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Cobramode: März Patreon

Im März haben Cobramode Miniatures wieder ein STL-Paker für Patreons zusammengestellt.

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This Month’s Lore:

FengYun (wind and cloud) – Pixiu Divine Beast

The Pixiu is a fierce divine beast belonging to the dragon family. Possessing both scales and fur, it can survive in the harsh cold of the Qian Sheng Shan by regulating its temperature with Qi manipulation. Wary and aggressive, they are usually difficult-to-impossible to tame, even if raised from birth. They are also extremely intelligent and balk at being held back from anything, which makes them extremely poor mounts. There is much speculation as to how RuYan was able to come to an agreement with FengYun; some say that she pledged a piece of her soul to him in exchange for his cooperation, others that he simply took pity on the plight of the Feixian. In truth, the Nemesis made an enemy of themselves; Nemesis destroyed a temple complex dedicated to the Pixiu and brutally eradicated his followers in the pursuit of RuYan, an act which greatly angered the dragon. Pixiu are known to be very unforgiving, and will go to great lengths to exact revenge on those who cross them.

RuYan (like smoke) – Feixian Monk

RuYan remembers very little of her life from before she was dedicated to the Huilong Monastery. She only knows that her parents died fighting the Nemesis, and that Abbot ShengLi agreed to take her in and protect her until she came of age. She spent her days in worship of the Wise Dragon and learning the Huilong style of martial arts, until the Nemesis discovered her whereabouts, destroying the monastery and everyone in it. She was spared due to Abbot ShengLi’s sacrifice and the arrival of FengYun to defend his temple, but lost her home. She has sworn to avenge the monastery, or die trying.

LiuYi – Feixian Warrior Mage

LiuYi is a mysterious elder Feixian who, instead of running from the Nemesis, has been hunting them for decades. His theory is that the defeated shards of Nemesis all eventually return to the whole, as he observed the smaller shards reforming into larger and larger Nemesis as they were killed. His goal is ultimately to defeat the main body of the Nemesis once and for all. He wields a staff of channeling for his Shijuai Yueding technique, which involves creating a contract with the spirits of the dead to gain their assistance in battle. LiuYi has formed pacts with countless Feixian spirits to lend their strength to his cause, making him a uniquely formidable opponent. Though able to commune with those in the afterlife, he also makes pacts with the dying to bind their spirits to him. Due to the mass of spiritual energy that trails him, there is a perpetually strange and deeply unsettling air surrounding his person.

Nemesis 13, 14-17

Though the legends speak of Nemesis splitting into 10,000 nightmarish forms, nobody is truly sure of how many shards there are. These particular shards clearly share commonalities, and may be able to meld together more easily than more intelligent shards that have become more individualistic over time. The Feixian believe that as the shards die, they go back to the main body of the Nemesis, growing ever larger and more powerful as they recombine back into the whole. The Feixian fight and train for the day that they will have to do battle with a fully formed god itself – or die trying.

Some of the more powerful shards can wield magic, like Nemesis 13. These powerful shards can occasionally develop individual personalities and resist rejoining the whole.

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Brückenkopf-Redakteur und Miniature-Painting-Streamer. Wiedereinstieg ins Hobby 2015 nach sehr langer Pause. Spielt Warhammer 40k, SAGA, Star Wars Legion, Summoners uvm.

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