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Crooked Dice: Turtles und Kisten

Crooked Dice haben mutierte Schildkröten, Wildscheine und Nashörner in ihren Shop aufgenommen.

Die Modelle sind nicht ganz neu, aber nun über Crooked Dice erhältlich.

Next week will be busy with kickstarters and shows, so we are getting out some new releases before then! Here’s some Mutant Martial Artists and their opponents all sculpted many moons ago by Fancagne Didier and now added to the Crooked catalogue! Plus some more Sci-Fi crates!

Die Mutant Martial Artisits kosten jeweils 5£, im Bundle 18£

CrookedDiceTurtles1 CrookedDiceTurtles2

From their home in the sewers of New York City, these young mutant martial artists battle petty criminals, evil overlords, mutated creatures and alien invaders while attempting to remain hidden from society.

Sculpted by Fracagne Didier. Painted for display by Andrew Taylor. Supplied unpainted and with 30mm bases. Cast in white metal. Mutlipart kit, requires assembly.

Die Mutant Brutes kosten einzeln 8£, im Set 15£


Exposed to a radioactive gunk these street punks were mutated into half-men, half-beast! While physically powerful, they remain completely inept at carrying out their evil overlord’s plans.

Sculpted by Fracagne Didier. Painted for display by Andrew Taylor. Supplied unpainted and with 30mm bases. These models stand approximately 45mm tall. Cast in white metal. Mutlipart kit, requires assembly

Drei Robo Rodents kosten 6£

CrookedDiceRodents1 CrookedDiceRodents2

Robo-Rodents are small mechanoid infiltration units, able to silently hide under the very noses of an opposing force. They are frequently utilised by evildoers with even only very limited technical resources, as they can be built and programmed with ease. With these mechanical menaces underfoot the havoc will shut down even the most efficient installations while the main invasion plans get underway.

Sculpted by Fracagne Didier. Painted for display by Andrew Taylor. Supplied unpainted and with 20mm bases. Cast in white metal. Three rodents supplied in pack.

Die Cargo Crates kosten 7£

CrookedDiceCrates CrookedDiceCrates2

Fill your shuttle bays and spaceports with these ergonomic containers filled with earth’s vital resources… and tasty edible rodents. This pack contains three pieces: one single crate (17mm x 17mm x 12mm), a two stacked crate plie and four stacked crate pile.

Sculpted by Matthew Kent. Painted for display by Jon Atter. Supplied unpainted. Cast in resin.

Quelle: Crooked Dice


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