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Cobramode: Februar Patreon

Im Februar haben Cobramode wieder ein STL-Paket für Patreons zusammengestellt.

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Hikimasa – Hikiga Hunter

Hikimasa is a Hunter, typically sent out into the wetlands to capture rogues and deserters from Katsuhito’s forces. This usually means runaway Hanzaki, but can also include Hikiga who have absconded from their duties. The Hunters are expert trackers, and their swift and tireless mounts can easily overtake a fugitive in the muddy marshlands of the Mikata Swamp. They are given authority to execute any of their marks, though Hikimasa prefers to capture his targets alive and bring them to justice. For him, the thrill is in the chase and not in the kill.

Kajika (Adult)

The Kajika is an amphibious mount with an oar-like tail, from which it derives its name. Though they look ungainly, their inflated bodies and wide tails allow them to move surprisingly quickly through marshy, muddy terrain that most creatures would founder through. They use a bouncing, undulating motion – a cross between a seal and an eel, with their clawed feet used to gain purchase over vegetation. Though this can be a difficult motion to get used to as a rider, their puffed-up bodies provide some amount of cushioning from jolting. They are, however, considered quite difficult to ride compared to other mount types, and more than one new rider has ended up in the mud.

Hayami – Hanzaki Ninja (dual swords)

One of the skilled Ninjas of Smoke working under Katsuhito, Hayami is an acrobatic fighter who uses dual swords. Like most of her ilk, she uses the cover of smoke to surprise and confuse her enemies by bursting out of clouds to attack, or slipping away undetected under their cover. Some say her tongue was cut out by her previous boss, and that is why she joined the Ninjas of Smoke and never speaks. While this has never been confirmed (least of all by her), it’s clear that she’s a salamander of few words and prefers to communicate using scathing looks.

Hanshiro – Hanzaki Ninja (hachiwari)

Hanshiro is an older Hanzaki,  rare amongst his kind in general, and even rarer amongst the Ninjas of Smoke. In a profession as deadly as his, few survive to his age. This has garnered him a certain amount of respect and fear amongst his peers. His signature weapon, the hachiwari, is also the nickname by which he is known. Roughly translated as “skull breaker”, he has a reputation for delivering swift and strong blows that defeat his enemies in one stroke.

Hanzaki Surgeons

The field surgeons for the Ninjas of Smoke are sometimes more frightening than the injuries they treat! With an unparalleled gusto for surgeries and amputations (no matter what the ailment is), these “medical professionals” are usually a last resort. Despite their reputation for unnecessary medical treatments, they are very skilled and have high survival rates; it’s just that you might be unexpectedly missing a few parts after.

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