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Hobday & Hicks: Baron’s War Fantasy Skirmish

Andy Hobday und Paul Hicks haben weitere Previews für ihr neues Fantasy-Projekt gezeigt, das dieses Jahr auf Kickstarter kommen soll.

Hobday & Hicks Barons War Fantasy 1

As you may know, Paul Hicks and I have been beavering away on our Hobday & Hicks fantasy project. We have been sharing miniatures with you in our group. However, what you may not know is that to keep out of mischief, I’ve been taking The Barons‘ War rules into a fantasy setting. Our miniatures have been made for these rules; as always, other rules are available.

Hobday & Hicks Barons War Fantasy 2

Mountain wolves are a special breed, larger and fiercer than their lowland kin. They are bred for agility and speed, ideally suited to navigate the treacherous mountain paths. Their thick fur offers protection from the harsh elements, while their keen senses make them invaluable scouts.

From a tender age, mountain orcs are subjected to a rigorous test of their mettle and endurance. Those who exhibit promise are thrust into a harrowing ritual – venturing deep into the wolves‘ den to claim a pup.

The ritual is a test of both strength and empathy. The interloper must overcome the protective mother wolf and bond with a pup, proving their ability to understand and lead the wild beast.
This bond is not just crucial. It’s essential. Wolf Riders are not ordinary warriors; they are inseparable companions. They rear their wolves, train them for battle, and forge an unbreakable bond of loyalty.

Wolf Rider Scouts are the silent guardians of the mountains. They patrol the passes, hunting for trespassers and potential threats to the tribe. Their keen senses and ability to move silently make them nearly undetectable in the harsh mountain environment, a testament to their unmatched stealth and agility.

The sight of a band of Wolf Rider Scouts charging down a mountainside, their wild howls echoing through the peaks, is enough to strike fear into the heart of anyone who dares venture too far into their territory.

They are a formidable force, a unique blend of orcish ferocity and untamed wolfish savagery. They are guardians of the mountain passes, a testament to the mountain orc’s mastery of both war and the wild.
~Observations from Athicus the Chronicler

orc sculpt: Paul Hicks
wolf sculpt: Daniel Kelly
painting: HVM workbench

Hobday & Hicks Barons War Fantasy 3

Do not be fooled by their brutish reputation. Mountain orc archers are not just hunters, they are masters of the bow. Their precision, honed over generations of hunting in treacherous terrain, allows them to launch arrows with deadly accuracy from unexpected distances.

While orcs may not be synonymous with subtlety, their mountain dwellings have taught them to be surprisingly stealthy. Their imposing stature and cumbersome armour may hinder silent movement in open terrain, but their resourceful utilisation of the environment often conceals the sounds of their approach.
~Observations from Athicus the Chronicler

sculpts: Paul Hicks
painting: HVM workbench

Hobday & Hicks Barons War Fantasy 4

The Elf Mage, Mhanadir

The air crackled with electrifying anticipation on the deck of Liathon’s Fury, the flagship of the elven house Calaelendir. Captain Liathon’s silver hair, listless in the oppressive stillness, paced before his first mate, a grizzled elf named Naerthan. Their destination, the once-sealed and now dreaded Dark Gate, a festering wound spewing forth mountain orcs into the Byland, loomed in their thoughts like a shadowy spectre.

But their journey was fraught. The seas were unusually calm, an ill omen. Without wind, their ship would be little more than glorified logs. Just as despair threatened to settle, a figure emerged from the cabin below deck: Mhanadir, the High Mage, a master of the fearful arts and a key advisor to Captain Liathon, his eyes burning with arcane power.

With a wave of his staff, a swirling vortex materialised on the deck. From within, a howling tempest roared, coalescing into a magnificent creature of pure wind. Its form shimmered, translucent yet powerful, its every movement a miniature hurricane. The creature’s eyes blazed with an otherworldly light, and its body was adorned with intricate patterns that seemed to dance and shift with every gust of wind as if it were a living kaleidoscope. Its presence, a terrifying and awe-inspiring testament to the raw power of the elements, filled the deck, leaving the crew in a state of breathless wonder.

Mhanadir spoke in a voice that resonated with the power of the storm, the words binding the elemental to his will. With another gesture, he directed the creature towards the ship’s massive main sail. The elemental flowed, coursing through the fabric, infusing it with power. This was the High Mage’s unique ability to command and channel the raw forces of nature.

The sail, once a mere expanse of cloth, now pulsed with an otherworldly light. The wind elemental, a captive force harnessed for their cause, had transformed it into a living entity. A cheer, a sound laced with awe and newfound confidence, erupted from the assembled elven crew. The ship, once a mere vessel, now seemed to come alive with every plank and sail vibrating with the power of the wind. The transformation, a miraculous testament to the power they now wielded, filled the crew with a sense of invincibility. Liathon, with an unwavering smile, turned to his first mate. „Raise all the sails, Naerthan. The storm obeys us now,“ he declared, his voice filled with a newfound confidence.

Their ship, Liathon’s Fury, surged forward, propelled by the bound air elemental. The wind howled not with fury but with a resolute purpose, carrying the elves ever closer to their fateful confrontation at the Dark Gate. Captain Liathon’s heart swelled with a mix of anticipation and fear, his mind filled with the weight of their mission. Naerthan, his face a mask of determination, felt a surge of adrenaline as they neared their destination, his every instinct on high alert.

sculpt: Paul Hicks, coming to Kickstarter in July 2024

Hobday & Hicks Barons War Fantasy 5

DWARVESThe dwarves, a surly lot, carve their lives in the heart of the mountains. For generations, their hammers have rung against the rock, extracting precious metals and crafting wonders in the flickering light of their forges. Isolated and fiercely independent, they view outsiders with suspicion, distrusting all who approach their mountain strongholds. While they engage in trade, their dealings are conducted with a wary eye. Cross them and face their wrath, for dwarves‘ vengeance is swift and brutal, a storm unleashed from the mountains themselves.
~Observations from Athicus the Chronicler

Here is the first appearance of one of our dwarves. – H&H

Quelle: Hobday & Hicks


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