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Warsurge: Kickstarter läuft

Auf Kickstarter wird ein großes, miniaturenagnostisches Regelbuch für alle Fälle finanziert.

WARSURGE is a universal miniature war game system, where you can use any miniatures in your collection to play. Your old miniatures can find new purpose, or fight against a broader range of opponents! You can also design unit profiles and customize your army with the WARSURGE App.

WARSURGE supports battles and skirmishes, competitive play, cooperative and single player. You can use miniatures from sci-fi, fantasy or any genre of your choosing and fight any opponent.

WARSURGE Rulebook 1

WARSURGE is a universal miniature wargame that allows you to fully customize and field miniatures from your ENTIRE collection!

WARSURGE’s game mechanics allow for two styles of play: ‚Standard‘ and ‚Advanced‘, which are suitable for grand battles or epic skirmishes. The rules have been designed for balance and fun without losing the element of strategy. The basics of the game are straight forward to learn, but enters a new depth of expertise when players develop tactics with their custom units. WARSURGE creates equal opportunities for players to engage in tabletop war, while rewarding players who can exploit a weakness in their foe’s army or strategy.

WARSURGE Rulebook 2 WARSURGE Rulebook 3

WARSURGE offers many ways to play on the tabletop. There’s large scale battles between multiple players, skirmishes, single player, cooperative and story driven missions. Perhaps you and some friends will embark on a dungeon adventure to fight against grotesque monsters. Maybe you will build a team to engage in the deadly sport of Basketbrawl. Whatever your preference, WARSURGE can accommodate.

WARSURGE Rulebook 4 WARSURGE Rulebook 5

The players asked for it, and we’re delivering. This is the Kickstarter to launch the physical WARSURGE rulebook in English and Italian. In addition, this Kickstarter also offers the first ‚Compendium‘, which will contain hundreds of pre-made profiles for players to use if they do not want to use the WARSURGE App.

All physical book pledges will be delivered via Australia Post, as we will be personally checking each book for quality before we send them out.

WARSURGE Rulebook 6

Test print of the Rulebook – subject to change

The WARSURGE Rulebook is packed with wargaming content. It contains the Core Rules including Standard and Advanced Playstyles, Mission Generator for Competitive Games, Tournament Rules, Narratives, Campaigns and more.

The Lore of WARSURGE has been finalized and inserted throughout, complete with artwork.

WARSURGE Rulebook 7 WARSURGE Rulebook 8


WARSURGE’s Campaign section is a masive feature of the Rulebook.

There are three different types of Campaigns, known as Campaign Styles: Linear, Pathway or Map.

Linear Campaigns are great for progressively building up an army in a succession of escalating games.

Pathway Campaigns are a series of games where the direction is chosen by the victor, who will determine the following battle.

Map Campaigns are the primary focus of the Campaign section. Players can build up and manage empires, including the construction of buildings and gathering of resources. The Map Campaign system is like a game in itself – you can even play it like a board game using the battle auto-resolve option.

WARSURGE Rulebook 9 WARSURGE Rulebook 10 WARSURGE Rulebook 11


WARSURGE brings you the opportunity to use your favourite historical or fictional factions and pit them against any opponent you can imagine: where magic and science coexist, where guns, blades and claws clash! And that is only the beginning…

The story of WARSURGE and every universe is set in the Omniverse. This is all reality: the substantial and insubstantial, planes of existence both great and small; what is seen and unseen. It is all connected universes, multiverses, dimensions, worlds and realms. All of the Omniverse is linked and also separated… by the veil known as the Infinite Dark.

The WARSURGE story is the overshadowing story of all universes. Each realm is linked through time and space by portals, openings in reality that are connected through the Infinite Dark.  Like shining baubles in a black ocean, each universe floats as a beacon within an unseen darkness that claws hungrily at reality. Both the number of universes and the veil between them expands eternally, growing at an incalculable rate.

Even now, your armies, heroes and villains are a part of the WARSURGE Omniverse.

WARSURGE Rulebook 12 WARSURGE Rulebook 13

Available in limited quantities, you can pledge for a leather-bound version of the rulebook. At fulfillment, you’ll get the choice of either brown or black leather, and gold or silver text. Fancy!

WARSURGE Rulebook 14


The Compendium will have hundreds of pre-made profiles, allowing players to design a Roster by pen and paper.

