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The Printing Goes Ever On: Undead Army

Diesen Monat gibt es einen neuen Customizer von The Printing Goes Ever On.

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May 2023 Release – Chapter 34 – Undead Army | Interactive Modular Customizer Bundle – Free for all Patrons!

❗Important Info❗

1. You can download the majority of the pre-supported bits from your Library already. However, all need to be available until they are in the Customizer. You will be notified when the pre-supported bits export is live.
2. The terrains for this month will be there soon as well 🙂

Make your army EFFICIENTLY with our custom 3D miniature builder app!

Patrons receive access to this customizer bundle FOREVER and can export models without limits!

Try it out for FREE!

Interactive 3D Customizer…

  • Export pre-supported bits that make up your configuration
  • Export unlimited numbers of miniatures
  • Unlock access forever

Make sure you’re logged in with Patreon and use this link to open the customizer:


If you haven’t been a Patron during a customizer bundle drop, here’s how it works:

First, try out the app yourself! https://www.theprintinggoeseveron.com/customizer/

(please be patient, it can load for a minute or two, for slower internet connections)

By being a Patron during a month when a customizer bundle is available, you receive it (unlock it) in your TPGEO library on the website. You have lifelong access and have no exporting limitations for that given bundle.

You save more than $60 by getting it when it’s on Patreon, as previous customizer bundles are one of the more expensive products due to the number of individual components and pre-supports that had to be made.

🧡 You can mix and match elements: bodies, heads, weapons for both hands, accessories and cloak/back items, and bases.

🧡 Plus, you can also mirror a whole miniature while still in-app. You know, for more pose diversity.

🧡 Next, you can export the model as either a merged miniature (base exported separately for ease of pre-supporting, unlike in Hero Forge), or as pre-supported bits you can instantly print and then glue together to make the model you configured.

🧡 The mini comes in a ZIP file that you can unpack and throw all the files in your slicer. You don’t need to worry about finding correct files in folders nor think about mirroring – all is there.

P.S. You can also share your builds with others using the Share option. This is especially useful for Merchants selling prints!

You can unlock previous customizer bundles from the app directly, or find them here (yes, your 40% discount works on those as well):



⚜️ CHAPTER 34 – May 2023 Release – Undead Army

  • 28mm Pre-supported Customizable Models:
    5x Modular Ghost Archer
    5x Modular Ghost Warrior
    5x Modular Ghost Knight (mounted)
    3x Modular Skeleton
    2x Modular Skeleton (mounted)
    4x Wraith
    2x Zombie
  • Mounts
    5x Ghost Horse
  • Over a HUNDRED various bits:
    Sculpted Bases (medium and large size)
  • Gothic Cemetery Terrain (coming soon)

⚜️ THE WELCOME TROVE – EXPANDED – 33 miniatures in travel and combat poses


  • Stay with us for 3 months and collect the 3 Giant Eagles
  • Stay with us for 6 months and collect The Brigand Camp bundle
  • Stay with us for 9 months and collect the Mountain Fortress
  • Stay with us for 12 months and collect the Mighty Dragon

⚜️ 40% DISCOUNT – collect previous releases with the Patron-only discount

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