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Infamous JT: 28mm Fantasy Dwarfs Kickstarter

Zwerge suchen eine Heimat auf Kickstarter.

28mm Fantasy Dwarfs Infamous JT 1

My name is Jamie, and I run my small UK-based wargaming business, „Infamous JT“, here in the West Midlands. I am passionate about wargaming of all kinds, and like to produce models that are particularly interesting to me. This Kickstarter campaign aims to fund the production of 41 metal cast fantasy dwarf miniatures, in a „modernized old school“ style. Exactly like the models I wanted to play with as a kid, and continue to do so as an adult!

For this, I have teamed up with a well known traditional sculptor, Sergio Alonso León, who has sculpted 41 unique miniatures consisting of 39 dwarfs, a dog, and a pony. These are divided into preconfigured packs which are available here on Kickstarter first! They are perfect for a wide range of fantasy table-top and role playing games, as well as for painters looking for a nostalgia hit! The miniatures will be cast here in the West Midlands, at CMA Creative Solutions.

We will reward our backers with discounts of 7-15% off RRP depending on their pledge.

28mm Fantasy Dwarfs Infamous JT 2

This Kickstarter aims to bring unique characters to the tabletop with an „old school“ aesthetic. Click the image for a higher resolution.

This project aims to produce 41 figures, spread across 14 packs of 2-3 models. The first 14 figures are already production moulded, and are split into 4 packs (you can see these painted above). During this campaign each blister pack is £13, a saving of over 7% on the final retail price, there is also a starter warband with a discount of 10%, and a bundle containing all 14 packs (41 miniatures) which provides backers with a saving of more than 15%! These discounts are exclusively available during the Kickstarter Campaign.

How to back?

This campaign aims to be as simple as possible for backers, allowing a quicker and smoother fulfilment post-campaign. There are three pledge levels:

  • Warband Builder – Simply pledge in multiples of £13, based on the number of packs you would like to purchase. For example, if you would like to buy 4 different packs, you would pledge £52. These packs are at more than 7% discount.
    RRP: £14 Kickstarter Price: £13 Discount: 7.14%
  • Norse Treasure Hunter Warband – The perfect way to start a Dwarfish collection, with a discount of 10%. Contains the first 14 figures shown painted in the image above: 12 dwarfs, 1 dog, and a pony.
    RRP: £70 Kickstarter Price: £63 Discount: 10%
  • A Dwarvish Host – This pledge contains all 41 figures at the maximum discount of more than 15%. This price will not be repeated after the Kickstarter and is the best value way to collect this new fantasy range.
    RRP: £196 Kickstarter Price: £166 Discount: 15.31%

You can add individual packs to your pledge by simply adding additional £13 increments. For example, if you want „A Dwarvish Host“ with an additional blister of dwarves with crossbows, you would pledge £179 in total. Postage is collected after the Kickstarter.

28mm Fantasy Dwarfs Infamous JT 4 28mm Fantasy Dwarfs Infamous JT 5 28mm Fantasy Dwarfs Infamous JT 6 28mm Fantasy Dwarfs Infamous JT 7 28mm Fantasy Dwarfs Infamous JT 8 28mm Fantasy Dwarfs Infamous JT 9 28mm Fantasy Dwarfs Infamous JT 10 28mm Fantasy Dwarfs Infamous JT 11 28mm Fantasy Dwarfs Infamous JT 12 28mm Fantasy Dwarfs Infamous JT 13 28mm Fantasy Dwarfs Infamous JT 14 28mm Fantasy Dwarfs Infamous JT 15 28mm Fantasy Dwarfs Infamous JT 16 28mm Fantasy Dwarfs Infamous JT 17

Please note: these miniatures are traditionally sculpted and cast. For this reason they require some clean up, such as mould line removing, as well as some limited assembly and gap filling. Recommended for experienced modellers. Bases are not included.

Once the Kickstarter is completed, we will work to produce and ship all miniatures within a maximum of 6 months, hopefully sooner. Shipping costs will be collected after the Kickstarter. I will contact each backer with a voucher for my website, equal to their pledge, at which point they can choose their individual packs. Shipping costs are then calculated by my website and collected by checking out.

Shipping Costs:

The estimated weight of a blister pack with packaging is 100g, meaning that the Dwarvish Host is estimated at around 1.4kg. You can find shipping costs on my website by clicking here.

EU Backers: your order will be dispatched from within the EU by our delivery partner. This means you will not have to pay customs charges. This is exclusively for Kickstarter pledges.

28mm Fantasy Dwarfs Infamous JT 18

Scale Comparison with Hero Quest Figures by Games Workshop

28mm Fantasy Dwarfs Infamous JT 19


If you would like to add additional packs of dwarfs to your pledge, simply add £13 for each additional pack you would like to add. For example, if you want a Dwarvish Host (£166) and an additional pack of Dwarfs (£13) you would pledge £179 in total. You can also add additional bundles by simply adding the relevant amount to your total pledge. The exact contents of your pledge, such as which packs, will be decided by you after the Kickstarter.

You can now also add packs of 10 metal shields to your pledge at a cost of £9 per pack. Simply add £9 to your pledge total for each additional pack of shields you want. For example, if you want a Dwarvish Host (£166) and two packs of shields (£18) you would pledge a total of £184.

Die Kampagne ist finanziert und läuft noch 20 Tage.

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  • Schöne charaktervolle Oldschool Zwerge. Doch bei all den Veröffentlichungen der letzten Zeit frag ich mich langsam wie groß ist eigentlich der Markt für Zwergenarmeen, gibt es da gesicherte Zahlen oder warum sind das die Armeen die wie Pilze aus dem Boden schießen?

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