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Anvil Digital Forge: Space Pirates

Diesen Monat hisst Anvil Digital Forge die Solar Segel um die Weiten des Weltraums zu plündern.

ADF Space Pirates 1 ADF Space Pirates 2 ADF Space Pirates 3 ADF Space Pirates 4 ADF Space Pirates 5 ADF Space Pirates 6 ADF Space Pirates 7 ADF Space Pirates 8 ADF Space Pirates 9 ADF Space Pirates 10 ADF Space Pirates 11 ADF Space Pirates 12 ADF Space Pirates 13 ADF Space Pirates 14

Everything You Get in April’s Space Pirates!

Hello Patrons

April’s just a few days away, and that means it’s time to reveal everything you get with next month’s Space Pirates!

In the images below, you can see that we’ve highlighted certain elements in bright orange, blue, and green (and you’ll see similar images in many of our previous releases too!), and various images say „multi-shell“ on them.

These colours mean that each highlighted element is actually a separate „shell“ – a complete 3D object that it is possible to move, scale, interchange, or even remove entirely! Want to know how? We’ve got a few excellent text and video resources for you to check out;

Full written instructions of how to use Multi-Shell features in both MeshMixer and Blender can be found here.

Sonic Sledgehammer’s Video Tutorial using MeshMixer.

And finally, an in-depth Blender Tutorial that covers advanced movement and manipulation of individual shells, as well as a whole lot more if you’re interested!

Both Cora and Josh took on the challenge of creating the characters and infantry you’ll be getting in April. We’ll start with the characters;

ADF Space Pirates 15

One of the captains is obviously an expert fencer, with battle scars and (optionally) an ornate bionic hook hand. The head, cape, shoulders, and breastplate are all optional shells, as is the rapier he’s so deftly wielding.

ADF Space Pirates 16

Our other captain is far more comfortable with a custom scoped holdout pistol. Once again, this captain has a lot of optional shelled parts, including the right arm, which hides a second Regiments compatible arm joint!

ADF Space Pirates 17

The first mate is lunging into the fray armed with a deck clearing volley pistol in her bionic fist, and is likewise made up of many multi-shell elements, allowing you to customise her look!

ADF Space Pirates 18

The quartermaster’s sporting a heavy six barrelled hand cannon, as well as an ornate shoulder pauldron, morion helm, and sabre.

ADF Space Pirates 19

One of the alien crewmen has decided to get a better vantage by climbing one of the ship’s compact ladders, a telescope in one hand, and the other firmly on one of the ladder rungs. For shells, you’ll find you can remove his musket and bandoleer of ammunition, and with the head as a separate object, a head-swap is an easy conversion option!

ADF Space Pirates 20

Lastly, we have the bosun. An intimidating taskmaster with a cruel whip, buzz saw blade ‚hand‘, a backpack loud hailer, and dangling skull trophies. As with all the characters, there’s a huge number of multi-shell options here!

ADF Space Pirates 21

On to the Modular Infantry! Starting with the pirate heads, we’ve got some very happy pirates! Maybe they really like their work, or perhaps it’s because they’ve got a choice of excellent headwear? Either way, you’re getting two new pirate themed hats; the Tricorn, and Bicorn, alongside the optional hair/facial hair multi-shells! There are also some alien heads too, with some slightly grumpier expressions on some of them. They don’t have hats. That must be why!

ADF Space Pirates 22

The quilted legs and cuirass torsos give your pirates a more orderly, well-equipped feel, with each pair of legs having a sidearm wheel lock pistol and knife, as well as a heavy breastplate for protection. 4 torsos have integrated heads and additional gear strapped across their chest, while a fifth is kept plain. All of those extra parts are shelled, making them available to swap out onto other torsos, or to add on one of the two skull-faced masked heads, one with a morion helm, or the other with padded cowl.

ADF Space Pirates 23

For a significantly more low-tech feel, you’ve got the deck hands torsos, arms, and legs set, with striped trousers, leather jerkins, and optional belts

ADF Space Pirates 24

For the quilted pirate arms, we’ve got a few different choices. For long ranged options, you can opt for a Rifle-Stock wheel lock dual-barrel musket, or if you need something for shorter range engagements, Phase Pikes make for vicious close-quarters weapons. Lastly, for the special weapon this month we’ve gone for a Swivel gun, so you can blast your foes with a miniature cannon!

