3 Reinforcements Aleph Pack Alpha 4 Reinforcements Aleph Pack Alpha 5 Reinforcements Aleph Pack Alpha 6 Reinforcements Aleph Pack Alpha 7 Reinforcements Aleph Pack Alpha 8

Reinforcements: ALEPH Pack Alpha – 69,95€

Program Ank consisted in stationing smaller rapid reaction groups in areas of interest or conflict, equidistant from several hot spots, so that they could respond as quickly as possible to any situation. These teams’ role was to be mainly tactical, and their purpose was to provide direct support to units engaged in armed conflict, in order to help complete the mission or provide a way out.

This box includes six miniatures: 1 Riksha Tacbot with Boarding Shotgun, 1 Riksha Tacbot with Red Fury, 1 Dawon Tacbot with Chain Rifle, 1 Dawon Tacbot with Pulzar, 1 Artalis Engineer with MULTI Rifle, and 1 Satrah Hacker. The perfect box to provide Reinforcements to your ALEPH forces when things go wrong.

Reinforcements Haqqislam Pack Beta 1 Reinforcements Haqqislam Pack Beta 2 Reinforcements Haqqislam Pack Beta 3 Reinforcements Haqqislam Pack Beta 4 Reinforcements Haqqislam Pack Beta 5

Reinforcements: Haqqislam Pack Beta – 36,95€

The Melek Reaction Groups are made up of a small-sized team of veteran troops from different Qapu Khalqi units that are used to working together. Each team is usually provided with a fast pursuit unit (FPU), a light gunship with very powerful thrusters to respond to a crisis situation.

This box includes three miniatures: 1 Hakim with Boarding Shotgun, Husam Operative Leila Sharif with Shock Marksman Rifle, and Medical Specialist Rahman Rouhani with Submachine Gun. The ideal complement for your Haqqislamite Reinforcement units.

Reinforcements Aleph Pack Beta 1 Reinforcements Aleph Pack Beta 2 Reinforcements Aleph Pack Beta 3 Reinforcements Aleph Pack Beta 4 Reinforcements Aleph Pack Beta 5

Reinforcements: ALEPH Pack Beta – 36,95€

The small size of Compact Local Deployment Teams (CLDT) of ALEPH’s Program Ank for immediate response was determined by their limited resources. However, these limitations were offset by the superior skills of their operatives and units. These teams were comprised by units newly created specifically for the Program Ank, but also by seasoned troopers whose operational profiles fit perfectly with the one of the CLDTs.

This box includes three miniatures: 1 Arjuna with Boarding Shotgun, 1 Kiranbot with E/Marat, and 1 Apsara Hacker. The ideal complement for your ALEPH Reinforcement units.

Guilang Hacker 1 Guilang Hacker 2 Guilang Hacker 3 Guilang Hacker 4

Guilang (Hacker) – 17,95€

Gŭiláng (Ghost Wolf) Skirmishers are the special arctic branch of the Yu Jing State Army. Their comprehensive training in the icy planet Svalarheima is adjusted to the operational profile of the corps, that is: infiltration and camouflage techniques. The Gŭiláng can carry out missions that include waterborne and/or airborne operations, infiltration, artillery spotting, relocation through mountainous and snowy terrain, etc.

This blister includes one miniature of a Guilang. Get a useful specialist infiltrator able to take down any hackable target and accomplish the scheduled mission. A must-have for any Yu Jing and White Banner player, completing the Yu Jing Action Pack.

Taowu Mastermind Infinity 1 Taowu Mastermind Infinity 2 Taowu Mastermind Infinity 3 Taowu Mastermind Infinity 4

Táowù Mastermind – 15,95€

Táowù’s main game takes place outside the zone of operations itself. The most innocuous words, whispered into the right ears at a party, can turn into harmful distractions when he leverages them on the battlefield during the heat of battle. Táowù knows how to win a match before it has even started, by applying minimal pressure on a single point that will make his opponent collapse.

This mini-box includes one miniature of Táowù. Deceive the enemy and disable their tactics thanks to this cunning mercenary schemer coming from Aristeia!’s HexaDomes. An interesting addition to your Yu Jing army lists and also Imperial Service Sectorial Army

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