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Horus Heresy: Shadrak Meduson

Mit Shadrak Meduson kommt ein Legionär der Iron Hands auf die Schlachtfelder der Horus Heresy, der sich dem verräterischen Kriegsherrn und seinen Anhängern entgegenstellt.

Heresy Thursday – Shadrak Meduson Takes Aim

By the time of the Drop Site Massacre at the onset of the Horus Heresy, there weren’t many amongst the Legiones Astartes who could claim to have been born on Terra. By the end of the Drop Site Massacre, there were far fewer still – but Shadrak Meduson of the Iron Hands was one of them.

Games Workshop Heresy Thursday – Shadrak Meduson Takes Aim 1

Born Shadrak Smyth of Old Albia, Meduson changed his name once his Primarch Ferrus Manus was found on Medusa. His flexible mindset and ability to rally his warriors helped him rise through the ranks to become Tenth Captain of the Sorrgol Clan-Company – but he never set foot on Isstvan V. Assigned to drop with the second wave of Iron Hands, Shadrak was instead forced to desperately fend off boarding actions from Traitor forces.

Once it became clear that all was lost, Meduson took command of one of the largest groupings of the remaining Iron Hands. Unified with survivors from the Raven Guard and Salamanders, they formed a resurgent fighting force that would plague the armies of the Warmaster – and his favoured agent, Tybalt Marr.

Games Workshop Heresy Thursday – Shadrak Meduson Takes Aim 2

This miniature shows Meduson as the vengeful guerilla, a scarred and augmented Space Marine launching hit-and-fade attacks on the forces of the Traitor hosts, sworn to hunt down his nemesis Marr. Despite his losses, he’s still one of the Iron Hands – he has a servo-arm tucked away on his power pack, and the emblem of his adopted clan sculpted onto one knee.

Meduson is caught mid-aim, wielding a master-crafted boltgun – reverse-engineered from captured Banestrike technology – alongside his Albian power gladius. His particular skill is to Raise the Storm, inspiring his comrades to feats of reckless violence against their hated foes.

Games Workshop Heresy Thursday – Shadrak Meduson Takes Aim 3

Meduson will arrive for pre-order shortly, with rules in The Battle for Beta-Garmon supplement, alongside Tybalt Marr, allowing you to fight the bitter war which only one of them survived.

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  • Eine Granate für jeden Verräter!

    Ich mag das Modell von Meduson, sowohl vom Gesicht als auch der Rüstung her. Und er gibt mir Hoffnung das auch Raven Guard, Salamanders und Iron Warriors bald ein eigenes namhaftes Charaktermodell bekommen!

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