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Baron’s War Fantasy: Neue Previews

Der Kickstarter zum neuen Spiel von Andy Hobday und Paul Hicks kommt näher.

Hobday Baron's War Fantasy 1


After creating The Barons‘ War range of miniatures and the tabletop game, Andy Hobday & Paul Hicks are embarking on a new journey to create a unique and captivating fantasy range of miniatures for themselves.

You will be helping Hobday & Hicks not only to start their new range of 28mm miniatures but kickstart a new tabletop miniatures business as well.


Hobday Baron's War Fantasy 2 Hobday Baron's War Fantasy 3


Raised amidst the ancient splendour of elven architecture, they are schooled in swordsmanship and strategy alongside etiquette and the arcane arts. Their lineage is as old as the trees, and they carry the weight of this legacy on their slender shoulders. Yet, they are not simply gilded ornaments. When darkness threatens their kin, they don gleaming armour, their laughter turning to war cries as the elven nobility go to war.
~Observations from Athicus the Chronicler

sculpting: Paul Hicks
painting: Darren Linington

Hobday Baron's War Fantasy 4 Hobday Baron's War Fantasy 5 Hobday Baron's War Fantasy 6

Do not be fooled by their brutish reputation. Mountain orc archers are not just hunters, they are masters of the bow. Their precision, honed over generations of hunting in treacherous terrain, allows them to launch arrows with deadly accuracy from unexpected distances.

While orcs may not be synonymous with subtlety, their mountain dwellings have taught them to be surprisingly stealthy. Their imposing stature and cumbersome armour may hinder silent movement in open terrain, but their resourceful utilisation of the environment often conceals the sounds of their approach.

~Observations from Athicus the Chronicler
12 orc archers, sculpts: Paul Hicks

Hobday Baron's War Fantasy 7 Hobday Baron's War Fantasy 8 Hobday Baron's War Fantasy 9 Hobday Baron's War Fantasy 10 Hobday Baron's War Fantasy 11 Hobday Baron's War Fantasy 12

Quelle: Orc Vs Elves – 28mm Fantasy Miniatures

Quelle: Hobday & Hicks auf Facebook


Chefredakteur und Betreiber von Brückenkopf-Online. Seit 2002 im Hobby, erstes Tabletop Warhammer Fantasy (Dunkelelfen). Aktuelle Projekte: Primaris Space Marines, Summoners (alle Fraktionen), Deathmatch, Deadzone/Warpath (Asterianer und Enforcer), diverse Raumschiffe und allerlei Mechs.

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