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Alternative Armies: 15mm Sci-Fi Set Neuheiten

Alternative Armies haben neue Sets für 15mm Science-Fiction Ranges veröffentlicht.

Alternativeminis Ion 2

Gremlin vehicles three hover variants new to The Ion Age 15mm range

As the second Khanate War continued and worlds fell to the Legions as they spread ever further from the Matter Gateway in the Camarthen stellar system the threat to the entire Prydian Precinct grew dire. The Marcher Barons were in retreat and the Prydian Army in ascendency after twenty years of civil war but this did not mean that the military might of the Throne was enough. Split between dealing with the growing alien invasion and the struggle for dominance in the core systems this resulted in neither war being tackled fully. In 4340 IC the death of the Kingmaker Nevall in battle against Princess Cyon meant the Precinct was once more at peace with only small scale conflicts left to stamp out. The loss of most of Knight General Obermann’s fleet in 4331 IC on and around Camarthen Prime had meant near a decade of hit and run campaigns against the Dragon Ships as they sail in darkness out across the stellar cluster. While Humanity was able to deal with a single Dragon Ship entering a planetary orbit this was not the case as pairs and then trios and more of these mighty warships, each carrying an entire Legion, began to appear together. It would take several years to gather enough might to tackle the Matter Gateway head on so for the moment single regiments were dispatched to hold and harry as best they could.

The clamour for Taranis and Magogs was constantly coming back to New Glastonbury and in such numbers that the demand could not be met. It takes a lot of time and resources to build the mightiest war machines so a solution was looked for to supply the Camarthen Cluster with armoured vehicles for the use of Planetary Militia in huge numbers. Part of this was the Gremlin series of medium vehicles which, across their many variants, were fabricated for city, snow, desert, low gravity and other environments. They have been a great success being easier to produce and use less titanium than a Mullo AFV.

Academy Auto-Trainer Series 52, New Glastonbury, 4342 IC.

Above Grima Combat Robots and their controllers put an end to Shia Khan Pioneers in the frozen wastes of Hythe VIII with the aid of their Gremlin vehicles. The Gremlin is a family of variants which give Planetary Militia and sometimes Muster added mobility and firepower that out classes the older Adder for weaponry and outpaces the much heavier Mullo classes of transport.

There will be a full free PDF of game rules for Gremlins in Patrol Angis later in May 2024 which will feature future releasing variants. Keep an eye out for this.

The new codes are:

  • IAF185A Gremlin AFV Hover with Bodkin AP (and Valerin Laser) plus hull turret
  • IAF185B Gremlin MSV Hover with Anda Missile Pods Turret and hull turret
  • IAF185C Gremlin APC Hover Personnel Carrier with hull turret

Each vehicle is 80mm long, 55mm wide and 25mm to 30mm tall. More pictures on the website.

Alternativeminis Ion 5

Cold Climes Militia patrol around their Gremlin MSV Hover vehicle in the aftermath of the Murta Gap campaign on Hythe VIII.

Alternativeminis Ion 1 Alternativeminis Ion 3 Alternativeminis Ion 4

If you are new to the 15mm Ion Age range then our suggestion is to begin with the Patrol Angis book or game pack with miniatures, battlesuits and bases with a saving. Once you are ready to progress from infantry level skirmish and want to add vehicles then seek out Callsign Taranis for this. The greatest foe of Humanity is the alien Shia Khan Empire. In the third book of the series The Khanate Return you can add these aliens as well as Grima and Planetary Militia forces to your play in the Camarthen Prime campaign. Books in print and as digital download too.

Free content for The Ion Age abounds. See it on the WEBSITE to download and enjoy.

The 15mm Ion Age Range contains hundreds of miniatures as packs (choose single poses within them) and platoon packs which come with an extra free unique miniature. Added fun! Get Retained Knights, Destria Knights, Muster, Planetary Militia, Grima Robots (above) as well as Malig Goblins, Legionaries, Pioneers and much more such as the Xin Precinct.



