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3DAlienWorlds: Samurai Lord‘s House

Gestern wurde das Samurai Lords House veröffentlicht.

Das STL-Set füllt ein 1,20×1,20m großes Spielfeld und kostet 46$

3dAlienWorldsSamuraiLordsHouse01 3dAlienWorldsSamuraiLordsHouse03 3dAlienWorldsSamuraiLordsHouse07 3dAlienWorldsSamuraiLordsHouse11 3dAlienWorldsSamuraiLordsHouse09 3dAlienWorldsSamuraiLordsHouse05 3dAlienWorldsSamuraiLordsHouse12 3dAlienWorldsSamuraiLordsHouse13 3dAlienWorldsSamuraiLordsHouse14 3dAlienWorldsSamuraiLordsHouse06 3dAlienWorldsSamuraiLordsHouse02 3dAlienWorldsSamuraiLordsHouse10 3dAlienWorldsSamuraiLordsHouse15 3dAlienWorldsSamuraiLordsHouse08 3dAlienWorldsSamuraiLordsHouse04

A massive set modelled after a real samurai Lord’s house, in Japan’s Oita prefecture. The set includes a large Main House, connected Residence and kitchen buildings, 3 unique storehouses, 2 guesthouses, a water well, outer and inner walls and gates, and enough trees and stone paths for a traditional Japanese garden.


The set contents can be laid out according to the real-life layout to cover an area approximately 120cm x 120cm wide (4ftx4ft), or used in any layout you prefer.


This downloadable ZIP file contains the following STL files :

  • Main house
  • Residence building
  • Kitchen building
  • 3 storehouses
  • 2 guesthouses
  • Outer walls (straight and corner)
  • Outer wall large gate
  • Outer wall medium gate
  • Inner walls (straight)
  • Inner wall small gate
  • Covered walkways (straight and corner)
  • Water well with roof
  • Multipart trees (juniper), garden paths and rocks

Quelle: 3DAlienWorlds


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