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Epic Warpath: Neue Previews

Mantic Games haben neue Previews für ihr kleines Warpath angekündigt.

Welcome back Generals,

Let’s take a peek at two more new unit concepts…and today it’s all about walking weapons of destruction!

GCPS Super-Heavy 2: Concept Reveal

The GCPS are preparing for some serious mechanised action. This mech is the (massively) bigger brother of the common strider, and you’ll see the design language of their industrial and angular vehicles starting to come into play. If you grew up playing with giant mechs in PC real-time-strategy games – then now it’s your chance to bring some of those moments to life within the conflicts of Epic Warpath.

MG Mantic Games Warpath Mech 1

Marauders Ripper Mech: Concept Reveal

And it’s not just the GCPS getting in on the ambulatory action. The Marauders are professional mercenaries, with their own brand of signature brutality and hulking weaponry.

You may have seen the not-so-humble Stuntbot and Ripper Suits before in our other Warpath Universe games…so what happens when we translate those technologies into something bigger? You get the Ripper Mech!

MG Mantic Games Warpath Mech 2

Stay tuned for the next update, and for now….

Keep it epic,

Team Mantic

Welcome back Generals,

Let’s dive straight into some brand new unit previews!

GCPS New Previews

It’s a reassuring day for citizens of the Co-Prosperity Sphere. You have no need to worry about the (very many) threats out there in the galaxy when the armoured might of the Maul battleship is on your side and watching the skies.

Just check out this new super-heavy, fresh from our concept artist!

MG Mantic Games Warpath Mech 3

And here come the backbone of the GCPS forces: the common trooper, armed to the teeth and ready to defend civilised space. (Also, note the teeeny-tiny tactical rock!)

MG Mantic Games Warpath Mech 4

Forge Fathers New Previews

Forge Father generals care a lot about the reliability of their tech, and the Brokkrs are here to get your equipment and vehicles up and running again. These sculpts are absolutely packed with character, and we can’t wait to see them hitting the battlefield.

MG Mantic Games Warpath Mech 5

Watch out for even more updates as development continues, but for now…

…keep it epic!

Team Mantic

Forge Fathers Vehicles

Finally – on the subject of new renders we have two to show to you today – this time for everyone’s favourite stubborn and hard-hitting space dwarfs, the Forge Fathers…

Sigrunn Dropship (Preview Render)

MG Mantic Games Warpath Mech 6 MG Mantic Games Warpath Mech 7

Hlokk Atmospheric Fighter (Preview Render)

MG Mantic Games Warpath Mech 8 MG Mantic Games Warpath Mech 9

We hope you enjoyed this next sneak peek, and we’ll be back with more soon!

Keep it epic,

Team Mantic

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  • Jop, der Kampfläufer hat mich auch spontan an einen Battlemech erinnert, das Design ist da auf jeden Fall sehr ähnlich zum Battletech Universum.

    Aber wenn da ein Raumkampfspiel kommen sollte, dann wäre ich dabei. Seit dem Ende von Star Wars Armada gibt es kein gutes Großkampfschiff-Weltraumspiel mehr.

  • Die mechs sehen cool aus.
    Das heißt die GCPS würde dann ein gunship und den läufer kriegen als super heavies, mal gut das ich noch Eibe Fraktion auswählen kann im PM.
    Ich freue mich drauf.

    • Jetzt lass Kriegshammer mal durch den Google-Übersetzer laufen… nebenbei der Assegai ist auch eine wunderbare Homage an den Schütze bei Battletech…

      • Das ist schon klar wo die Referenz herkommt bei Strato aber die Ähnlichkeiten bei Mantic und Strato sind IMO extrem stark, eben noch stärker als jetzt zu den klassischen Battletech originalen.

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