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Heresy Miniatures: Schneetroll

Heresy Miniatures kneten an einem Schneetroll und verkaufen das Master Casting.

Das Master kostet 40£

HeresyMiniaturesSnowtroll4 HeresyMiniaturesSnowtroll2 HeresyMiniaturesSnowtroll3 HeresyMiniaturesSnowtroll1

This is a MASTER CASTING taken from the initial mould fo rthe new Snow Troll II sculpt. The nould is not expected to last very long so only 10 are being offered in expectation of it ripping the mould. Master castings have a better fit and detail due to them being first generqtion copies of the original model, as close to 100% reprodcution as possible. They are not replaceable and inevitably cost more than production models.

Quelle: Heresy Miniatures


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