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Warmachine: Regelupdate

Privateer Press haben ein Update ihrer Warmachine Regeln veröffentlicht.

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As we continue to expand Mk IV through the introduction of new model types and Factions, the rules continue to evolve. With a current focus on colossals and gargantuans in playtesting, for example, we find ourselves reviewing the place of huge-based models in the game. To that end, we wanted to let you know about a couple of changes to the core rules that we will be making in the next couple of weeks.

The first pertains to the interaction between AOEs and huge-based models. We have decided that the area potentially impacted by AOEs targeting huge-based models is far too large and leaves little room to position your models in places of safety on the table. To that end, AOEs will no longer be triggered by hits on huge-based models.

We have also reviewed the language surrounding the Ambush advantage and decided to tighten up that language for the sake of clarity.

Finally, we made a change to how monstrosities function a week ago that we wanted to highlight. Monstrosities can now run without spending a focus point.

The following changes should be considered official and in-effect, though the online documentation and Core Rules document in the WARMACHINE app will not be updated to reflect this until the end of the month.

These changes in their entirety are:

p. 29, Area-of-Effect (AOE) Attacks section.

Second paragraph, second sentence.

Change the text to:

Additionally, when an AOE attack directly hits a target with an extra-large or smaller base, a number of additional models equal to the AOE value of the attack closest to the target that are also within a number of inches of the target model equal to the AOE value of the attack are hit and suffer a blast damage roll from the attack.


Second paragraph, second sentence.

Change the text to:

Instead, you can choose to put any of these models/units into play at the end of any of your Control Phases after the first round.

p. 61, Focus: Run or Charge section.

Change the text to:

Focus: Charge

A monstrosity must spend 1 focus point in order to use its Normal Movement to charge.

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