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Brigade Models: Neuheiten – 6mm Terrain

Brigade Models haben neue Veröffentlichungen für Terrain im 6mm Maßstab.

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Going to the Chapel

Salute is rapidly approaching (for us it’s no longer March 15th, it’s now S-29) and as always we hope to have a bumper bunch of releases at the show. To allow us to concentrate on getting all of these ready, this will be our last Friday release until we hit ExCel on April 13th.

As our final offering we have three more additions to our Agricultural Colony 6mm buildings. The first is another dwelling on a raised platform, the imaginatively named Homestead 5.

Brigade 6mm 1(1) Brigade 6mm 2(1)

The next building is a warehouse/industrial building, with two units with large doors side-by-side.

Brigade 6mm 1(2) Brigade 6mm 2(2)

The third is a small, non-denominational religious building – we’ve called it a Chapel for want of a better name. The design is based on a small wooden church that you might see in the US countryside, but styled to match the other buildings in the range. The small tower has a blank space at the front where you can paint the religious symbol of your choice (or just a clock if you want to leave your options open).

Brigade 6mm 1 Brigade 6mm 2

B300-1307 – Homestead-5 – £2.50
B300-1309 – Warehouses – £3.50
B300-1312 – Chapel – £3.50

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