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Eldfall Chronicles: Northern Wind Produktionsupdate

Eldfall Chronicles berichten in ihrem neustem Produktionsupdate von Verzögerungen im Auslieferunsplan.

Project Update: Delay & Developments

Greetings adventurers,

We’re excited to provide you with some updates on our project today! Read about the progress and see the last sculpt of the project at the end!


However, we must begin by addressing some unfortunate news: there’s a delay in our project’s delivery timeline by a few months. Rest assured; mass production remains on track for completion well within 2024.

This delay primarily stems from two factors: Production Time and Density of Content.

Visit to the Manufacturer

Our recent visit to our manufacturing partner was immensely productive. We gained valuable insights and skills, strengthening our collaboration. Together with their team, we reviewed the project and its components, receiving excellent suggestions on component quality, ideal materials, and practical solutions for further enhancements. While our miniatures already boast high standards, we’re dedicated to continuous improvement. Our art director and the chief engineer of manufacturing have been meticulously analyzing and enhancing every miniature, ensuring it meets the highest standards while remaining durable and friendly for assembly. The minis are currently undergoing the final lap of improvements, which will take a few more weeks, thus pushing back the timeline. However, we’re prioritizing mass production to accommodate the delay as much as possible.

Interested In How We Manufacture the Eldfall Chronicles Miniatures?

We make hand-crafted miniatures from quality, next-generation material. We wrote a new article where you can see and read about the full process [here].

Eldfall Chronicles Project Update Delay & Developments 1 Eldfall Chronicles Project Update Delay & Developments 2 Eldfall Chronicles Project Update Delay & Developments 3

Test Miniatures

Eldfall Chronicles Project Update Delay & Developments 4 Eldfall Chronicles Project Update Delay & Developments 5

Unlocked Content Implementation & Development

The Northern Wind campaign has been a massive success, evidenced by the mass of unlocked content! With miniatures, profiles, art, lore, and gameplay being implemented, and consultation with veterans of RPG and game development, we’ve realized that some aspects of the campaign need additional time to reach their fullest potential. While this decision wasn’t easy, we’re committed to not rushing development merely to meet the estimated delivery date.

Development progress on game intricacies and the quest log is excellent, with documents being edited and new artworks finalized.

Eldfall Chronicles Project Update Delay & Developments 6

DEMO Arc I Is Coming Soon

Soon, we’ll provide access to a demo version of Arc I – an introduction to the Northern Wind campaign, allowing you to experience a taste of the adventure firsthand. We’ll also welcome feedback from experienced players.

We deeply appreciate your understanding and patience. Your support drives us to deliver the best possible experience and we promise to complete everything efficiently.

Together, we’ll make Northern Wind an epic adventure to remember!

Kōgetsu Miniature (WIP)

And here’s a glimpse of our latest sculpted miniature, the Cursed Monk, Kōgetsu, still undergoing adjustments to the wings.

Eldfall Chronicles Project Update Delay & Developments 7 Eldfall Chronicles Project Update Delay & Developments 8 Eldfall Chronicles Project Update Delay & Developments 9

Thank you sincerely for joining us on this journey!

Faithfully yours,

– the EC Team

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  • Das wird ein wirklich hübsches Spiel. Ich bin ja von den Skirmish-Minis schon schwer begeistert und habe deswegen Hoffnung, dass es auch hier ein absoluter Augenschmaus wird.
    Wird mein erster Dungeon Crawler. Freue mich schon darauf die Minis zu bemalen und dann mit einer Gruppe die Quests zu spielen.

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