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GCT Studios: Bushido Adepticon Special

Das Silvermoon Syndicat erhält eine neue thematische Warband. Während der Adepticon sind die Event Exclusiven Bushido-Figuren auch im Webshop erhältlich.

Die The Path of a Thousand Names – Themed Warband kostet 62,40£

Path Of A Thousand Names Box Promo Copy GCTBushidoThousandNames2

Adepticon Show Special – This product will be available for the duration of Adepticon only*

On a travelling stage, kabuki actors tell their tales in day-long performances augmented with lantern lights, shadows and dancers.  Each performer also has a solo display to bring in the crowds and to entertain during intervals. The troupe’s travels are not random or dictated by the audience, as the Silvermoon must do their business secretly. And which prefecture patrol would suspect the villager’s favourite entertainment of smuggling, theft, arson or assassination?
What a collection of styles and skills!  With an array of different Traits, Ki Feats and Unique Effects, this box will undoubtedly present a new experience for even the most experienced Bushido player. The Path of a Thousand Names set offers more of the Silvermoon Trade Syndicate’s trademark support models, with all new ways to annoy and disrupt your opponent. This also brings more Shatei models to the Silvermoon fold, like the Fan Dancers, who act as a pair and, while weaving their dances together, are a powerful force. Not to be outdone by this deadly pair, the kabuki actors offer unique options for the late game and are very competent fighters in their own right. Most of these new characters are available with the full Silvermoon range to make your own Warband or play your current models in the latest Path of a Thousand Names Theme and use the ten new Special Cards to entrance, amaze and murder your way to victory!

Fudo, the Illuminator kostet 14,24£

GCTBushidoFudo2 GCTBushidoFudo1 GCTBushidoFudo3 GCTBushidoFudo4 GCTBushidoFudo6 GCTBushidoFudo5

Fudo has learned to blow lanterns, creating impressive displays of light and skill. He lights the stage for the actors, using different colours, brightness, and even explosions as the paper lanterns burn up violently. He also provides misdirection by showing the awe-struck audience where to look.
Fudo is an excellent alternative to substitute into the The Path of a Thousand Names Warband. He can give out the formidable Kata ability to make your melee more reliable. Fudo can also send up a signal lantern to tell everyone to act at once, disrupting any sense of tempo your opponent has.

General Wu Shuo kostet 12,05£

GCTBushidoWuShuo1 GCTBushidoWuShuo2 GCTBushidoWuShuo3

Wu Shuo has tirelessly battled the emperor’s adversaries in the Western territories for as long as his memory serves, enduring a gruelling campaign that consumes thousands of samurai and ashigaru daily. This war-without-end has prompted the unpopular initiation of conscription in the Prefectures.
General Wu Shuo, a veteran of more than military conflicts, hides his true feelings as he is merely a vassal of Emperor Song, knowing what to say and when to say it. His rise to the top has not been meteoric, quite the opposite; it has been a long, detailed process of one foot in front of the other for a very long time, but this has garnered him support, both at court and among those he commands, those of the Golden Legion, fighters nearly beyond compare. Wu Sho often harkens back to a simpler time when he had less responsibility, like when he fought alongside seven samurai at the Tiger’s Gate against what looked like thousands – and probably was – emerging victorious at dawn of the following day; and the time when his commander quit the field proclaiming all was lost, except it wasn’t, as Wu Shuo and a small contingent broke the back of the enemy lines, bringing the emperor’s justice to the Denizens of Okara. Then there was the time that he slew the famed Leopard of Makar… the list of victories seems long and storied. But for now, the emperor commands him to go to the East, to Jwar, where he hopes to meet an old friend and ally, General Mako, who speaks of dragons and more.
Due to his long service in the Golden Legion, Wusho is a melee model first and foremost. At 17 Rice, his Prowess and Armour are a fine start to any model you want to get into the fray. However, the General shines with his Ki Statistic of 3, giving him great defences against Opposed Ki attacks while fueling his abilities and making his own Target Priority Ki Feat very likely to succeed. Players of The Imperial March theme now have more Death Sentence Mechanics to combo with and to help the many Melee 3 models available. When Target Priority isn’t needed, Art of War is the premier tactical Ki Feat in the game. As befits a General, Wu Shuo does not need to leave any aspect to chance; he simply wins the Tactical roll.

Zhongwei kostet ebenso 12,05£

GCTBushidoZhongwei1 GCTBushidoZhongwei2 GCTBushidoZhongwei3

If a member of the Imperial Family hadn’t visited her camp, Zhongwei might have remained a highly competent but overlooked gunso in the Golden Legion. The Emperor’s cousin, the Imperial Prince, who had received orders to inspect the troops, visited her camp. However, the enemy of the West learned of this and launched a mission to assassinate or capture the Prince. Though they only reached the outskirts of the camp and never got close to their target, the Prince’s daughter was walking near the perimeter, collecting wildflowers, becoming the focus of the thwarted attack. Over a dozen enemy warriors closed in on the young girl, and when the others finally sprang into action, they found Zhongwei pierced by arrows shielding the young girl. Zhongwei’s selfless actions earned her much praise and led to her being taken to the capital to convalesce. While there, the emperor, thankful for her bravery in saving a favoured niece, bestowed much praise, declaring her under his power alone. The exact meaning of this remains unclear. Perhaps it was a reward to shield her from lesser nobles‘ interferences? Or maybe he intended a commission in the Golden Sentinels? All that is known is that the Imperial scribe wrote beside her name, “A rank second only to the Emperor.“ High praise indeed, regardless of the meaning. While a guest in the capital, Zhongwei found court life discomforting, and upon witnessing her unease, General Wu Shuo offered to take her back to the front lines where she would serve as his special Lieutenant, empowered to cut through any bureaucracy from bothersome ministers, enabling the General to wage war. Those obstructing the army’s efforts would only need to be shown her commission paper once before bowing, scraping and apologising; even high-ranking nobles are not immune to its power.
With a simple profile and low Rice Cost, Zhongwei already offers something to Imperial March players regarding flexibility. This additional low-cost profile allows for more models and special card combinations in this Theme. Whether played in a Theme or Faction, she is a great point holder, and her Veteran Ki Feat keeps her Dice Pool high despite enemy-inflicted States. As she enjoys the emperor’s favour, the Death Sentence for any who dare attack will allow for easier counterattacks and discourage enemies from attacking.


Quelle: GCT Studios


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  • Sehr schöne Auswahl.
    Die Kabuki Truppe kann msn schön bunt darstellen und an jeder Figur neue Farbkombies ausprobieren. Die Truppe ist ja allemal nicht an Tarnung oder Inderstatement interessiert.
    Von den Regeln her in Kombination mit Fudo sicherlich eher was für fortgeschrittene Spieler. Das was im Fluff angedeutet wird bzw die Karten lassen auf gemeine Kombos schließen. Wenn man weiß wann und wie man sie aufzieht.
    Die anderen beiden sind dafür sehr klassisch zu gebrauchen.
    Beide Figuren sehen super aus, aber gerade Zhongwei gefällt mir besonders gut

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