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Victrix: Neue Previews

Victrix zeigen auf Facebook neue Render von normannischen Armbrustschützen.

Victrix Normancrossbowmen Prev01 Victrix Normancrossbowmen Prev02 Victrix Normancrossbowmen Prev03 Victrix Normancrossbowmen Prev04 Victrix Normancrossbowmen Prev05

Norman Crossbowmen: New digital renders!
Here we have the next two Norman crossbowmen renders, both in chainmail. These include a soldier spanning (reloading) the crossbow, and a soldier stood up firing/ready to fire.
During this period, crossbowmen did not have the metal stirrup at the end of the crossbow to plant the foot into so they had to stand on the arms of the bow to pull the string back.
This set will include multiple head options and arm variants which can be swapped among the various poses. If you look closely you can see one of the soldiers holding a quarrel in his teeth ready to load.
There are 3 more unarmoured crossbowmen to sculpt and once we have done the basic figures we will look to see how much space is left for some Hundred Years war helmets and some extra arms to turn the upright Crossbowmen into ordinary infantry with spears and swords to add a bit more variation to your foot units.
This set is gearing up to be a big favourite, so keep your eyes peeled for further updates!

Quelle: Victrix Miniatures auf Facebook


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  • Hab gestern erst meine Karthager und römische Kavalerie bekommen und die Minis sind gewohnt klasse, aber irgendwie werd ich mit den Zipbeuteln, die sie, statt den schön gestalteten Kartons von früher, nun nutzen nicht warm. Macht (für mich) extrem viel vom „Coolness-Faktor“ des Miniaturenkaufs kaputt… 🙁

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