The profiles in the Compendium have pre-calculated point costs. You can choose any Units from any of the Factions to build your Roster.

WARSURGE Rulebook 15

Profiles in the Compendium would follow a template similar to this image.

Those with a subscribed or LIFE TIME version of the app will be able to scan these profiles and edit them.

The Compendium will start with approximately 20 factions, split between sci-fi and fantasy. The number of factions to be included in the Compendium will increase as Stretch Goals are reached.

WARSURGE Rulebook 16

Faction Synopsis

Dwarves: The dwarves are a stout and sturdy race, what they lack in height they make up for in their love for ale, treasure and forges. Dwarven technology and craftsmanship is typically excellent, making for good trade with allied races. In the case of weapons, dwarves have a love for axes and gunpowder.

Galactic Marines: The Galactic Marines are elite super soldiers, trained to fight against any threat to the human race with inhuman strength, heavy armour and advanced weaponry. Though powerful, they are difficult to create and expensive to equip, making them fewer in number than regular soldiers.

Elves: The elven kingdoms are ancient and magnificent, a bastion of beauty in a world filled with darkness. With their long lives, elves typically pursue and master several aspects of life, including warfare. Like many races, elves live in a variety of places and can vary in appearance, the most notable being the High Elves, Wood Elves and Dark Elves.

Cosmic Elves: Once the pinnacle of civilisation and might, the space-faring elves met a being of unimaginable power and were found wanting. Since that time, the elves have dispersed across the galaxy, seeking refuge where they can find it.

Orcs: Savages who favour cunning and brutality, the various orc tribes are often against each other as much as their common enemies. When an orc warlord unites the tribes however, it is a different story. Orcs are numerous and powerful, and have a strong ‘might is right’ philosophy for rulership.

Space Orcs: No matter the time or reality, orcs are savage warriors that value strength in their culture. Orcs that travel across the galaxy have learned to repair space ships and other transports, becoming known as Space Orcs. Little more than hulking space pirates, they raid worlds for plunder and sport.

Britonians: The kingdom of Britonia is steeped in history and chivalry. Along with the knights and soldiers who defend the nation, there are wizards and mighty beasts who answer the call to arms when the time calls for it.

Armies of Mankind: In the distant, dystopian future, mankind has stood firm as a dominant power in the galaxy. With an overpopulated society that clings together through superstition and fear, the Armies of Mankind are an ugly blend between excessive brutality and honour.

Undead: Many fantasy worlds have had to deal with the undead. The threat they pose varies depending on who leads them, and on the manner of creatures that fill their ranks. Necromancers, vampires and ancient kings typically lead such forces, while zombies, skeletons and bats compromise the bulk of their ranks.

Warp Demons: As old as the universe itself, there exists a twin universe – another dimension – where the thoughts and emotions of all life coalesce. As a result, hellish creatures that yearn to enter the physical universe are born. Such monsters have been able to create rips in reality and enter the battlefield; keen to commit acts of violence that will channel more negative energy into their dimension.

Plagued Ratkin: It is not known when, where or how the Plagued Ratkin came to be. They are known to rapidly reproduce and have an affinity with volatile technologies, explosives and poisons. To make matters worse, they are diseased and highly infectious, making their containment a high priority and difficult to perform.

Tyrannic Devourers: A scourge of extragalactic origin, the Tyrannic Devourers are predators akin to locusts; they consume all biological matter on a planet before moving to the next victim world. Arriving in fleets of organic ships, the wombs inside the bio-craft churn out millions of swarm creatures, to cover a world like ants upon a corpse.

Chaotic Warriors: Many are the servants of the dark gods, but most feared are the Chaotic Warriors. Wielding blade and heavy armour, they use terrifying magics and powerful steeds to take them into battle.

Deathcrons: Having forsaken their bodies of flesh, the Deathcrons are terrifying robots that house a sentient mind, converted into ancient computational code. This process has been met with flaws; there are many who have had parts of their personality deleted over time. The Deathcron hierarchy now seek other races to research and enslave, so they may have bodies of flesh once again.

Middle Terra: The peoples of Middle Terra are varied and friendly, but all live in a beautiful land with great mountains, ancient forests and bountiful farmlands. After discovering an ancient evil had resurfaced, the various races decided to band together, gathering their mightiest heroes, magicians and specialised military detachments to prepare for a great war.

