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Durgin Paint Forge: Ranks & Files Zwerge

Durgin Paint Forge versucht sein Glück mit Zwergen auf eckigen Bases.

Ranks & Files: a new chapter begins!

You know how incapable I am of keeping a secret; after all, I’m universally known as the king of spoilers. So, you can understand how difficult it has been for me to wait for this moment to introduce not just a simple novelty but a whole new range of miniatures that will accompany the adventurers of Inneath: Ranks&Files!

DPF Ranks & Files A New Chapter Begins 1

As you may have easily guessed from the name and the exquisitely old-school logo, this range aims to be the ram with which I will try to carve out a space in the crowded and picturesque sea of classic wargaming. Ranks&Files is like a river mouth where different streams converge, a project born from the impetus of various currents.

First and foremost, the desire to challenge myself with something that is indeed similar to what I have always done but requires a very different approach (creating wargame armies composed of modular and multi-component kits is quite different from sculpting individual pieces for RPG/Skirmish).

Moreover, it’s a project that will be entirely managed digitally, let’s say my response to concerns I’ve had about digital products.

I don’t deny that the aim is to diversify the type of miniatures, as suggested by many of you, in order to better support the main range of Inneath.

Lastly, it’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to realize my childhood dreams and create the armies I have always dreamt of.

DPF Ranks & Files A New Chapter Begins 2

Needless to say, the Dwarves will be the darlings of this project too, and it will be with them that Ranks&Files will make its debut! With the grand return of Warhammer Fantasy, I felt it was the right time to try to create something more specific for players, and I couldn’t miss the opportunity to realize the Dwarf kits I have always dreamed of since I started getting passionate about this hobby at the age of 12.

Obviously, as much as the sculpts are designed with an aesthetic more akin to wargaming classics, they will still be Durgin Paint Forge kits. I’m sure you’ll recognize our touch even in these models.

What changes, compared to the Inneath range, is obviously the setting of the individual models, which will be designed and consequently divided like classic modular plastic kits, with alternative parts and kitbashing possibilities among the various kits that will be released. A small revolution that, I must say, I’m really enjoying managing as a creative!

DPF Ranks & Files A New Chapter Begins 3

The first kit we worked on could only feature Dwarf Warriors, and here you can see a first rank ready for battle: it took us a while to recalibrate our workflow to adapt to this new style, but I must say that the final result drives me crazy; it’s exactly as I dreamed it when I was a kid!

The Dwarf Warriors are just the first of many kits dedicated to what is objectively and indisputably the best fantasy race ever created. Soon, I’ll be able to show you the Veterans as well, and in this first wave, there will also be Rangers and shooting units, with obviously epic accompanying characters. The idea is to enhance compatibility between the various kits we will create, in order to exponentially expand your assembly possibilities and, consequently, allow you to customize your army as if it were tailor-made clothing!

DPF Ranks & Files A New Chapter Begins 4

Ranks&Files will be a digitally managed range; you can subscribe to the Patreon channel to have access to the files in advance and exclusive tutorials, or you can directly download the files on MyMiniFactory. The grand debut will be at the end of March/beginning of April; you are all invited!

Keep an eye on the blog in the coming days because there will be new reveals and also some initiatives that I’m sure you will like!

Stock up on resin, I recommend it!

DPF Ranks & Files A New Chapter Begins 5

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