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Warlord Games: Soldier of Fortune ‘Sepoy General’, Wellesley in India

Nach Napoleon gibt es diesen Monat einen Zeitgenossen von ihm bei Warlord Games Soldier of Fortune.

WG Soldier Of Fortune 005 ‘Sepoy General’, Wellesley In India 1 WG Soldier Of Fortune 005 ‘Sepoy General’, Wellesley In India 2 WG Soldier Of Fortune 005 ‘Sepoy General’, Wellesley In India 3 WG Soldier Of Fortune 005 ‘Sepoy General’, Wellesley In India 4 WG Soldier Of Fortune 005 ‘Sepoy General’, Wellesley In India 5

Soldier of Fortune 005: ‚Sepoy General‘, Wellesley in India – 9,00€

Soldier of Fortune – This figure is only available via the Warlord Games webstore until the 31st of December 2023, 23.59 (BST). Thereafter, the figure will not be available in any other way, shape or form for a minimum of two years. A new Soldier of Fortune will take its place in December…

Don’t miss your chance to get a hold of this limited-edition figure!

Please note, that this product is limited to one per transaction. Discount codes cannot be redeemed on this item.

With Emperor Napoleon I featuring as last month’s Soldier of Fortune miniature, we (being a British company, after all!) felt it only correct that we should also include his most famous foe, albeit in a somewhat less well-known guise. December’s Soldier of Fortune is the future Duke of Wellington, Arthur Wellesley, in his guise as Major-General at the Battle of Assaye in September 1803, his first major victory, and one he would describe later in life as his finest accomplishment on the battlefield – no small statement, coming from the victor of Waterloo!

This fantastic miniature, sculpted beautifully by Wojtek Flis, depicts Wellesley mounted astride his faithful horse Diomed (who would be sorely wounded at Assaye but later recover), in his Major-General’s uniform, complete with a rather snappy-looking sunhat to keep the fierce Indian sun at bay. He will make a fantastic commander for any ‚British in India‘ Black Powder force, whether as the man himself or a stand-in for a less famous figure. The wars fought by the British in India are oft underappreciated but can make for some fascinating games of Black Powder, and there really is no substitute for Wellesley as a commander there!

Pressing engagements in the Peninsular mean that Wellesley cannot remain long – he’ll only be available during December 2023, after which time he’ll be a very busy man indeed and unavailable for purchase!

Produkte von Warlord Games sind unter anderem bei unseren Partnern Fantasy-In und Minyarts erhältlich.

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