The Rebellion: Born under the cold boot of slavery, the Rebellion is a gathering of spies, soldiers and outcasts who seek to topple the military occupation of most civilised worlds.

Dark Lord’s Legion: Once a divine creature but now fallen and physically destroyed by a shocking turn of events, the Dark Lord has returned in a spirit form to seek vengeance. To facilitate this, he has hordes of dark creatures and evil spirits at his command, who aim to restore his physical form and enact his will for the grim future of the world – the enslavement of all free folk to his will. Among the Dark Lord’s allies are a desert people who ride massive beasts into battle; instilling terror in all who oppose them.

Imperial Empire: Under the dictatorship of a selfish emperor, the Imperial Empire is on a mission to bring all planetary systems into its control and servitude. From a military perspective, this empire is constantly developing new weapons and recruiting new soldiers to be sacrificed in its endless pursuit for power and self-proclaimed order.

Stormforged: Warriors who are noble of heart and strong in battle may find themselves worthy of ascension to the sky realms, where they may be reborn as a Stormforged. Wielding weaponry of almost divine quality, the Stormforged are large and heavily armed soldiers who seek to purge corruption from the mortal realms.

Dao Etherium: Having a sophisticated culture that values the advancement of technology and diplomacy, the Dao Etherium seek to bring all intelligent life into their empire, for the greater good of the cosmos.

WARSURGE Rulebook 17


Stretch Goals

Funding will go toward unlocking extra factions for the Compendium. Funds after the Compendium factions will go toward translations. In addition, after the factions for the Compendium are unlocked, there are Stretch Goals for STL files. When unlocked, they will be available for all backers at any reward level. Using a 3D printer at home or through a business, these STLs can be turned into miniatures for playing in WARSURGE, and will also be included as profiles in the Compendium.

WARSURGE Rulebook 18 WARSURGE Rulebook 19 WARSURGE Rulebook 20 WARSURGE Rulebook 21 WARSURGE Rulebook 22 WARSURGE Rulebook 23 WARSURGE Rulebook 24 WARSURGE Rulebook 25 WARSURGE Rulebook 26 WARSURGE Rulebook 27 WARSURGE Rulebook 28 WARSURGE Rulebook 29 WARSURGE Rulebook 30 WARSURGE Rulebook 32 WARSURGE Rulebook 33 WARSURGE Rulebook 34 WARSURGE Rulebook 35 WARSURGE Rulebook 36 WARSURGE Rulebook 37

We will use any extra funds for translations of the Rulebook into additional languages. We are currently working towards German, Portuguese, Spanish and French.

WARSURGE Rulebook 38

Die Kampagne läuft noch 19 Tage und ist finanziert.

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  • Der Beschreibung nach also ein allgemeines Regelwerk für Fantasy und SciFi. Kleing tinteressant. Bei den Fraktionen ist aber sofort klar, dass hier vor allem die grimdarken GW Universen Pate gestanden haben – also 40k, WH Fantasy und ein kleiner Schuss AoS. Eventuell hätte man noch ein paar Fraktionen anderer Universen reinpacken können, bspw. eine Steampunk Fraktionen a la Warmachine oder eine menschliche High Tech SciFi Fraktion im Stil von Infinity.

      • zumindest für Sci-Fi finde ich immer noch Star Breach besser als alternative. Mag das System irgendwie sehr.

      • Wenn Ich das von früher richtig im Kopf habe, ist Warsurge schon deutlich detailierter gewesen. Als Ich es mir vor ein paar Jahren mal als Alternative für 40k angeschaut habe, war es mir aber zu kompliziert erstmal für alles Einheiten bauen zu müssen. Ich glaube das haben sie schon länger adressiert aber angeschaut habe Ich es mir nicht mehr.
        Ein guter Zeitpunkt mal wieder rein zu schauen. Auch wenn Ich aktuell mit OnePageRules und Firefight 2nd Edition von Mantic und Star Wars Legion eigentlich ganz gut bedient bin aber Ich hätte ja auch nicht Firefight mir dann doch gefällt. 😀

  • Ich feier die Fraktion „Imperial Empire“. Das reicht schon fast als Grund, also mal sehn 😅

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