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TTCombat: Ankündigung eines neuen Spiels

TTCombat kündigen in ihrer Weihnachtspreview ein neues Spiel mit den PHR-Walkern an.


Currently Project Hunter (As you may have guessed, we don’t have a name yet.) Has gone through the first round of play-testing and is now at the stage where we start writing the rules up properly while aiming to keep them as concise as possible. So, what is the game itself even like? Well, the very basic original brief was simply some PHR Walkers beating up some big monsters. Of course, we needed to flesh that out a lot further first, so Dave, Scott, Robin and Chris came up with the idea of the PHR completing some secretive operations on a planet, home to some vicious, territorial monsters.
That is the fluff for the game we can share right now, the actual operations are far too secretive for us to reveal just yet.
We had some very cool artwork and sculpts done for the PHR walkers and the monsters, which all look absolutely amazing. The PHR are vastly outnumbered against swarms of vicious, territorial monsters. Therefore the PHR player has to be clever about moving to their objectives, not making too much noise as the creatures really, REALLY don’t like noise. In fact, they actually get angrier the noisier it is, and the angrier they are, the more powerful they are. Though the monsters are controlled by a player, we’ve added some rules to keep them feeling like a feral force of nature.
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