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Artisan Guild: The Children of the Forest für Mai 2024

Artisan Guild zeigen eine Vorschau per Video zu ihrem Mai 2024 Patreon Set: The Children of the Forest

Trailer of May – Meet the Children of the Forest

Hello friends!

It has been a while since my last post. The truth is, this month I had to step out of my comfort zone to sculpt this new 3D printable set. Many people in our communities (especially on our Discord!) have been asking for something resembling halflings for a very long time, and as always, I didn’t want to start sculpting a set until I had enough fleshed-out concepts to inspire my imagination. I understand that our subscribers want to see our take on certain characters that exist in many other universes, but our philosophy is not to just sculpt something because „proxies“ are needed. We want to make sure that each sculpt resonates with the universe we are building at Artisan Guild and that each miniature really brings something exciting and unique to the table.

Artisanguild Lurikeen 1

Lurikeens love to use slings defend their homeland.

The Lurikeens

In the world of Mundus, there are various races known as the shortfolk by humans and other tall people (well, even by dwarves!). One of these are the Lurikeen: cousins of the common gnomes and the gnomes of Golemmar, but with fey ancestors. The wild Lurikeens living under the roots of the great Tree of Life in the Forest of Arba, coexist with dryads and Arverians. They are the eternal children of the woods, with pure spirits and adventurous souls. They have the ability to turn invisible at any moment, and for this reason, they are so rare to be seen and are considered non-existent by some races.

They can live for many years, and most of them resemble young kids to the eyes of humans. However, very few of them have been seen with long beards, such as Baggo, the wanderer wizard seen in the trailer with the owl companion. This Lurikeen is probably 600 years or more, since Lurikeen normally appear young even with a few hundred years. I decided to make this character not to resemble a regular gnome with a pointed hat and beard but instead as an homage to two characters that I really love from my childhood: since the Lurikeen are inspired by wild hobbits, and I love Gandalf the Grey, Baggo has been inspired both by Bilbo and Gandalf, unifying the features of a hobbit and a long-bearded wizard with a pointy hat.

Artisanguild Lurikeen 2

Baggo and his owl.

What’s in the Set

This set offers numerous modular options for outfitting your Lurikeens—from slings and short blades to staves and shields crafted from the hard nuts of Arba. The set includes heroes like the ranger Willow and the wizard Baggo, along with their unique gear. Even the fox riders are modular, allowing you to print the foxes alone or with saddles compatible with past releases.

Sculpting the pinup was challenging; I aimed to give her a mature look suitable for her stature. The result, Faelin Oakwhisper, is a character I’m particularly proud of after many sculpting sessions.

Our centerpiece this month is a dragon, as every epic tale deserves one! Feythornaax, the Elder Forest Dragon, guards the Tree of Life, Yaldain. He is an ancient, silent protector, only encountered by the most virtuous Lurikeens.

Artisanguild Lurikeen 3

A Lurikeen Fox Rider, on 30mm base.

Artisanguild Lurikeen 4

Willow Thornfoot, carefully preparing her arrow from the shadows.

Thank you for your continued support, which allows us to keep bringing these imaginative miniatures to life.
This new 3d printable set will be live next month on day 2 as always.
We’re excited to see your interpretations on the Lurikeens!



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  • Wieder mal sehr feine MInis, ich mag den Stil und auch das Spiel!
    Es ist schon erstaunlich, was so kleine „Buden“ so alles auf den Weg bringen.

    • Ich mag seinen Stil auch sehr! Vor Allem wirken die auf mich sehr frisch und kreativ. Haben irgendwas Neues an sich, wobei ich natürlich nicht ausschließen kann, dass es Ähnliches bereits gab.

      Sie arbeiten auch bereits an den Regeln der Lurikeens für das Guilds Spiel.

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