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Horus Heresy: Hermes Light Sentinel

Die Solar Auxilia bringt nicht nur massenhafte Infanterie und schwere Panzer auf die Schlachtfelder der Horus Heresy, auch leichte Läufer wie der Hermes Light Sentinel verstärken ihre Reihen.

Heresy Thursday – Scout Fast and Strike Hard with the Hot Rod Sentinel of the Solar Auxilia

Sentinels are extremely cool, and Imperial quartermasters know it – after all, we cooed over the awesome Aethon Heavy Sentinel during the reveal of the new plastic Solar Auxilia range last week. But if that chunky beast is the hardy, dependable truck of the Sentinel range, today’s reveal is its slimmer sports car cousin.

This is the Hermes Light Sentinel – a true speed machine that carries potent weapons across the battlefield faster than a charging Charonite Ogryn.

It might look like it’s missing a few armour panels, but the stripped-down appearance is all in service to its speed and manoeuvrability. This light and efficient Sentinel is a favourite for striking exposed enemy flanks and isolated command units, then melting back into cover before significant resistance can muster.

Games Workshop Heresy Thursday – Scout Fast And Strike Hard With The Hot Rod Sentinel Of The Solar Auxilia 1

They’re typically equipped with a multi-laser for deadly anti-infantry punch, but can swap it for a heavier Hermes grenade launcher that trades range for versatility. A volley of high-powered krak grenades can even threaten armoured tanks, once the Light Sentinel darts around to target their vulnerable sides and rear.

The Hermes has a heavier-armoured, more aggressive sub-pattern for the elite Veletaris sections. Though a touch slower thanks to its additional armour, the Incursus pattern of Hermes Light Sentinel packs an even more fearsome arsenal to make use of the Veletaris driver’s superior skills.

Games Workshop Heresy Thursday – Scout Fast And Strike Hard With The Hot Rod Sentinel Of The Solar Auxilia 3

Veletarii Sentinels are safe to support the vicious frontal assaults that the Veletaris tercios are famous for, and harry fast-moving Legiones Astartes units who could sweep away lighter Sentinel squadrons. Their searing volkite calivers can be swapped for heavy flamers for close-range breakthrough actions.

Games Workshop Heresy Thursday – Scout Fast And Strike Hard With The Hot Rod Sentinel Of The Solar Auxilia 2

We know what you’re thinking – with a war machine as awesome as this, how could you stop at just one? Luckily, the Hermes Light Sentinel kit includes two models, both of which can be assembled as either variant. With up to six in each unit, you can fill out a hard-hitting Fast Attack or Elites slot.

Rules for both kinds of Hermes squadron – and the larger Aethon Heavy Sentinel – will be found in the upcoming campaign book, The Battle for Beta-Garmon.

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