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Wargame Exclusive: ork Grot Flighta

Wargame Exclusive haben ein nicht ganz so sicher erscheinendes Fluggerät neu im Shop.

Ork Grot Flighta 01 Ork Grot Flighta 02 Ork Grot Flighta 03 Ork Grot Flighta W


Ever set up for a massive battle, only to feel like your green tide is missing that special something? Like it’s just one wild, airborne goblin short of total mayhem?

Orks and Gobbos alike, gather ’round, ’cause this ain’t your regular looted wagon. This here’s a Grot-piloted, ragtag flying beast, cobbled together from the rustiest, most explosive junk the galaxy has to offer. Perfect for dive-bombing those ‘umies and creating the chaos only a goblin can deliver.

Special Features Include:
Four Rockits. For that extra ‘oomph’ when chasing down those pesky Space Elves.
Mega KABOOM bomb. Not just any bomb, we’re talkin’ THE bomb. Big enough to give those Greater Good monks a run for their creds.
Mega-Spinna Propellor (safety third!). It’s not just recklessly huge, it’s strategically mad! Optional enemy surprises included. They won’t see it coming until it’s too late!
Seatbelts… just kidding! We’re not gits!
A very, very excited Goblin pilot!

HQ resin miniature in 40k Heroic scale with no base included.
The miniatures require painting and assembly (use cyanoacrylate superglue only).
You can buy STL files here

Das STL kostet 15,00 $.

Quelle: Wargame Exclusive


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