All of these arms have the padding and vacuum seal bolts as separate shells, so mixing them into other sets is far easier!

ADF Space Pirates 25

You’re spoilt for choice when it comes to the number of accessories and weapons! Whether you need a wheel lock pistol, boarding axe, or a trusty cutlass, a hook hand, or a grenade, you’ll find it here! There’s also standalone versions of the phase pike, swivel gun, and wheel lock musket too.

For less warlike situations you’ve got bottles and tankards of rum, pouches filled with coin, an accordion, and even a friendly parrot mascot!

ADF Space Pirates 26

It wouldn’t be a pirate themed set without chests of loot and piles of doubloons! 10 crates, chests (as well as the lids needed to close the open ones), a barrel, and a pile of coins mean you’ve got plenty of loot to carry away with you.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this showcase of all the separate parts, and here are a few assembled examples!

ADF Space Pirates 27 ADF Space Pirates 28 ADF Space Pirates 29 ADF Space Pirates 30

Desert House Infantry Bonus Multi-Shell Breakdown

As usual, we try to give you even more options with the shells present in all our digital offerings, and the bonus „booster“ packs are no different!

ADF Space Pirates 31

The extra torsos have the high collars as shells, and the twinned blade sheaths, sword hilts, and strap are all optional shells too!

The missile launcher arms have the missile launcher shoulder frame and hand, as well as the targeter hand, as separate shelled objects, meaning the adventurous kitbashers among you can try combining them with previous sets to make your missile launcher dreams come true!

The two new variant heads with visors removed have the heads inside as separate shells, making swapping in any other heads you have in your digital bits box possible!

The needle pistol’s hand is a shell, as are each of the hands and energy beam on each of the laser swords

And lastly, both varieties of wrist blades have their blades as optional shells

Thank you all, for your continued support of the Digital Forge!

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  • Nette Piraten. Vielleicht ein wenig zu knubbelig, aber das ist natürlich ein bewusster Stil. Einzig das Space in dem Titel Space Piraten scheint mir ein wenig kurz zu kommen. Bis auf eine Handvoll Bits könnten das auch Steampunk oder stinknormale Piraten sein

  • Schicke piratige Minis.

    Ich wüsste zu gerne, ob dieses Multi Shell Feature von den Käufern genutzt wird. An sich wirkt es sehr praktikabel, um noch mehr Variation reinzubringen. Sicherlich auch besser zu händeln für die Ersteller, als zig unterschiedliche Varianten als einzelne Dateien anzubieten (was man dann immer einzeln supporten müsste.)

    • Bei uns im Club (ja ich weiß Probengruppe ist recht gering) nutzt einer die Figuren recht intensiv und auch das Multishell feature.

      Ist am Anfang etwas umständlich weil man sich in mindestens ein weiteres Tool einarbeiten muss (und alle Tools in dem Bereich sind nicht sehr user friendly).
      Aber wenn man das erstmal verstanden hat ist es total easy. Und er mag es eigentlich nicht missen und würde sich freuen wenn das mehr anbieten würden.

      Er meinte auch das auf dem Discord auf dem er sich über diese Range austauscht das sehr positiv auf genommen wird.
      Es aber auch durch aus auch einige (mehr) Leute gibt die damit nicht klar kommen oder es gar nicht benutzen wollen.

      Aber das ist ja normal.

      • Danke für deinen Input! Definitiv eine hilfreiche Aussage, trotz kleinem Pool.

        Dass sich die Nutzer da aufsplitten werden ist klar, sicherlich. Aber gut zu hören, dass die Nachfrage da ist. Ich mein, wenns nicht so wäre würde der Anbieter es wahrscheinlich nicht machen, aber man weiß ja nie… ^^

  • Diese Shells sind ja nichts anderes als einzelne Tools, die man mit jedem Sculptingprogramm nutzen kann um sich quasi Custom-Minis zu bauen. Oder hab ich das was falsch verstanden?

    • Würde ich auch so sehen. Nichtsdestotrotz muss man sich als Ersteller darüber gedanken kann machen wie das dann umgesetzt wird, und vor Allem korrekt supported wird. Auch bedeutet dies, dass die Elemente unter anderen Elementen sauber abgeschlossen sind und alle Tools müssten dann idealerweise auch ohne Fehler für den Druck sein.

      • Es ist nicht jede Variante durch supported

        Manchmal muss man kleine Anpassungen vornehmen das aber relativ trivial

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