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Star Wars Legion: Tempest Force Battle Force Preview

Atomic Mass Games zeigen eine Vorschau auf die kommende Tempest Force für Star Wars Legion.

Garrisoned on the Forest Moon of Endor, Tempest Force defended the Shield Generator that protected the ill-fated Death Star II. They were a Legion of Palpatine’s best troops—and a key part of the Emperor’s trap for the Rebellion. Tempest Force was well prepared to execute this task, being comprised of a great diversity of trooper and vehicle squadrons. With the stern guidance of officers such as Major Marquand, victory was all but assured against any who dare attack the generator directly. Join us in this installment of Scene to Stats, where we investigate Tempest Force for Star Wars™: Legion.


Under orders to defend the shield generator, the soldiers of Tempest Force are prepared to fight back against the Rebels. Representing the core of Tempest Force on Endor are Stromtroopers, Scout Troopers, and Imperial Officers. Additionally, they are supported by Imperial Speeder Bikes and AT-STs. Finally, Major Marquand leads from the front in his unique AT-ST.

 Similar to other battleforces, Tempest Force has several special rules they utilize when deployed in your games of Star Wars: Legion. Accustomed to their role in defending the shield generator, vehicles in Tempest Force gain Scout 2. Forced to work independently of their superiors, units in the battle force that are not in command range of a friendly Commander unit and do not have a Comms upgrade equipped remove 1 less suppression during the Remove Tokens step. Having anticipated the Rebel’s attack, Tempest Force can also place a Special Force or Support unit aside during the Deploy Units Step. When you draw an order token with a rank that matches a friendly set-aside unit, if you cannot choose a unit on the battlefield with a matching rank, you must place that set-aside unit onto the battlefield, beyond range 2 of all enemy units if able.

TempestForce CommandFan+(1)

To better help the Imperials achieve glorious victory, Tempest Force comes equipped with three new command cards. Ready for a fight, “Constantly Alert” gives each ordered unit an aim token for each enemy unit at range 1 of them. If there are no units at range 1, that unit instead gets a standby token. When a tactical withdrawal is in order, “We Need Reinforcements” orders two trooper units, and gives friendly units with a faceup order token Disengage. And when it’s time to press the advance, “Drive Them Out” gives friendly vehicles Demoralize 1, and allows them to potentially wound the first enemy unit they displace, as they crash through the enemy’s lines. Although these cards are respectable in their own right, Tempest Force provides even more firepower with their fearless leader, Major Marquand.


Under the callsign “Tempest Scout 2,” Major Marquand led the Imperial Forces during the Battle of Endor. He commanded from an All-Terrain Scout Transport, with his gunner Lieutenant Watts. His unit card echoes a standard Imperial AT-ST, with several noticeable upgrades. Major Marquand is a Field Commander, effortlessly leading his troops from his towering war machine. Comfortable fighting in pairs, Direct: Vehicle allows him to issue an order to another friendly vehicle unit each round. Offensively, with a seasoned AT-ST gunner by his side, Marquand also surges to hit. Finally, his Concussion Launcher and Twin Light Blaster can attack units in melee, helping fend off hordes of Ewoks congregating around his feet. But that’s not all Major Marquand can do.

MajorMarquand CommandFan+(1)

As a Major in the Imperial Army, Marquand is no stranger to combined arms attacks and cohesive cavalry tactics. “Armored Cavalry” orders three vehicle units, and gives friendly vehicle units that start their activation at range 1 of him an Aim, Dodge, or Speed 1 move depending on where the ordered unit is in relation to Marquand. Always supporting his armored counterparts, “Squadron, On Me” allows friendly vehicle units at range 1 to make a free pivot, and then a speed 1 move. Although he excels at leading his comrades, “Gunner, Infantry!” gives Major Marquand Tactical 1 and Suppressive, at the cost of reducing his speed. These command cards will give you the edge you need to crush the Rebellion in your games of Star Wars: Legion.

Download the Tempest Force Battle Force rules here: https://bit.ly/TempestForce

Quelle: Atomic Mass Games

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