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Artisan Guild: Vanguard Fighters für Juni 2024 [NSFW]

Artisan Guild zeigen eine Vorschau per Video zu ihrem Juni 2024 Patreon Set: Vanguard Fighters

Join the Vanguard in June

Hello friends!
You are invited to turn on the audio and click play in the trailer above!
Next month, in june be prepared for a massive set of incredible fighters, featuring tons of weapon options and amazing mounts.
It’s since long time that I wanted to bring some new knights to your table.

The Fighters Guild, Better than Ever

Inspired by the legacy Fighters Guild set, published in 2019, the Vanguard Fighters Guild is a totally new set of modular proud warrior clad in medieval armor whose quality is even better, suited for the now more advanced 3d printers, capable of printing minis much more detailed.

Artisanguild Juni 2

Flying Wyverns…

But as the threat of Mundus have grown, this Fighter’s Guild needs something more than horses and blades. After an expeditions in the unforgiving Dragonpeaks, the Fighters Guild of Vanguard will ride Wyverns!
As requested many many times, we did for the first time ever flight stand for three of the wyverns, which come as standalone beasts useful as monsters or beastly compaions, or fierce mounts compatible with any other set.

Artisanguild Juni 3

…and Horses

We know that horses are staple in these kind of set, so we decided to bring the horses of the Fighters Guild back as free throwback extra minis. We want to remember you that any other horses made by us (Northmen Saga horses, Thieves Guilds steed, Requiem Warhorses or even unded horses from Oldburg Fallen Ones) are totally compatible with them.

Two Epic Bosses

As I announced in our Discord channel, this month I couldn’t decide which Epic Mount make for the epic boss slot. Unicorn, Pegasus, a mix of both, or even a Wyvern Queen would be great options… so I ended up making both!
The terrible Wyvern Queen is coming in multypart to fit your printer, both with and without saddle, so you can use it as epic boss monstruosities or colossal mount for your generals.
And what about the Pegacorn…Unisus… well that thing?

Artisanguild Juni 4

The Pinup of the Month

While we wanted to have a carismatic Battlemage for one of the heroes, I wanted to sculpt a powerful veteran warrior for the heroine of the month. So we had a perfect fitting role for the beauty of the month, Genevieve: a charming enchantress, Lady of the Lake.
But I felt that she would be great riding… an unicorn… or a pegasus?
Meet Lady Genevieve of the Enchaned lake in all its beauty, coming in two version (regular, with an elegant enchantress dress, and pinup), and also coing separated from the Celestial Steed, so you can actually place her anywhere.

Artisanguild Juni 5

But on day 25 I realized that some of you would surely want a standing version of her too, in both regular and pinup version. So I actually made a standing version of Genevieve, perfect for your wargames, including GUILDS, where mount and knight comes in different cards and you can decide whenever to ride the war beasts.

Artisanguild Juni 6

a work in progress of the first sculpt, where all started.

This has been an amazing month, and I hope you’ll like what I sculpted so far.
I can’t wait to see how you’ll paint the new Vanguard Fighters, coming 2nd June!



Quelle: Artisan Guild on Facebook, Artisan Guild on Patreon



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  • Huch … wäre hier nicht eine NSFW Markierung sinnvoll?
    Da sind ja Boobies zu sehen! 😜

    Die Fighters Guild gefällt mir.
    Hab nur leider keinen Drucker.

  • uff, mir gefällt die The Fighters Guild ebenfalls ausgeprochen gut 🤩

    überlege mir ernsthaft für einen Monat am Patreon teil zu nehmen um die STLs im Auftrag drucken zu lassen.

    • Der hat auch ne merchant Lizenz.. Daher dürfte man legal die Ausdrücke auch auf Etsy finden. Ggf warten und dann kann man sich das einmomats-Abo sparen. So werde ich es wohl machen, da die Bande wirklich gut gemacht ist

    • Die gibts bei verschiedenen Händlern direkt zu kaufen. Einer ist auf deren HP verlinkt, aber ich glaube nicht aus Deutschland. Aber z.B. bei Pasch-Spiele bekommt man das Zeug auch, sogar versandkostenfrei.

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