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White Werewolf Tavern: Wasteland Warlords

Im Augist haben White Werewolf Tavern wieder ein STL-Paket für Patreons zusammengestellt.

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Greetings Friends!

The summer heat is sizzling outside, so let us stay here where it is cool and we can tell you a fable of a distant people.

In the furious desert, which makes our heatwave seem timid at best, lives a wild bunch, constantly at war with each other and whoever else dares survive in their lands.

They fight for what little food is available to them, and ofcourse for the one thing every living creature needs; water. The most furious of them is Aluraya Two-core, a vile creature whose looks are as putrid as her personality. Her latest atrocity was ravaging and capturing the sacred spring that was for centuries held by the Gnolls of Meirsoa. It was a brutal fight with many losses, but eventually the gnolls ran with what they could back into the savage desert.

Now we can only wait and see what will come out of the situation. So let us see this force in August’s monthly release of fierce barbarians and “Wasteland Warlords” (33 unique miniatures for Adventurers and Merchants + 12 bases).

Wasteland Warlords + Summer bonus set (last month) + Welcome Chest = 53+ STL’s in this month!Aluraya Two-core 32mm and 75mm heroic miniature pre-supported

Bloody Bitbat 32mm and 75mm heroic miniature pre-supported

Laurie lightning rod 32mm and 75mm heroic miniature pre-supported

Barbarian rider pre-supportedManticore huge creature pre-supported

Buflon barbarian mount pre-supported

Barbarian warlords set 6 miniatures 32mm pre-supported

Big barbarian females set 6 miniatures 32mm pre-supported

Barbarian warlords females set 6 miniatures 32mm pre-supported

Buflons set 6 miniatures 32mm pre-supported

3 Busts pre-supported

12 Unique Bases pre-supported

Some of these models (at time of writing) come with their pre-supported versions. Missing pre-supports are going to be available in the coming days as they are done and print verified. They are available to Adventurer (Discoverer) tier Patrons and higher.

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