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Anvil Digital Forge: Exo-Coalition Marines

Auch beim Patreon von Anvil Industry gibt es Marines.

ADF Exo Coalition Marines 1 ADF Exo Coalition Marines 2 ADF Exo Coalition Marines 3 ADF Exo Coalition Marines 4 ADF Exo Coalition Marines 5 ADF Exo Coalition Marines 6 ADF Exo Coalition Marines 7 ADF Exo Coalition Marines 8 ADF Exo Coalition Marines 9

Everything You Get in January’s Exo-Coalition Marines!

Hello Patrons!

it’s time to see everything you’ll be getting in the newest addition to our line-up of Exo-Lords!

Coalition Marines

In the images below, you can see that we’ve highlighted certain elements in bright orange, pink, green, and red (and you’ll see similar images in many of our previous releases too!)

These colours mean that each highlighted element is actually a separate „shell“ – a complete 3D object that it is possible to move, scale, interchange, or even remove entirely! Want to know how? We’ve got a few excellent text and video resources for you to check out;

Our Multi-Shell Beginner’s Guide post

Sonic Sledgehammer’s Video Tutorial using MeshMixer

And finally, an in-depth Blender Tutorial that covers advanced movement and manipulation of individual shells, as well as a whole lot more if you’re interested!

Here are next month’s individual components, and Multi-shell elements:

ADF Exo Coalition Marines 10

Starting off with the heads, the marines often deploy with nothing but a bandana as protection. As reckless as that seems, reports indicate that headshot casualty numbers significantly decrease when you’ve removed your helmet! Of course, there are helmet options available for those faceless soldiers that you’re only on last-name terms with, just in case someone needs to die for the scene to be dramatic!

Every head has at least one multi-shell element, letting you remove the bandana if you wish to swap in other hairstyles, or trim those beards!

ADF Exo Coalition Marines 11

The Coalition Marine focuses heavily on mobility to win their wars, but their vitals are well protected — perhaps the only part that really is — beneath plate inserts and bulletproof panelled armour! There are two versions available, labelled as either ‚Heavy‘ and ‚Slim‘. These feature the exact same joint system, but provide you the aesthetic option between a broad, or slightly more slender, physique.

One set includes integrated multi-shell backpacks, while the other has our standard powered backpack connector joint; a perfect way to attach the included jetpack! (or any other Exo-Lord backpack we’ve released previously, including those from our cast-in-resin lines!)

ADF Exo Coalition Marines 12

Much like the torsos, we’ve created two different versions of the legs — ‚Heavy‘ and ‚Slim‘ — which give you the same choice between a chunky or thinner style. Their mix of cloth fatigues and light armour plates gives them a more agile feel when compared to other Exo-Lords, and doubly so for the slimmer style.

All the Coalition Marine legs feature optional thigh armour, as well as dozens of magazine pouches, grenades, and other accessories, hanging from their belts!

ADF Exo Coalition Marines 13

The usual suite of Exo-Lord arms have been doubled (!) for this release, again in the two versions of Heavy // Slim, completing your options between the two styles. Each pair of arms features a light armoured vambrace and elbow pad, with exposed skin on the upper arms! You get 6 different poses of Exo rifle arms, and a complete set of command, melee, or pistol arms too! Unique to the Coalition Marines is their unorthodox use of ‚Bolas Grenades‘ which come in three different varieties, alongside arms posed, ready to throw said grenades!

Each pair of rifle arms have optional stocks, pistol grips, and comms screen on the left forearm. The command arms also feature the same comm unit, as well as an optional slung rifle and strap, 2-handed pistol grip, and three grenade types.

ADF Exo Coalition Marines 14

Coalition weapons are built durable, heavy, and brutal; much like the marines themselves. Four ranged options are split between their sub machine-gun, shotgun, pistol, and main battle rifle, which comes in two variants; either the standard version, or one with an integrated chainsaw motor. As you might expect, this is to facilitate the use of the chainsaw bayonet! Bowie knives are the marines‘ favoured standalone melee weapon, which come with the classic crossguard, or the knuckle duster variant. Lastly, there are separate pistol grips and stocks, as well as spare mags with and without hands.

We recommend only attaching the chainsaw bayonet after the rest of the model is assembled, as fitting the hand holding the foregrip in after the fact is tricky.

ADF Exo Coalition Marines 15

Five unique hand gestures are also supplied with this month’s kit, giving you the tactical flexibility to have your marines point at whatever they want!

ADF Exo Coalition Marines 16

One final major addition to next month is the track-driven bike! Designed to handle the roughest war-torn terrain, the Warhorse motorbike comes with a fully modular biker, allowing you to swap in any of the regular arms, torsos, heads and weapons from previous months! Build your bikers however you like — there’s even an alternative front wheel posed to be mid-turn!

As with the regular legs and arms, the same multi-shell elements are present. The Warhorse itself has multi-shell guns, so you can swap in any other weapons you want from this, or previous months!

ADF Exo Coalition Marines 17

Finally, there are a handful of Digital Kitbash Accessories, including three pouches, a canteen, and an unprimed grenade!

We’ve attached all the renders in a ZIP file to this post, as this can help you organise your files, or tell at a glance what’s a shell!

Thanks, and we hope to see you again in the new year!
– Team Anvil

Suggestions For Future Expansion

We’ve wrapped up everything that you’ll be getting in January’s release, but Dan still has a few more things planned for Coalition Marines!

Is there anything you’d like to see that you think is missing? Something quick and easy that would complete the set for you? Let us know in our Discord Suggestions Channel, and we’ll consider if it can be created!

ADF Exo Coalition Marines 18 ADF Exo Coalition Marines 19 ADF Exo Coalition Marines 20 ADF Exo Coalition Marines 21

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  • Hey, immerhin mal kein 40k Look Alike.
    Diesmal geht es um die „Schaltungen des Krieges“… 😉

    Nette Minis mit auch ner Menge an ikonischen Optionen aus der Reihe.

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