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Horus Heresy: Siege Breaker Consul

Mit dem Belagerungsbrecher erhalten die Space Marine Legionen einen Experten für das Schleifen von Befestigungen des Feindes im Kampf um das Schicksal der Galaxie in der Horus Heresy.

Bring the House Down With the Siege Breaker Consul

The Space Marine Legions are versed in many forms of warfare. Scouting ahead of battle lines and sniping crucial targets, racing to exploit the unguarded flanks of the foe on gravity-defying jetbikes, using roaring jump packs to smash headfirst into melee, and now – bringing down buildings and hard targets with surgical precision.

Siege Breaker Consuls are experts at rapid deconstruction initiatives based on the precise application of extreme explosive force. In other words, they blow stuff up. These Consuls use their encyclopaedic knowledge of demolition to help their allies bring down defensive structures and efficiently destroy armoured vehicles.

Games Workshop Siege Breaker Consul 1

Clad in thick plates of customised artificer armour, as if to mock the very reinforced structures and vehicles he instructs his brothers to destroy, this Siege Breaker is equipped with a mighty thunder hammer and the obligatory set of phosphex bombs.

His terminal is presumably loaded with reams of data on structural weaknesses, and the best places to focus anti-tank fire to slice through armoured hulls. It even has a holographic display, because the deafening bombardments he directs sadly prevent lengthy lectures on the best methods of laying siege.

Games Workshop Siege Breaker Consul 2

This is an expert miniature made from Forge World resin, coming with two choices of head. We’ll have more news on when he’s released in the near future.

Quelle: Warhammer Community


Der Brückenkopf existiert seit 2002 und bietet täglich News aus dem Tabletop Hobby.

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