Alternativearmies Hof 01

Star Mercs 25 poses new faction for HOF 15mm Science Fiction range

“Unlike the Rim Mercs who will serve any colony who can raise the coin the Star Mercs take on more ‚discerning‘ clients. Often giant corporations or governments who want populations contained or calmed. Clad in impact armour and helmets they make use of projectile weapons and energy weapons alike. Trained to act without question for their paymasters. Use them in your wars!”

Now added to the massive HOF (Hordes of the Future) 15mm Science Fiction Range are five new packs, a value platoon pack and of course singles of twenty five new poses. A whole new faction of Star Mercs to go alongside Security Force Alpha, the Rim Mercs and Grey Aliens among others in the range. Nearly two hundred codes and all can be had as packs or single pose choice within them as well as Value Packs with savings.

The Star Mercs: Here are the new codes plus scale comparison picture and how a 15nm scale Star Merc looks next to the free in packages automatically (until 9th May) Warbot II which works in 6mm, 15mm and 28mm too.

Alternativearmies Hof 02 Alternativearmies Hof 07 Alternativearmies Hof 06 Alternativearmies Hof 05 Alternativearmies Hof 04 Alternativearmies Hof 03


How do these new miniatures line up with a chosen few others of ours?

Alternativearmies Hof 08 Alternativearmies Hof 09

As you can see they go with the Post Apocalyptic and The Rim Mercs as well as Security Force Alpha not to mention the Cold Climes Militia from the 15mm Ion Age Range.

Ideal for backing up your Star Mercs is the free in all orders any scale AS028 War Bot II. It stands about 40mm tall and is armed with twin rotary cannons.

Quelle: Alternative Armies


Seit 2002 im Hobby mit Mage Knight, gefolgt von Confrontation, um dann bei Warmachine/Hordes hängen zu bleiben. Aktuelle Projekte: SW Shatterpoint, SW Legion, SW Imperial Assault, Warhammer Underworlds, Aristeia, OPR und Bloodfields.

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  • Wow, 15 mm Minis auf Einzelbases. Das muss man auch erstmal bringen. Ansonsten sehen die ziemlich nostalgisch aus und erinnern wohl nicht ohne Grund an die späten 80er / frühen 90er im Hobby…

    • Stimmt wohl, die Bases sehen echt wuchtig aus in Relation. Aber find die Minis für sich gesehen gut gelungen und qualitativ besser als damals, auch wenn sie an Älteres erinnern.

    • Gibt diverse 15mm System wo die Trooper einzeln gespielt werden können.

      Und der Nostaligsche Stil hier ist Absicht die können auch moderner

    • In Amerika ist dieses generische SciFi Skirmisher in 15mm recht weit verbreitet. Siehe Khurasan Miniatures oder Rebel Minis mit sehr umfangreichen Ranges oder auch Ground Zero Games in UK mit dem Stargrunt II System.

      Andere 15mm SciFi System wären zum Beispiel:

      5150 Star Army
      Gruntz 15mm
      Tomorrow’s War

      Und das sind oft System mit einzelfiguren-Basierung.

      • Nicht zu vergessen das es einige gibt die Warhammer 40K in 15mm spielen.
        Ich selbst hab Eldar, Imperiale Armee und Soace Marines. Spiele aber vor allem 3te Edition

        3D Druck sei Dank

      • Kann mir 15mm schon gut vorstellen und an sich auch sinnvoll für das eigentliche spielen. Arbeite grad an ein paar HdR Figuren in dem Maßstab, was bisher solide auf mich wirkt. Aber man muss schon zugeben, zumindest 28mm ist schon ein sweet spot wenn man schön bemalbare Minis haben will.

        Wollt aber mal 20mm ausdrucken und ausprobieren, wie sich das gibt. Habe zuletzt einen Artisan Guild Elfen auf 50% ausgedruckt, was echt schniek aussieht. Glaub so ca 65% sollte echt gut funktionieren.

      • Also ich bin größer Freund von 20mm bzw. 1:72. Ich finde die sehr dankbar zu bemalen. Da erreicht man auch mit wenig sehr viel. Bei 28mm/32mm übersteigt mein Anspruch schnell mein Können.

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