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Warlord Games: Vanguard Ankündigung

Warlord Games kündigen mit Vanguard ein neues Brettspiel an.

Warlord Games Vanguard

In an exciting new venture for Warlord Games, we’re producing a fully-fledged WWII board game! In Vanguard, players will need to call upon all their cunning to strategically deploy their troops, manage their resources and battle for control of key objectives around the board. Though dedicated board games are a new direction for Warlord, the game boasts some recognisable mechanics from Bolt Action, ensuring it is packed with WWII flavour. With no assembly required, Vanguard is quick to set up, easy to play and supports up to four players. You can also play solo, so you’ll never be short of an opponent! We’re incredibly excited about the game, so much so that we had to unveil it at last weekend’s Essen Spiel even though it’s still a prototype! The artwork above is the very earliest mock-up of the new game’s cover.

Vanguard will be crowdfunded with an expected launch date of spring 2024. To keep up to date with the game as it develops be sure to sign up for the dedicated Vanguard board game mailing list below, the best and easiest way to be in the know!
Sign up here! https://bit.ly/3tx5Ksl

Produkte von Warlord Games sind unter anderem bei unseren Partnern Fantasy-In und Minyarts erhältlich.

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  • Habe das Spiel in Essen gespielt auf der Messe. Zwar nur ein Prototyp aber sehr fertig vom Konzept. Kann man gut spielen. Sehr strategisch.

    Eher 1:200 Maßstab

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