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The Rivers of Anyaral: Kickstarter läuft

Der neue Kickstarter zu Anyaral läuft.

Anyaral The Rivers Of Anyaral 1

Anyaral: The Rivers of Anyaral

Exploring the Rivers of Anyaral for your games of Twilight

It’s time to step aboard and explore the waterways of Anyaral!

Anyaral The Rivers Of Anyaral 2

As always seems to be the case with Twilight, this campaign has taken longer to come to fruition than I had hoped! There have been little sketches of fubarnii boats since I first started exploring Anyaral and a few years ago John Bryan offered to sculpt one… We bounced ideas around and he set to work using a mix of traditional and digital sculpting. The final creation came out pretty spot on (if a little clean and tidy compared to the usual fubarnii aesthetic) but I felt it needed to have some cargo to tow so sculpted a barge.

This little boat has been towing those barges along the rivers for a few years now, but has only been available at shows as I have kept meaning to launch a little Kickstarter… Every time I almost got ready to launch I either got distracted, or came up with something else I wanted to add.

Anyaral The Rivers Of Anyaral 3

Since the original boat was sculpted I’ve taken time to explore the cultures that live along the rivers of the Empire – collectively known as the Riverfolk. This migratory clan doesn’t have a fixed territory, but make their home on the rivers and waterways of the Empire. They look after all the river-based trade, shipping goods across vast distances, often having to defend themselves from dangerous beasts or raiders.

Anyaral The Rivers Of Anyaral 4

The Riverfolk open up a whole host of story ideas so we’ve spent the last few months (well, years) writing and playtesting rules and a few scenarios. While these will all be available online, I do like taking the opportunity to create something physical so I am compiling and printing a new Traveller called “The Rivers of Anyaral”. Which is where the Kickstarter comes in!

The Traveller

The current plan for the Traveller is a 20 page booklet with accompanying cards. If the campaign goes well then I’ll take the opportunity to expand the page count and add a couple more units and/or scenarios… The Traveller will come with a small deck of reference cards covering all the new units so you can easily field them in your games.

Currently the Traveller will include the following:

  • Background on the Riverfolk
  • Rules for the Riverknights, Riverfolk, Coracle and the Alora Handler (with Alora)
  • Rules for the Boat and Barges
  • Scenarios for using your new crew:
    • „The Boat“: As your boat and cargo approach the forests, you spot a fallen tree ahead. As the ambushers emerge on the banks, you realise it’s a trap!
    • „Beneath the Canopy“: Your boat travels peacefully beneath the vast trees that emerge from the wide river, until a series of howls cuts through the tranquility…
    • „Smugglers“: Who can evade the city watch to deliver the most illicit cargo through the quiet docks to the waiting coracle?

Note that all the scenarios have been designed so they can be played using the Riverfolk starter, a boat and three barges (although those can of course be improvised) and the Howling Abrok starter as opponents. All the rules are available on the Anyaral Toolbox although I might add a rules reference sheet for the Howling Abrok as a stretch goal…

Anyaral The Rivers Of Anyaral 5

The Kadrigan

In preparation for this campaign I’ve revisited John’s original boat and made a few tweaks and added a bit of ornamentation. This is the first opportunity for you to get hold of this new version, known as The Kadrigan, owned by the proud Merchant Lord Delison. It is cast in resin and comes with a skipper and a young urchin (cast in metal) to keep it running.

Anyaral The Rivers Of Anyaral 6

The little boat doesn’t hold much cargo, so any self respecting Riverfolk Lord would of course purchase a few barges for it to pull. The original barge is available, but you can of course cobble together your own ragtag selection of barges if you want something a bit more eclectic! The scenarios use three barges, so there is the option to buy the boat on its own, individual barges, or the boat with a set of three barges.

The Riverfolk

As part of the campaign I am releasing the Guardians of the River – an introductory playable starter force with a selection of Riverknights and Riverfolk.

The Riverknights are well trained professional military who ride the semi-aquatic inirok as mounts.

The Riverfolk make their homes on the river. Some can trace their history back generations, while others have recently left their clans to experience the freedom of the rivers. Some are temporary travellers, paying their way or providing service as defenders on the boats. It is not unusual to see the hulking Engu serving aboard the boats, their strong arms and nautical experience is highly valued by the Riverfolk captains.

Anyaral The Rivers Of Anyaral 7

 Anyaral The Rivers Of Anyaral 5

There are a few levels to choose from, be that as a Spectator (either just to show support, or to add on other stuff), a River Urchin, a Traveller, a First Mate or even a Captain. You will be able to adjust your pledge in the pledge manager, but support during the campaign is always awesome!

Pledge Levels:

Anyaral The Rivers Of Anyaral 8 Anyaral The Rivers Of Anyaral 9 Anyaral The Rivers Of Anyaral 10 Anyaral The Rivers Of Anyaral 11


There are a variety of add-ons available, mainly giving you access to all the individual bits from the campaign, but also including a few bits from the webstore that will be useful for the scenarios (Howling Abrok) or that fit the theme (Alora Handler). Kickstarter now allows you to include add-ons with your pledge, which should make pledge management a lot easier!

Anyaral The Rivers Of Anyaral 12 Anyaral The Rivers Of Anyaral 13


Given the time of year, the need to finish the book and the quantity of resin in this Kickstarter I’m allowing a few months to deliver everything. The plan is to have everything done and delivered in time for Salute in April, but I will of course send things earlier if I can!

I’ve decided to charge postage after the campaign this time. As always I will try to keep postage costs as low as possible, but as an indication:

Anyaral The Rivers Of Anyaral 14

All backers are responsible for import duty.

Anyaral The Rivers Of Anyaral 15

Die Kampagne läuft noch 10 Tage und ist finanziert.

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