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Army Painter: Warpaints Fanatic Vorbestellung

Army Painter bieten Sets ihrer neuen Farbserie per Vorbestellung an.


Fan MegaSet01 Fan MegaSet02 Fan MegaSet03

Warpaints Fanatic: Mega Set – Combo
Sale price €175,00
The Warpaints Fanatic Mega Paint Set is the best value in hobby paints.

50 paints: 36 acrylic colours, 4 Skin Tones, 3 Metallics, 3 Effects, and 4 Washes (18mL)
Create highly realistic armour and weaponry, skin tones, and terrifying hordes of miniatures
Designed to perform at every stage of your hobby journey
FREE exclusive Paint Station that can hold all the 50 paints


Fan Complete01 Fan Complete02

Warpaints Fanatic: Complete Set
Sale price€699,00
The Complete Set features every paint in the Warpaints Fanatic range!

216 paints: 162 acrylic colours, 18 Metallics, 18 Effects, and 18 Washes (18mL)
High-quality acrylic paint with unsurpassed coverage and rich pigmentation
4 FREE brushes included
Limited Edition


Fan Starter

Warpaints Fanatic: Starter Set – Combo
Sale price€32,99
With the Warpaints Fanatic Starter Set, you have everything you need to get started – all in ONE box!

11 paints: 7 acrylic colours, 2 Metallics, 1 Wash, and 1 Brush-On Primer
FREE Miniature figure and Starter Brush
For gamers, by gamers – developed with feedback from the Hobby Community
Unsurpassed coverage, intense pigmentation, and easy to use
Get the Warpaints Fanatic Starter Paint Set PLUS and a Basecoating Brush – FREE!

Fan Metal

Warpaints Fanatic: Metallics Set – Combo
Sale price€33,99
The Metallics Set is a true must have-have for any discerning hobbyist!

10 Metallics to suit every need
Paint magical armour, wicked weaponry, or monstrous war machines
Includes a specialised blend of aluminum flake and mica for the best combination of coverage and sheen
Get the Warpaints Fanatic Metallics Paint Set PLUS a Basecoating Brush – FREE!

Fan Washes

Warpaints Fanatic: Washes Paint Set – Combo
Sale price€33,99
Create perfectly shaded and colour toned miniatures with The Warpaints Fanatic Washes Set.

10 Washes ranging from a rich Dark Tone to a vibrant Dark Red Tone
Wow your opponents with impressive details and realistic shading
Can be used directly from the bottle
Get the Warpaints Fanatic Wash Paint Set PLUS and a Basecoating Brush – FREE!



Und als Zusatz noch ein Tutorial für einen Dark Angels Intercessor mit den Fanatic Paints.

Fan DA Intercessor

Welcome to the first installment of The Army Painter Academy, a series where we break down how we paint a miniature step-by-step, complete with pictures for every bit of paint applied along the way.

Straight from the mind of Mengel, Tyler Mengel that is, we kick things off with an indomitable son of The Lion – a Dark Angel Intercessor from Games Workshop’s Warhammer 40,000. The ubiquitous Space Marine is a stalwart of many hobbyist’s collections and a great place to practice the ancient art of edge highlighting – a technique sure to make your model pop on the tabletop.

This tutorial has been broken down by colour segments, starting with the green armour, and moving onto the leather, the metallics, and so on. Each section is further broken down into managable steps by applying one colour at a time. Simply click the arrows at the bottom of each section to scroll through the steps if you’re on a desktop, or scroll to the side on your mobile phone.

Every colour on this miniature, outside of the primer, comes from our new Warpaints Fanatic range, and uses the Flexible Triad System as much as possible.

Link zum Tutorial

Quelle: Army Painter


Seit 2002 im Hobby mit Mage Knight, gefolgt von Confrontation, um dann bei Warmachine/Hordes hängen zu bleiben. Aktuelle Projekte: SW Shatterpoint, SW Legion, SW Imperial Assault, Warhammer Underworlds, Aristeia, OPR und Bloodfields.

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  • Wo Necronancer Cloak?? 0_0
    Dark Stone fehlt auch, mag den niemand mehr extrem dunkle Grautöne? Naja dann bestell ich mir besser noch 1-2 Fläschchen.
    Zum Glück ist Dessert Yellow mit dabei, ich mag Dessert Yellow. 🙂

    Ich hätte ja wirklich gern das große Set, aber ehrlich gesagt male ich nicht genug um diesen Kauf zu rechtfertigen. Natürlich muss man auch erstmal testen! Wär schön wenn AP kleinere Sets mit x mal drei passenden Farben bringen würde.

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